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Toby Keith Opens Can of Whoopass -- On Tape!

2/12/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We now have incredible video of Toby Keith going after a fan at a Kentucky concert this weekend -- have you ever seen a country star grab someone by the face and the hair at the same time?!

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After the concert-goer allegedly tossed a beer on stage and flipped Toby off -- the 6'4," 250 lb singer jumped into the crowd, busted through security and fans, violently wrangled the dude into a death grip and then began screaming at him.

We're not sure what Toby said, but we think these words: &*$#, *&^%$ and @!#$&$%^$&# were used.

Ironic part: Toby was right in the middle of singing "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action."


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Wait....Lets see, Chris Jericho defends himself against a person who pushed him, and we hear the cry's that he is on steroids, but a hillbilly country bumpkin goes and looks for a fight against a concert goer and we get the headliner that he's opening a can of whoop ass...Great reporting.

2044 days ago

Hopeless in PA    

Boy...I hope radio stations take all of HIS music off the air too. yeah yeah yeah, I know Rihanna is a girl, im not degrading the situation, Im saying radio stations are a joke when they try to be judge jury and executioner

2044 days ago


Toby said kiss his millionaire ass.

2044 days ago


Toby should have done the same to the dixie chicks. We need more REAL men like Toby K. in this world!!!!

2044 days ago


He may have money but all the money in the world can't buy Toby Keith class. Now we have the tape to prove it. Judy you better be careful speaking for Toby he may come after you next.

2044 days ago


Those who hate Toby for their own reasons will hate him more...personally, I don't know what those reasons could be...if you really know the man, you know a man with a huge heart - and YES...I KNOW Toby and his family. Those who love him for their reasons, as me and my family do, will love him more.

Toby's show was great! Whether it was staged or not doesn't matter to was entertainment...for some retribution for a guy who went too far...for others WWE on a Saturday night and for others someone doing what they wish they could do themselves - handle a jerk who goes too far.

Toby certainly doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him...he's proven over and over that he cna take care of himself and his family but I can't help ask those who feel the need to spit hatred toward the man, why they sit behind a keyboard and spit out hatred for someone you don't even know...brave people...say these things to his face...I bet you'd shrink right down!

2044 days ago


Didn't the Dixie Chicks already whip his ass?

2044 days ago


R U SERIOUS!~ come on this guy was no threat to him.. I dont know what was worse ,that display ,or his attempt to dance while he was trying to sing ,,

2044 days ago



2044 days ago


Fake!! I watched the whole video elsewhere and you can tell it's bs. It looks more like Toby walked down and kissed a fan on the lips. There was no struggle at all. Nobody manages to keep their "hat" on in a real fight unless it's a staged event.
Plus there was no beer can thrown.

2044 days ago


This was irresponsible of Toby. If the guy or his friends were drunk enough and started to fight back this would have put many fans at risk!!! Security should have done a much better job. They arethe ones Toby should've been yelling at!

2044 days ago


Hey #12 - The "guy" he pushes out of the way is his bodyguard. The other guy is his manager. Since when is it okay to be assulted with a beer bottle just because you're famous. The man was obviously jeolous of his wife's interest in Toby by the way he tried to drag her outta there. And by the way, Toby will never be a Tim McGraw wannabe. This is what it is: a reaction to some very bad behavior. Toby did the right thing. Put the dumba** drunks in their place. They always ruin it for everyone else anyways.

2044 days ago


Toby doesn't need to stage anything. Check the income earnings of the country music stars and you will see how high his gross income was last year! Hes no dumb redneck. He's one smart business man.

2044 days ago


yeah toby kick his sorry ass

2044 days ago


have always been a toby fan. he has never pretended to be anything other than an entertainer. but i have lost a little respect. thought he would have had better control. if it was a set-up it went wrong and could cost him. if it is "for real" it is sad. toby is so good with the troops. keep that up and ignore the "low places".

2044 days ago
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