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Octuplet Mom

She Asked For It

She Got It

2/13/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's gonna pay for Octomom's bushel of kiddies? Well this pic may foretell the future.

Nadya Suleman got the Denver boot two years ago for not paying parking tickets. The pic was taken in the parking lot of the Cal State Fullerton Children's Center. The future Octomom was attending school there when she came out to her Toyota Sienna to find she got the boot. Two of her kids -- #2 and #3 -- were in the front seat.

We did some digging and at the time the minivan was booted she had 3 delinquent parking tickets -- all issued on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

Octuplet Mom

We're told the silhouette in the back seat is Nadya feeding another member of the soon-to-be-ever-growing brood.


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1. Yes it's a Toyota, 2. The Mother is said to be in the back breast feeding. 3. How to afford it? Social Welfare! If the public pays $$$ for each child she's making money. (Members of large familied religious groups also work this too, so don't be shocked.) 4. Should it have happened? No, and the doctor is being investigated. 5. Why would a woman who was a single child do this? Maybe for attention?

Now, if you can stop the welfare checks after a certain number of kids great! I know lots of professionals that would like to have two kids and can't afford it on their salsry from WORKING ALL DAY. Our taxes pay for others without jobs to grow the population though... Intelligent? In this economic time this woman has likley the most secure pay check of all of us. Find it wrong? Change the law, but expect it to be tossed back in for Constitutional Rights. If you can stop the fertilitity clinics from doing such insanity just to see that their sucess rate is high, great! Just remember that each attempt is over $10,000 and working couples that need help will have a much harder time. Perhaps, it would make more sense of the government to help these people if they are working and married, or offer up high or full child care tax breaks for the double income household to afford that added child? (I pay the cost of a nice economy car each year in child care, so my son can be with a group that is half welfare supported. Or is that supported by my taxes and and higher child care rates?) What are the odds that a child raised in a working family of 4 with both parents might do better than a child of a single mom of 14? Wouldn't it be nice to talk about how to help good family structures than fools that ruin them? American Society is just sad and I hope the world is laughing at us. In 18 years we'll have more uneducated young adults that know nothing about having a job, a stable family, and understand more about living on welfare at this rate. Brilliant! Now, all of you go back to the discussion of this woman's "ulgy belly", "it's a Toyota not a Honda", and those that cant read the comment of the mother in the back seat. You're leading this country and providing to the economy with advertising revenue. Go flip my burger, if these are the greatest thoughts you can provide.

2075 days ago

arte help    

To all the TMZ loyal readers, me and toofastforyou have an incident the other night with a gerbil. Don't worry, the doctors removed it from his anus and I'm glad to say he'll be back posting soon.

2075 days ago


I said it once and I'll say it again, it's a tragedy that this woman with no job and no place of her own (living off of her parents) and no husband was allowed to have these many kids. WE, the hardworking tax paying citizens are paying for all of her shyyyyt. I tell you, that doctor who did this should be paying out of his nostrils for everything as it relates to her. She sits home, gets a couple of monthly government checks (our hard working tax dollars) and does nothing. I think she's one brick short of a load (crazy). But, it's not her fault .... it's the governments and that wacky doctors fault. I raise my federal exemptions to support my family and get harrassed by the IRS for re-payment ..... and why? For people like her ..... I tell you, where's the justice ....

2075 days ago


has anyone asked the question........How did she get KAISER insurance? Mid term.....Think they wanted to be in the spotlight?She could have gone to HUCLA or USC Hosp in la? They can handle the welfare cases just fine...

2075 days ago

my 3 cents    

Dear TMZ,


2075 days ago


....why was a random picture taken of a booted van of a girl not known to the spotlight at the time?

I hope it was taken by Children's Services showing that her children were left alone in a car.

But I doubt it's that because she seems to have her original 6.

I think I question this picture. I don't question that huge belly, though. Good Lord in Heaven.

And how does a woman who was claiming diability for an injured back stand so easily like that?

2075 days ago


We blame this whole thing on the Government of the USA! It is their fault!
They have enabled people like this to use and abuse a system that was put in place to help those that needed it.
They have used this system to break down family values by seperating fathers from their kids on purpose and by design to create this society we share of uneducated single mothers with out of control kids that are filling our prison systems.
They have further enabled people like this and others, ESPECIALLY illegle aliens, by rewarding them for having more fatherless kids. The more kids you have, the more money you get and the easier it is to get it. As long as their isn't a man in the house!
It is only human nature to find the easiest way. And when found, lock onto it and never let go. Because the other ways takes dedication, work, sacrafice, hardships and pain. Welfare is much easier...
Thank the Gods that most of us have the tendancy to want more out of like than the barest of comforts. And are willing to struggle to have them. But, keep in mind, this won't be the case for long and we will soon be the minority, if not already...

2075 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Fill this sluts tw@ with cement, take away the kids, place the "Dr." in jail along with slut mom who is draining our system.


