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Slimedog Millionaire

2/14/2009 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The host of Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" stands accused of defaming the good name and dignity of a former client -- a rich guy who went on TV to date a woman interested in his money.

Millionaire Matchmaker

The angry millionaire is Paul Murad. For fans of the show, Murad's the one who actually proposed after one date. And by proposed, we mean he proposed marriage and not that other thing a millionaire might propose to a woman he met through an agency ... well, you know.

Seems the trouble stems from a chat between Patti Stanger and Murad's ex-fiance, Cidney Dutton. During the conversation (which was reprinted on Dutton's Myspace page), Stanger allegedly called the millionaire a liar, untrustworthy, broke and fraud. And just for good measure she may have thrown in a little something about Murad's nationality, religion and sexual orientation. Murad has fired off a cease and desist letter to Stanger.

We're guessing she isn't a fan.


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I tired watching this show once. The "matchmaker" Patti looks like a tranny in a bad wig and k-mart make-up. She had to be one of the most un-natural people I have seen on TV. Ya have to give her/him props though, she/he gets guys with tons of cash to pay her/him to find them "dates." A new low in reality TV,

2046 days ago

arte help    

WHO,WHO and WHO???

2046 days ago


This guy Paul must have the personality of a turd, and be a crashing bore besides.

He looks for a potential wife by going on a very superficial TV show, and when he finds someone, he proposes to her after one roll in a bed.

Who would want to marry such a clueless geek??

2046 days ago


I actually watched that episode and he was weird weird weird and his eyebrows were even weirder....

2046 days ago


I tried watching this show too....I gotta tell ya...that Patti Stanger is GROSS! Looks gross, acts gross, IS gross!! I think the promos that Bravo does are funny---this gross woman is posturing like she is hot!

2046 days ago


You have the wrong picture up of Cidney - the girl you have up is a pic of the OTHER woman on the show who went out with the other millionaire - just an FYI

2046 days ago


I absolutely hate Patti Stanger, she is trying so hard to come off as a bitch but she is just plain stupid and she thinks she knows it all...Why is there a show about that crap anyways???..she went on The View saying that she scan the girls not interested in money, it's like duhhh !!!...She looks like a guy, HORSE FACE!!!!

2046 days ago


I think the matchmaker Patti looks like Punkie Brewster.

2046 days ago


I've seen this episode of MM, and Cidney looked terrified of this guy, but was classy enough to roll with the flow. This guy's arrogance is phenomenal. He was completely in his own space time continuem. As well, if based on this show, this is how west coast men behave, I count my lucky stars I live in Florida where at least the millionnaires are not pansies.

2046 days ago


That is not the Jewish woman, it is the other woman who dated Heinz

2046 days ago


The picture of the girl is CORRECT! Stupid girl though - she moved in without closing the deal.

On the original show last season, I agree the guy was a bit strange but I thought maybe it was the way the show was edited and WTF with those eyebrows?

You go Patti - call 'em out! We wish we all could!

2046 days ago


This patti stanger bitch has a big mouth. And absolutely no class at all.

Why they put this ugly blabbermouth broad on tv in the first place is beyond me. She previously set up 2 of her clients with hookers (twice last year; it was on TMZ); now she's mouthing off against her clients. Bitch needs to crash & burn...

2046 days ago


I do not think TMZ is fair to people. They sit around and laugh at stupid TMZ staff with cameras who harass people in the spotlight. We are in an economic crisis, but this is not the type of entertainment to divert one's attention. This show and this website are run by some old guy who should grow up and get on with what is left of his life. Picking on some people who achieved their dreams is cute for about one minute then it becomes redundant. Yelling insane questions at stars and commenting on them like 5 year-olds makes you TMZ people look like talentless frustrated trolls who wishes the shoes were on the other foot. Trust, you would not like it if the shoe was on the other foot. Keep in mind, and believe KARMA IS A BITCH. You all have your individual karma coming for you this is true. Hope you are prepared.

2046 days ago


It is funny how the so-called experts in finding people true love are single themselves....

Patti Stanger and Dr. Laura

One of them has publicly admitted to come from a dysfunctional family

I'm just saying......

2046 days ago


Puleese someone bring back Confessions of A Matchmaker, Patti Novak, was in your face and she seem genuine in helping people find real relationships not based on looks or wealth alone. Patti Stanger is such a creepy person, delusional if she thinks she's all that.

2046 days ago
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