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Former OctoPublicist: Threats Were "Horrible!"

2/17/2009 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know the nature of some of the death threats Nadya Suleman's former publicist dealt with before quitting -- and they're brutal.

Joann Killeen: Click to watch
Joann Killeen was on "Larry King Live" last night and explained, in shocking detail, some of the messages they both received, including ones saying "My client's uterus should be ripped out" and "I should be paralyzed."

Even more shocking -- Killeen says some people left return addresses.


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I bet it was some of the morons posting on here doing it too.

2053 days ago


Boy, those were really intelligent people that left threats with a return address. Hello?? How dumb can you be??

2053 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Why do you think we are in endless wars? and that they goverment warns of a attact by 2013?.OLD OLD Fart country will fall...have to have people some imports.Many countrys are now paying people to have more kid`s...russia is one of them.They rich has taken everyones money for themselfs by owning the goverment.Next program burn down the getto`s and ship our jobs over seas...slaves just like china.Without growth the country dies...japan is dieing population is aged than it falls and china takes over DUMB DUMB.

2053 days ago


Depopulation project= Socialist Swine

2053 days ago

two cents    

Aww gee, her website is DOWN!! Fantastic job America. Her PR quits, and her website is taken down. Splendid. Keep it up.

2053 days ago


Apparently Nadya isn't taking the threats very seriously. She's out and about getting her nails done and other sorts of things.

Of course, she is so obviously mentally ill. She doesn't deserve threats, she just deserves to have her children placed in loving homes where they can get the attention they need.

2053 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Within 50 years in the USA if we have`nt be wiped out by some war...whites will no longer be in power less than 50% of the country will be white and just like japan it will be too late to start a new baby if we don`t break even or better CHINA will be in power. RUSSIA/CHINA they are border countrys that work togather on everything.Russia has more oils and fuel than the middle east they they t=have never tapped yet.China has more work forced than anyone and now have turned africa into a slave state just as they are slaves.If we want there to be any america we must have a next generation.People having too many kids goes on in some countrys and those kids dies off.In america we have food for most everyone and many are fat from too much food.In order to keep the taxe dollars you must have youth working..if thad does`nt happen we are over and you die in the streets old and without food or a roof.We should pay people to keep the system alive by having kids to a normal level as many countrys are doing.TMZ don`t know much really at all.Who will take care of you when you are aged? and who will fight your battles when you can`t?.No one die off ok than I`ll move.

2053 days ago


I think Joann Killeen made her PR firm look weak and unreliable. When the going gets tuff lets bail. Had public support gone the other way...... her smiling face would be EVERYWHERE!!

2053 days ago


I agree with # 6. She was still defending the mom. Larry get a lot of criticism for being too old and out of touch. Some people want him to retire. I didn't think that, until I watched this interview. He didn't understand all the hostility toward s the mom. WTF? He said, "what? kids shouldn't eat"? in reference to the outcry of her being on welfare. Then he was wondering why the criticism of her and her 8 babies, when there has been other multiples being born numerous times before and being celebrated.

2053 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

KOOKY is that the best carp you can sling?.If you don`t have kids you and your family dies off and you are alone like 70% of the retired females in this country now are,most never leave thier homes.When you are old you will have no one to fight for your country and the power countrys will wipe you out.All war is the same patterns over the ages.THINK now why is russia paying people to have kid`s? and saty home with them for up to two years payed?.To renew thier work forces and thus thier country.Whites no longer have kids in the USA and they are dieing out and will be less than 50% of the country within 50 years.She should get a award and the doctor knew just what he was doing trying to make having kids cool again...we have become old and bitter and can`t see what the hell is going on here.WAKE the F up before it`s too late...not kids country falls,Baby boom after WWII was because people knew waht would happen if they didn`t rebuild thier country for thier aged years and now those parents are retired because they did that or they too would be pennyless without a broad taxe base of youth.

2053 days ago


I just hope that NO ONE gives actual CASH to this woman. If you want to donate, donate diapers, food or clothes. But to give her cash or a reality show or, frankly, any more ATTENTION, is a mistake . She's clearly a con artist.

2053 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

May be paying for your retirerment from taxes payed.Save the country reproduce doctors orders.Baby boom did the same that that now pays the taxes DUMB DUMBS

2053 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Whether you agree with Nadya Suleman or not, making death threats is a chicken s..t. Only cowards resort to such behavior.

2053 days ago


i think if she was married then everyone would not be acting like this but she is out of her mind i have my hands full with 2 toddlers and it is hard imagine 14 of them .........hope some body helps her

2053 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    


2053 days ago
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