2075 days ago


The Denver boot, originally known as the auto immobilizer, was invented in 1944 and patented in 1953 by Frank Marugg. Marugg was a pattern maker, a violinist with the Denver Symphony Orchestra, and a good friend to many Denver politicians and police department officials. The police department needed a solution to a growing parking enforcement problem. The city used to tow all ticketed cars to the pound, which were often vandalized. Those, who were ticketed, sued the city for the damage and the police had to itemize everything in the cars. Dan Stills, a policeman, thought an immobilizer would avoid the expensive towing problem and approached Marugg with an idea on how to immobilize a vehicle. According to a placemat in Gunther Tootie's circa 1960, Frank "developed a special device to lock spare tires mounted on the exterior of cars." In 1944 this device came in handy due to the WWII-created rubber shortage. The placemat also gives credit of the name Denver Boot to Stills, who indicated that it would do for cars what the Oregon Boot did for prisoners. The Oregon Boot was a metal shoe worn by convicts. The Denver police first used the boot on January 5, 1955 and collected over $18,000 in its first month of use. Although first cast in steel, Marugg soon switched to a lighter aluminum-based alloy. Marugg later sold the device to parking lot owners, hotels and ski resorts and even created a Jumbo version for farm equipment and larger vehicles. The Smithsonian Institute now has a copy of Marugg's boot on display in Washington, D.C

2075 days ago


Yesterday a certain "doctor" said we should support these kids. Why doesn't he and his friend open up a daycare for them. They can afford it, I can't... and why is this mom not being investigated for FRAUD?

2075 days ago

Go away    

She said she never thought of AJ yet she has been writing her fan mail and AJ is creeped out. I'm sure it takes a lot for a brother-humping, blood-drinking woman to get freaked out. She lied about plastic surgery, she'll lie through her teeth to get more approval which equals more free money. I am deeply saddened for her children. It's going to be a long hard road ahead for all of them, especially the eight preemies. Was it God's will for this woman to have 8 innocent babies vie for a healthy gestation in her overcramped uterus and be born 9 weeks before they were eady and thus face the possibility of death or major lifelong health issues? No, Nadya, just because science can create babies doesn't make it God's will!

2075 days ago


Single Mom:

The reason everyone is going nuts over this is because the woman seems mentally unstable. Her own mother has even admitted that she has problem and has said that she wants nothing to do with her. Nadya's problem is that she WANTED to be a single mother. Apparently there was some guy who wanted to marry her before, but she refused because she wanted to raise the children on her own. 10 years ago or something she injured her back on the job and refused surgery to get her back fixed because it would affect her fertility. She has since received $168,000. Where did all that money go? Oh right, to In Vitro and probably even plastic surgery. Hasn't had a job since. So explain to me this - how can someone with such a horrible back injury that warrants that much money in disability payments be well enough to keep popping out kids? And better yet, even though she was barely getting by with her first 6 kids, WHY did she go back and get more In Vitro? Even if she wasn't expecting to have all 8 babies, why would she even go back and try to get pregnant again for 1? It's selfish and irresponsible and it's the kids that I feel sorry for. This woman has been puttering around for the last few years and it's her mother and father who hold most of the burden of caring for her family.

By the way - I think California's taxpayers have every right to be pissed. Not only is she a lazy jerk who is just sitting around popping out kids, not taking care of them and milking the already almost completely broke system, her hospital bills will be in excess of $1,500,000. It's not common for regular people to make mistakes that cost anyone (whether family, friends, or taxpayers) that amount of money. How would YOU like to sit around and pay for all her crap while she sits around in her own little bubble?

CPS probably hasn't stepped in yet because the babies are still in the hospital and are well taken care of at the moment. I'm sure there will be more evidence that comes to light that will prompt CPS to step in at some point. Sure, NBC paid her for an interview and maybe some idiots somewhere will actually donate money to her, but eventually she'll spend all that money on things she doesn't need and the kids will need to be taken away. The problem isn't REALLY that she had 14 kids. The problem is that she has 14 kids that she can't take care of. And no, we don't want her to die and left without a mother. We want the children to be well taken care of, fed, and loved. The woman is selfish and wanted kids just to have kids and I highly doubt they'll get the care the deserve. I think that kids should be adopted out to parents that can't have children on their own. Yeah, I know the system isn't all that great, but with as much publicity as this twit is getting, I'm sure there would be a line of couples waiting with opens arms for one these babies.

P.S. - You're on a forum. TMZ posts stories and want to know what we think of the stories. That's what the comments are for - for us to voice our OPINIONS on the stories they post. You seem a little self righteous there yourself, deary.

2075 days ago


I dont care what anyone says (and I am speaking as a single parent whos ex husband has the outlook of if I am not going to have sex with him he will not support his children or see them) it makes a huge difference when a child has a mother and father in there lives she is irresponsible for bringing these kids into this world without a father in there lives no sane man is going to want to go into a family with 14 kids none of which are his and there are just some things that a woman cant teach a son I know this first hand. As for wellfare well I dont have a problem with it if it used correctly she took advantage of it some people just need the help I have been there I worked went to school and took care of my kids and still needed it at some points I do have a problem with people like her who we all know she wont be going to school and fact of the matter is now unfortunatly even if she does by some odd chance get a job she will still receive all of her grants and on top of which she will get daycare paid for so we will be paying even more out of our taxes. As long as she has all of these kids it is a no win situation for us California tax payers. I still believe these kids need to be adopted out and she needs to be commited I hear ucla or whereever it was brit was at has a great psych ward where she can live the rest of her days in peace lol.

2075 days ago


Has anyone been reading the latest on this wacko? Not only has she had injections done to her lips and a nose job, but she's reportedly been writing letters to Angelina Jolie and has made herself look like her. Angelina, obviously, is creeped out by the whole thing. Who wouldn't be. It's all over the news this morning. WTF?!

2075 days ago

Go away    

Did she leave those kids in that car alone?? So someone put a boot on her car and didnt bother to call the police about the kids left alone in the car? And she wasnt just running intot he 7-eleven, she was obviously there long enough for the car to get booted. See, she is an unfit mother and yet some people continue to celebrate her and her selfish, irresponsible choices? I wish you people could get reincarnated as one child of 14 born to a psychologically unstable single mom, not to mention be born several months premature and see how YOU like it.

2075 days ago
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