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Miley's Sue-She Night Out

2/13/2009 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So Miley Cyrus: You get sued for $4 billion after that whole slant-eye photo thing and you're just coy about it ... and Koi about it -- as in West Hollywood Japanese restaurant.

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It makes me wonder why aren't the other white people in the photo being sued? They were making the eyes too, oh, silly me, they aren't rich like Miley. I agree she did a stupid thing, but to be sued for it? PLEASE!!!

2045 days ago


This arrogant and pretentious piece of crap obviously hasn't realized that she has "friends" and I'm using the term loosely, who don't have a problem taking a picture of her then sell her out to sites like this one and othetrs.

What an airhead.

2045 days ago


This lawsuit is ridiculous! It would be like me filing suit against all black comedians for making jokes about white people on stage (because I'm white). I take it as pure entertainment. If I don't like their jokes I don't have to listen. They're just making an issue of it because she's got money. These kind of lawsuits are a waste of court time and a waste of taxpayer money.

Also, it appears Miley needs to find a new set of friends. The kind that don't sell you out.

2045 days ago


This is girl is FUGLY AS HELL, I want to puke. She looks like a bulldog.

Enough about this story TMZ, get over.

2045 days ago


This reminds me of the picture during the 2008 summer Olympics. Spain's baskekball team did a promo picture all holding their eyes in slants and Spain's tennis team did the same thing and that was while they were in China during the games. No one got sued there.

That lady bring the lawsuit better be careful because it's firvolous and she could easily be the one paying.

The court can rule that idiot woman has to pay all court costs. You can't sue over pictures like this. Can you imagine how full the courts would be if you could with all the stupid crap that people do while photographed.

Also, if it was so easy to sue over a picture the rag mags would all be out of work. This picture wasn't an advertisment or anything that was going to be used public so how someone could sue over a private picture that was just posted to take a hit at Miley is not realistic. That idiot woman suffered no damages of any one did. Violation of civil rights....please....there are millions of pictures out there that anyone could easily say were offensive.

The courts better not allow this type of stupidity to be brought. There are far more important things that the court's time needs to be used for.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

2045 days ago


The idea that Miley owes the Asian community $4 BILLION, is absolutely absurd. Was her gesture offensive? Yes. Was it insensitive? Sure. Was it so bad that she should have to pay $4 BILLION out of her own pocket? HELL NO! I don't even think it was meant in a mean spirited way, which makes this lawsuit even more ridiculous.

People lets be real, what's the world coming to when we can't poke fun at each others race, height, weight, or religion? Part of acceptance is being able to poke fun at each other. Miley did NOT use a racial slur, nor did she mean for this gesture to be taken seriously. She was poking fun at Asians, it's not that big a deal! The Asian guy in the picture doesn't even seem to care! America is too PC these days.

But on another note......


2045 days ago


This is absolutely ridiculous. Regardless of her fame, she *is* just a kid, and in this photo, she and her friends are clearly just messing around.

This law suit is obviously being launched by a money grubbing moron who is looking for their own 15 minutes of fame.

2045 days ago


These people just don't want to work so they try to sue someone for an easy payday. Come on people, I am sick and tired of hearing "they are roll models" and that they should behave.....BULLCRAP!!! she is a teenager, now tell me that none of you did anything wrong when you were her were just so perfect....again BULLCRAP!! wake up teach your own kids right from wrong and do not put them in front of the tv and expect them to learn it..

2045 days ago


hopefully the bitch will go bankrupt after this lawsuit...she damn well should lose!

2045 days ago


Holy Crap give me a break she is 16 for crying out loud no one sues the kids in scool for making fun of you. And Im wondering if the other people are being sued. GREED is so in style today! terrible!

2045 days ago


OMG! This is so ridiculous...... Look I am doing the same thing, I always make fun of Asians and I don't get slammed with a $4 billion dollar lawsuit.... You guys a so STUPID!!!!!

2045 days ago


Hey, Koi's has wonderful atmosphere, great staff and great food. However, while they were nice to feed Miley, that doesn't lead to the conclusion that Miley would smarten up after receiving some brilliantly prepared brain nutrients. Have another nightcap, Miley, but barf in your car, not in the lobby.

2045 days ago


She's apologized. Can we all move on with our lives now? Next!

2045 days ago


Everyone should remember, this is a 16 year old. I agree with #17, I bet none of the other white teenagers in this photo are being sued. This organization should be ashamed of themselves for filing a lawsuit against a child. There just looking for money and their 15 minutes of fame. Everyone make mistakes and yes, maybe it was a mistake to slaint her eyes, but look, she's 16 all teenagers make mistakes!!! I hope the judge throws this out. Yes, I'm a minority as well and this shouldn't cost her a dime, she's already apologized and maybe a race sensitivity counseling at the very MOST should be done.

2045 days ago


she apologized TWICE (even though I don't think she had to. people blew it WAY out of proportion) and it just eating dinner with friends. what the hell is wrong with you, tmz?

2045 days ago
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