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Toby Keith Opens Can of Whoopass -- On Tape!

2/12/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We now have incredible video of Toby Keith going after a fan at a Kentucky concert this weekend -- have you ever seen a country star grab someone by the face and the hair at the same time?!

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After the concert-goer allegedly tossed a beer on stage and flipped Toby off -- the 6'4," 250 lb singer jumped into the crowd, busted through security and fans, violently wrangled the dude into a death grip and then began screaming at him.

We're not sure what Toby said, but we think these words: &*$#, *&^%$ and @!#$&$%^$&# were used.

Ironic part: Toby was right in the middle of singing "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action."


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Todd da Man    

I watched this video repeatedly and did not see anything that the "victim" did to Mr. Keith. Over and over I watched and I did not see the guy do anything except try to get a better view of Mr. Keith when he stepped down from the stage. He did not appear to exchange any words with him, prior to being grabbed by Mr. Keith.

2078 days ago


My first post didn't take either, so here it is again. Have any of ya'll ever been within a few feet of this guy? He is a big boy. If some of ya'll are gonna beat his a**, then I'm buying front row seats to watch ya try:) "Constructive Criticism", when did flipping someone the bird and throwing a can of beer, that could have injured another member of the audience , be considered constructive criticism? Looks like this dude had too much to drink and was probably upset because an ex dedicated that song to him when he couldn't perform-know what I mean?:) In a town of wannabe's that will do anything to have their few seconds of fame, Toby is a welcome change. I could almost see him having the attitude of-If ya don't like the music, then don't listen. I'm sure he could care less. He's done things his way and its worked. I say "Go Toby".

2078 days ago


Toby your a hot headded redneck! Cool it jerk!

2078 days ago


White culture and typical that you do not report on TK pushing the blond woman?

2078 days ago


Isnt it Amazing that TMZ fans overwhelmingly vote that Akon was over the line after a fan threw something at him, but amazingly overwhelmingly 82% to 18% feel that Keith was justified? Hmmmmm. Apparently what is good for the TK fan is not good for the Akon fan? Hypocrites!

2078 days ago


I live in Beverly Hills, and I saw TK making out with Chris Brown..Tobin is going to chage his name to *Toby KISS Brown's Ass*..this is not a serious.

2078 days ago


This is the true Toby that everyone in town knows, he will beat up on anyone and verbally abuse KIDS if you do not do what he wants. For everyone out there that thinks he is so great, he is NOT. This is the real him.

2078 days ago


You've got to be kidding me!!!! I didn't see the guy throw anything at the stage before Toby and a few of his band mates started to shoot the finger at him. The guy clearly backed away and Toby went into the audience to attack the fan. I remember not so long ago the basketball players that were fined, suspended and possibly charged for going into the audience after fans. I truly hope Toby gets charged with something or the fan sues his egotistical butt for atacking him.

2078 days ago


It is amazing the people here that cry racism all the time, but it is ok if it is towards someone white. You people saying derogatory things about him are idiots.

2078 days ago


I'd like to see about 30 seconds prior to this taping. Toby Keith followed the same guy the length of the stage before the guy went back to his seat, all the while Toby was flipping him the bird while he was walking. Whatever started this incident, happened before the taping in the clip began.

2078 days ago

SkitSofrantiC PSyCho    

Kick some ass! that goes to show what happens when you throw crap on stage.

2078 days ago


From what I saw Toby was the one who went to far. He should have never put his hands on that man. Why does he have security? His entourage could have escorted the man out. There was no reason for Toby to get off the stage. His hand gestures were offensive. I know him and this is not a surprising reaction for him to have. He is a jerk and in no way a nice person. This just shows his true character. I agree with 32 everyone in town knows what he's like it was just a matter of time before someone caught it on tape.

2078 days ago

Catherine Harris    

the sad thing is him attacking the fan was the most interesting part of that performance :/ reminds me of when travis mccoy from gym class heroes beat a racist black guy over the head with his mic then grabbed him by the fro and continued to beat his face in

2078 days ago


Another lame publicity stunt like the one Faith pulled. So tiresome! But....I do love how they sucker the media on these stupid stunts for free publicity.

2078 days ago

red rock chic    

The last time that Toby held a concert here in Oklahoma it didn't sell out, so he is going to "starve the market" and not come here for awhile. GOOD! Get a clue, the majority of Oklahoman's know how he really is. I have seen him degrade kids to the point where they have absolutly no respect for the man. I have personaIly witnessed his behavior in the general public and this is no surprise, he is a real prick! I am embarrased to say that he is from Oklahoma.

2078 days ago
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