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OctoMom Goes Green

2/14/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom showed her support for the environment yesterday by setting up a small composting site in the backseat of her car -- known in the auto industry as "the place where children usually sit."

The pics were snapped as America's favorite mother stopped by the hospital to see her kids ... or maybe get another pregnancy test.


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Disco Duck    

I hope one of the pappers have placed a GPS locator on that breeder wagon. Time for all the taxpayers to see where this octo-scammer is spending their money while the sate is broke.


2044 days ago

Proud American    

For all the photographers should donate part of their income to help her if they are going to take advantage of this woman. She obviously need help in understanding her actions. Leave innecent children alone.

2044 days ago


While trying to figure out how much each California taxpayer might pay for the octuplets et al., I googled

number taxpayers California

and quickly ran into an AP story that said she paid for the IVFs with disability payments from an injury during a riot at her workplace (a state mental hospital, yes, the irony...), where she also worked double shifts to save up for the IVF. The disability payments stopped last year. She gets something like $490 per month in food stamps, not outrageous for 6 kids plus one adult. Sorry to go against the lynch mob here, but she doesn't really sound like a mythical "welfare queen" to me. She has worked for the money in the past and is going to school to get more credentials for more work (although hard to see that in the cards for a while with all those kiddies...). I don't see any sign that she was planning to not support her children herself, but on the contrary I see plenty of signs that she was working toward self-sufficiency.

Couldn't find the taxpayer figures, but if we assume 20% of the California population might be taxpayers: 7 million taxpayers, dividing the cost of maybe 1 million in hospital bills (which of course are highly inflated since the staff and equipment are an ongoing expense whether or not they're used) and maybe 1 to 2 million to raise 14 kids according to USDA figures (assuming worst case scenario where she stays broke): that's maybe 29 to 43 cents per taxpayer over an 18 year period, or about a penny or two per year.... Less if there are more taxpayers, more if the costs are more. But that's the ballpark.

Feel better?

2044 days ago


To all you bleeding heart fools—I couldn’t care less if this woman fell off the face of the earth. Wise up.

If a woman wants a large family, she should have the resources and means to be able to care for them. I know there are hundreds of thousands of single women out there struggling to raise their kids by themselves, but NONE have gone out seeking to add more babies by IVF when they already have six kids under the age of 8. NONE!! And I don’t want to hear she only wanted one more because she just loves children soooo much. When you have a punch of fertilized eggs implanted in your uterus, you sure as hell know there is a very good chance you’re going to have more than a few babies. If she didn’t want to selectively abort, she could have put some up for adoption, but that option wouldn’t have brought in that much money.

The reason everyone despises this irresponsible crazy bitch is because of what she doing to ALL 14 of her kids. Her kids will pay the price for her selfishness. She is the epitome of a woman who will sacrifice the needs of her own children because her life and her happiness will always come first. CPS needs to step in and find suitable homes for those babies. They are the reason that 95% of us despise this woman. We worry and care about these babies and to blazing hell with their crazy, dirty-ass mother. If the babies were adopted out into happy, well-adjusted families we would all “get a life and get over it.”

P.S. Nadya, get Prozac, not pregnant, to treat your depression. What kind of loon decides to treat depression with babies?? With her past history of severe, long-term depression, I wouldn’t be surprised if her kids paid the price for that as well.

2044 days ago


Oh brother. To all of you who are so horrified by these pictures, as long as this woman is leeching off of taxpayers, and trying toi get other people to pay for the 14 kids that SHE brought into the world knowing full well she had absolutely NO WAY TO PAY FOR THEM, then you better believe the press has every right to follow her around and show her hypocrisy. In the past few days they have shown her spending taxpayer's money on video games and a manicure. Taxpayers money. Who is taking care of all of those kids??? And it's painfully clear that none of her older 6 kids have been in her car any time recently. She is a leetch and the world - especially the taxpayers - need to see it.

2044 days ago


Wow I can honestly say this is totally pointless to bring up most american's car's look like that, with or without kids.

2044 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She's probably just sneaking in to see the fertility expert for another fix.

2044 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Celebrities lie about plastic surgery the way athletes lie about steroids

2044 days ago

ilove jesus    

77. FoxNews...LOS ANGELES — The public relations group that has represented octuplets mother Nadya Suleman is stepping down because of death threats, its president said Saturday. Joann Killeen also said the mother now has an agent: Wes Yoder, the same man who arranged book and music deals for the McCaughey septuplets a decade ago and publicity for controversial pastor Rick Warren. etc etc etc

Now, she has an agent. How nice. For someone who has 14 children, most of them retarded, she sure does seem to find the time to go out and recruit new people for publicity. One would think a mother would instead focus all her time on the care and needs of her kids.

Keep up the great work TMZ.

What's the matter caggs, touch a nerve? You a welfare fraud, too?

Posted at 3:33PM on Feb 14th 2009 by Mrs Lord Xenu


2044 days ago


So when i was a single parent this is all I had to do to get all this money? That is CRAP. Now she has a agent. if she had all that money to get the implants then she didn't qualify for public assistence. Someone needs to investgate this. Her kids need to be taken from her. I am not saying she is not a loving mom but we all work hard for what we have and she might as well be standing on the corner holding out her hand because that is what she is doing. And you TMZ and all the other news channels are giving her just what she wanted. Living with her parents, having enough money to get the implants excludes her from public assistence. Something is wrong here.

2044 days ago


has anyone seen the +8 show, why is not with her children. I knw weven having one I cant be away that much. What is worng with this. Please TMZ and all the the news broadcasts stop giving her what she wants.

2044 days ago


This is stalking, but I have to admit, I am glad she is taking care of the car that the taxpayers are paying for.

It is always nice to see where my taxdollars are going.....videos, nails. Nails? Video Games? I can't get my nails done or go and buy the newest game, because I have to work for my money. Big difference! No matter your view on the welfare system, you have to admit there is not a government agency that can handle anything and there is too much fraud. A lot more of my money is going for the same in the "Stimulus" bill. WE keep these kind of people up!

2044 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

I think the people whining to leave her alone, are probably the ones stupid & gullible enuf to donate money on her website; and they don't wanna be made EVEN MORE A FOOL OF by seeing how that slag is spending the money, lol.
TMZ, do not worry about shielding the contributors' feelings -- The other portion of the public she's getting it from, taxpayers, have every right to know what suleman is doing with her ill-gotten gains!!

2044 days ago

Wondering what the world is coming to.    

This does cross the line. I am worried about this woman and her safety. There should be a total media black out on her and this whole damn story immediately. At least for her safety and the safety of all her children.

2044 days ago


I think she is a stupid, selfish woman. She should be arrested for child abuse. She should be treated just like any other CHILD ABUSER, and have no rights. I think TMZ and other websites have more right to take pictures of her than she has a right to have eight children to add to her 6. She is a ridiculous woman who should be in prison. It is fraud!!! Sheis using these poorpoorpoor children to get a higher welfare check, and to fund her WEBSITE! Where she asks for donations. Dumb Woman. Stupid Stupid Stupid. I only pray that these poor children will be sent to a good foster home with parents who have he good sense God gave them to take careof them. Because they will never fully be taken care of with this frivolous stupid idiotic woman.

2044 days ago
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