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Nikki Sixx

Blasts Bottle Rocket Babe

2/17/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nikki Sixx graphically (and hypocritically) bitched out a female fan during a recent concert for doing the exact same thing he did just moments before -- throwing a water bottle.

The Motley Crue bass guitarist went nuclear after a water bottle came flying at him on stage. Only problem: It appears the bottle was the same one he hurled at her 10 seconds earlier.

Don't dish out what you can't take!


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wonder why motley does still have a huge crowd following? Hmmm...maybe because they rock? Wonder why he called her a whore? Maybe because she is a whore? She sure did look like one. i mean why would she go out in public and of all places a Motley show, if she wasnt turning tricks?
Nikki threw the freakin bottle up in the air. she throws it at his head. anyone would get pissed if they are honest.
also, the greensboro incident is well known, the security gaurd was beating up a fan. that isnt on youtube but anyone who knows anything about knows that. but i guess you people know that since your such freakin geniuses....

1981 days ago


Although I love Nikki and Motley Crue it seems the older he gets, the more of an ASS he is.
He still thinks he is young and tries to act like he did in his OLDEN days.
Grow up already and act your freaking age! Where did he think the botte was going to land when he threw it up in the air?
Dumbass Jerk!

1981 days ago


OMG what a f***ing a**hole! No wonder he has got a girl's name, he's a bitch! xD I did not think he was like this anymore, I thought he had grown up. Is he back on alcohol again or what? =p What a loser. Sorry but what else can I say...

1980 days ago


This world, I am afraid, is designed for crashing bores. And that fat thingy on that stage (what's his name? nikki sixx? haha! nikki sixx?! yeah.. that's... cool..) sure is one of them. It bores, to tears it bores.

1980 days ago


Are you kidding me? He had every right to get pissed. No band should have to put up with sh*t like that - he didn't throw
that water bottle at anyone - she was aiming for him. F**k her!

1980 days ago


What a doucheb*g!!!!!! Does this washed up old man not know that the only readon hes even still performing is because of fans like the one he just yelled at? What a complete doucheba*g piece of sh*t he needs a reality check, I wouldve thrown my shoe at his haggard face after his insults. He needs a wake up call. YOUR OLD AND DONE, GET OVER IT. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ANYWAYS? NO ONE GIVES A FLYING F*CK WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL oh man thank god that wasnt me cause I wouldve def hit his face with my shoe ala "bush" style, except he wouldve been to slow to duck or it wouldve gotten stuck in that rats nest of his.

1980 days ago


what a baby...

1980 days ago

nira k    

Old folks frequently have explosive outbursts when upset. You just give 'em some Haldol and they'll even right out,

1980 days ago


she is a whore....

1980 days ago


One day his daughters will be in their 20's, and will go see a has been band. If those guys called her a FU**ing Whore Slut you know his ass would be all over that guy. I wonder if he wants his daughters to date a classy guy like himself???
His Nona would be so ashamed!

1980 days ago


I think this was justified. Yes, Nikki through the water bottle into the crowd, most fans would be thrilled to catch this, and he did not throw it @ someone in particular, it was just thrown to the crowd in general. If I was him I'd be pissed too. Not only is it dangerous to throw things on the stage (can you imagine if everyone started to do this) but she threw it to purposely hit him. He did go a little bit overboard while he was cussing her out, but he had every right to be pissed

1979 days ago


Nikki Sixx needs to go back to his recliner with his remote & his mega munchies. He looks like a fool tryin 2b cool!

1979 days ago


Hell, I would be greatful if that bottle landed next to me. Why not keep it. Look how much they charge for water at shows.

1979 days ago


How can you call belittling a chick justified? Its not even really about throwing the water bottle anymore, Its about Nikki's verbal rant. The girl was obviously a fan or she wouldn't have been at the show in the 1st place. Maybe it was her first concert and didn't know the rules of no throwing stuff on stage. If you want to call her a stupid bitch for not knowing any better and that she should have kept the prized water bottle then I guess we can call Nikki all sorts of names too for his stupid actions too. And seriously who wants to drink out of the same water bottle Nikki drank out of anyway? So they can catch some kind of disease? No thanks!

1979 days ago


I have been a fan of Nikki Sixx for a long time but this sucked and he should know it. He needs to get his ego in check and stop women bashing since so many of his fans are women and he takes the low road in bashing his ex wives saying stupid unnecessary remarks like i have had the bimbo's i'm over that. If he is so happy with his current relationship he should let everyone else be, especially his childrens mothers. I hope this is a learning experience since he has so much talent but I think from recent interviews his hatered for women and his disrespect goes really deep. His ego and his love of self is a total turn off.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1979 days ago
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