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Former OctoPublicist: Threats Were "Horrible!"

2/17/2009 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know the nature of some of the death threats Nadya Suleman's former publicist dealt with before quitting -- and they're brutal.

Joann Killeen: Click to watch
Joann Killeen was on "Larry King Live" last night and explained, in shocking detail, some of the messages they both received, including ones saying "My client's uterus should be ripped out" and "I should be paralyzed."

Even more shocking -- Killeen says some people left return addresses.


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I wonder if the economy was better or she was married if this would even be an issue .The thing is by vilifying this women and making sure no company will endorse her ,no one would ever give her a book deal ,you have made sure the we tax payers will be on the hook for a long time. The only evil ones are the ones who wish anyone else harm and they are the ones to blame for it if we have to support her.

2075 days ago


This Joann Killeen has got to be the dumbest c*nt alive. I saw her first interview on Larry King and she was calling Nadya Suleman delightful, intelligent and educated. Oh and my favorite part working on a Master's degree. She was also salivating at the prospect of getting Nadya a 2 million dollar television or book deal. Does she think that the American public is stupid, working on a master's degree????? with 14 kids, no job, no husband, and no home of her own. Anyone who ever hires Joann Killeen again is a bigger nut than her and her Octumom client.

2075 days ago

joe joe dancer    

Dear TMZ fans

This lady is a narsacistic crackpot herself. One of the worst PR people in the business. All lies as nothing out of her mouth is the truth. Forget about spin...its all just lies that gets retracted 12 hours later like The octomom church story, the new manager for octomom etc...

The woman is a joke in the public relations field..She just does not know it. For us, she's drama queen for the day and education material for PR course professors to instruct their students on not what to do, EVER! Id even bet money the death threats were all fake. Lady its not about you, its about your client. Please retire.

2075 days ago


I didn't know Jenny Jones was a publicist???

2075 days ago


Buckshot- i completly agree. doesnt anyone have annything better to do than sh*t out babies? im a girl and dont understand some losers obssession with filling their home with several screaming messy brats. maybe 2, but how much love are some people that desperate for? china is on to something.

2075 days ago


Brain Peppers- i think you're right. my mom should have her utrerus ripped out. she is old and doesnt want anymore kids.

2075 days ago


The interview had close to zero credibility. It was slanted to favor Kileen and her client without honestly questioning reasons for a backlash.

I disagree with threats, but more honest reporting needed from LK.

2075 days ago

Carrys F.    

Why on Earth do people watch Larry King????????? He is old, gross, and doesn't seem to even know who have his guests are. He's gross and looks like a twig about to snap. Plus, irrelevent. Why do celebrities run to be interviewed by him????

2075 days ago


Having 14 babies under 7 is insane, irresponsible, selfish and stupid. But the fact is the babies are here and without support these kids will not have a happy future. All opinion aside we should help this lady and her kids!

2075 days ago


I think the death threats are just a way of ensuring that the octomom knows her behavior has gone beyond unacceptable. Threatening to kill her is just a reminder to her that she should not try and make money off her kids because people will not accept what she has done. It is probably one of the most morally irresponsible things I have witnessed in my lifetime. To burnden the State of California in these tough economic times is so ridiculous. Then to get caught getting her nails done..her publicist could have at least fest up to the plastic surgery this woman clearly had..My god, we can all see it and the p.r. lady isn't sure..b.s. Sorry octomom that your not getting your Kate plus eight story or Life with the Duggans but what you have done and created has consequences. No one hates the kids, we feel for them as they will need decent homes and families that can love them and take care of them. Oh, and stop slamming your parents as dysfunctional while they have sacrificed everything for dare you say what you have said about your upbringing. I know tons of people who had no siblings and not one of them went out and implanted a ton of babies in their bellies so find a better reason..or the real reason..there is a show in this here tummy...dumb bitch

2075 days ago


Just read the comment about how we, as taxpayers, should encourage (not discourage) the cotuplet mom to pursue commercial venues in her quest for money.and that the backlash on our part has made her and her kids long term wards of the state. Based on what I've read so far, in my estimation this women would be about as financially savvy as my little dog. She's a 33 year old woman who hasn't worked in ten years, living off disability and her aging parents, obtaining plastic surgery in the interim and using public assistance to pay for her past (and present) pregnancies, neo natal bills, food and with social security checks to boot. What on earth makes anyone think, that should she actually see any money outside of government assistance, that it would be put to good use? This woman works and knows the system, mental /emotional problems aside, and has absolutely no intention of not wringing whatever she can get out of the govenment. I'd be willing to bet if she ever did see any money it would rapidly "disappear" (and not towards any of her gigantic debts). She would have her hands out for more in no time flat. Face it folks, no matter how you look at it, she and her brood are on the dole, long term.

2075 days ago


I do not believe she received death threats, she may have received one or two gross comments; but the rest coming from us were strictly the facts. I emailed them it was outrageous they posted a website with their name clearly seen at the bottom begging fro money. I also informed them I would be contact the other companies they represented; and how this PR firm was fleecing the country by encouraging this ill woman to keep children she could not afford, when open adoption was a way to ensure health and happiness of those babies. Blockbuster, State of Ca forest service and so on all received email from me. This woman pulled out because A she knew it was not going to be a windfall like she hoped and B her other customer probably spoke up specially the state of CA forest service. This woman was in it for the money and I do not feel sorry fro her for passing the info around how people can voice their outrage at the website KF group posted...If their was death threat were are the arrest??? Their are none so that is why I call her out on that statement!!! She is lying and is a money hounding rip off chick and if she cared about those babies she should be working for free or offering her own over priced salary to help the ill woman raise her kids... Rant Over!!!

2075 days ago


To those who judge and point.....YOU'VE GOT THREE FINGERS POINTING RIGHT BACK AT YOU! You have no right to judge. Ok, she has 14 children now. So what? Get over yourselves, and get a life and don't worry about her problems. take care of your own issues!

2075 days ago


This is ALL KARMA for thie "PR " hack... This is her life biting her back... From her infidelity with her SECOND husband, and her stint in Public Relation Society, and how she traeted her own So. Calif. family.... She was born a truth twister and thinking she had a silver tongue with KARMA has turned out to be toxic...This was all about JOANN as usual and nothing about her client. SSDD.

2075 days ago


who knew Larry King was even still alive. Dude looks like Octomom's after-after-after-after-after-after-after-afterbirth.

2075 days ago
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