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Octuplet Mom

She Asked For It

She Got It

2/13/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's gonna pay for Octomom's bushel of kiddies? Well this pic may foretell the future.

Nadya Suleman got the Denver boot two years ago for not paying parking tickets. The pic was taken in the parking lot of the Cal State Fullerton Children's Center. The future Octomom was attending school there when she came out to her Toyota Sienna to find she got the boot. Two of her kids -- #2 and #3 -- were in the front seat.

We did some digging and at the time the minivan was booted she had 3 delinquent parking tickets -- all issued on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

Octuplet Mom

We're told the silhouette in the back seat is Nadya feeding another member of the soon-to-be-ever-growing brood.


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#12. Angie, you're not alone on that one. I'm getting the visual of 14 kids peering out the Sienna windows in the future...and when you look inside, Mom will only have room for 4 car seats and she can just put some of the kids on the floor for easy travel.

2043 days ago

Independent for Barack    

This women is exactly why I think women should have a license to use their ovaries.

2043 days ago


Everyone, whats done is done... does it really make the siuation better to berate her wth such hatered and anger? These children did not ask for this, they are inocent. And regardless of how you feel america is about pulling together, yes the mother needs help but does that make her a person that deserves to have death threats or have people posting dumb pics of (what we are told is her van... altho there is no proof)..... Get on with your lives if you dont agree ignore it, but STOP filling this already anger filled world with more crap b/c you dont agree with a decision someone you dont even know made.... I feel bad for the woman and I hope she gets the counseling she needs so those kids can have the mother they need and want so badly.

2043 days ago


you know what bothers me the most about this is the fact that she so blatantly committed food stamp fraud.

i was on food stamps for a few months, and they required me to provide financial statements, and apparently my daughter had a 1,000 share of something left by her grandfather which we had to use before we could get assistance.

if she was stashing money for invitro and lip injections, she had enough money to buy her own food. invitro costs around 20,000 a try.

i think she should be brought up on welfare fraud charges, and any money she gets should go straight back to the state of CA (medicare) and the food stamp program

2043 days ago


this story is pathetic and your ever increasing need to run 200 stories/day has diluted your integrity and your body of work. why in the hell would you write this story?

2043 days ago


Quit giving this bitch attention, you're giving her exactly what she wants! Let her fade away back to her welfare and let her know she's not special and people don't want to hear anymore about her irresponsibility.

2043 days ago

Lord Xenu    

THe more I look at her hot dog lips the more she looks like The Joker from BATMAN - the 1960s version.

2043 days ago


This nut doctor is at it again. Another uninsured woman expecting a litter
Report: Octo-Doc Treated 49-Year-Old Now Pregnant With Quads
Friday, February 13, 2009

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Dr. Michael Kamrava, 57, reportedly transferred at least seven embryos, made from donor eggs, into an unnamed 49-year-old woman.
The fertility doctor who helped Nadya Suleman become pregnant with octuplets is now at the center of another controversy.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Dr. Michael Kamrava treated another patient at his Beverly Hills clinic, and she is pregnant with quadruplets.

Kamrava reportedly transferred at least seven embryos, made from donor eggs, into the unnamed 49-year-old woman.

PHOTOS: And Octuplets Make 14.

She already has three adult children from a previous marriage and reportedly wanted one more child with her second husband, who is in his 30s.

The woman is currently five months pregnant and is hospitalized at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, according to the report.

She originally arrived at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles for unspecified treatment but was transferred last week to the county medical center because she is uninsured, the Times reported.

The Times said Kamrava could not be reached for comment.

Click here to read more from the Los Angeles Times.

2043 days ago

Go away    

HEY PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TMZ TO RUN STORIES ON THIS WOMAN - No ones cares about you or your opinion so beat it! If a story gets 500 comments then obviously it is interesting to TMZ's readers. If you don't like it, scroll down and look for more stories about Heidi and Spencer but stop with your boring protests!

2043 days ago


This photo isn't authentic. I saw this picture several years ago on

2043 days ago


this was in the los angeles times "Kamrava could not be reached for comment and has declined previous interview requests. A woman who answered the phone at his West Coast IVF Clinic said: "If [a] mother wants to bring four kids, so what?" after this dr did it again to a 49 year old woman my respons so what huh my problem is my tax dollars are paying for this i dont give a flying f@#& if somebody wants to get ivf and have 50 kids if they can support them and have insurance and my tax dollars dont pay for it but so what huh well how about we send that dumb b@#$% the bills for all these kids and insurances then well see if she is saying so what now im pissed how many more of are we going to hear about before something is done

2043 days ago

stewie griffin    

someone needs to put a boot on her vagina and ovaries.

2043 days ago


What is wrong with this women....Having this many children is child abuse from the Dr. and her. Can anybody have them arrested? I think children services should already be investigating this. Where the heck are they? That women is just not right!

2043 days ago


the good things to thi story is that she wont be paying the tickets... you the tax payers.. so actually she can park anywhere she pleases...

2043 days ago


As Chelsea would say: "What. A loser."

2043 days ago
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