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OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear

2/12/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painful than having eight babies cut out of you: Carrying them in your ridiculously distended belly. Ouch!

Octomom pregnant
This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids. Pass the Jessica Simpson mom jeans.

Octopussy may not have to pimp out her wombmates for dollars on her website anymore, as this "Alien" photo has just landed her a new gig ... the poster mom for anti in vitro fertilization.

About To Pop: Launch Photos


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I guess the recession is an exaggeration? She just had 8, well, I want 1 baby girl.

2018 days ago



2018 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

Some things should be kept private.

2018 days ago


Too funny: "Jamie Lynn Spears -- She can't vote, drink legally or serve in the military yet." Melissa Joan hart looked sloppy. That's mean: "Nicole Richie -- Anyone can have a baby."

2018 days ago

beetches mcpherson    

not only the woman is crazy, but the babies are so premature that they didn't have intestines yet when they were born

they are going to grow up poor, sick and with a crazy mother

is there no child services in LA?

2018 days ago


this woman just wants $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4 Dont donate her any money. The children need to be adopted by good parents. This woman is crazy. Angelina needs to get a shorter haircut, this woman will go crazy

2018 days ago


If only men who ran around making babies they don't support were held up to as much scorn as this woman.

2018 days ago


Ouch, this woman is CRAZY!!! Imagine what her stomach looks like AFTER being stretched to the max! But not to worry, she will have plastic surgery with all the money she makes to take care of any excess baby weight and sagging skin!

2018 days ago

handymike far, the sexiest woman alive.........I'm sending her $1400.00 for each kid!

2018 days ago


THIS BITCH HAS NO SHAME!!! Octo-Bitch has website, where she is NOW ASKING for $$$ DONATIONS $$$...
Where is social services??? Hum...I wounder who will pay for her tummy tuck???

2018 days ago

TMZ is always late reporting    

Even her mother thinks she is a nut. I got her donation,oh wait she already gets it(welfare,food stamps,WIC etc...) Most people will have kids depending on 1-Ability to afford them,2-ability to nurture them individually(IMPOSSIBLE with 14),3-able to think of their future(college).SHE HAS NOTHING!!!! She lives with her damn mother ! She couldn't even take care of the six she had already. Welfare trash.

2018 days ago


She was used to carrying extra weight out front thanks to those stupid lip implants. Guess the CA taxpayers got to pay for those too?

2018 days ago


Leave this lady alone already.. Give her a donation or something and get her off my t.v. please..

2018 days ago


Leave this lady alone.. Give her a donation or something and get her off my t.v. please..

2018 days ago


Is this not the most rediculous story anyone has ever heard of......I want to know how a women who is receiving Government assistance (even though she says she isn't) is allowed to get Invitro Fertilization and have her own spokes person what the F@#*&%^_ is that!!!!!..... who in the hell does that doctor think is paying for the procedure, the deliver the care those babies are going to require once they are born!!!!!!! I work in the insurance field and last time I knew Medicaid does not cover these types of procedures. I think she is a criminal, has committed a criminal offense having these poor little babies when she already has six or seven other children, all under the age of seven mind you, that she cant take care of as it is, obviously, or she would'nt be leaving w/her mother in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment w/all the 6 or seven kids she already has!!!! She should be charged w/ a crime!!!! And I want to know who in the hell paid and did her cosmetic surgery, they really F&%^^#ed up her lips, they injected just alittle to much cologen in that top lip!!!!! Oh wait.... did we the tax payers of this country pay for that too!!!! The bottom line is, wether any of us like it or not there are now 14 children all under the age of seven that are going to ultimately pay for this womens selfish, irrational decisions!!!!!! Thats sad!

2018 days ago
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