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Nikki Sixx

Blasts Bottle Rocket Babe

2/17/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nikki Sixx graphically (and hypocritically) bitched out a female fan during a recent concert for doing the exact same thing he did just moments before -- throwing a water bottle.

The Motley Crue bass guitarist went nuclear after a water bottle came flying at him on stage. Only problem: It appears the bottle was the same one he hurled at her 10 seconds earlier.

Don't dish out what you can't take!


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when you are in Hershey PA next month you can call me a whore and do whatever you want to me again!!....I cant wait to see you.....If you want to spend a night in Lancaster let me know...These Haters have no clue as to how awesome you are.....

2042 days ago


I thought Mick Mars was the Bassist?

2042 days ago


Uncalled for and completely unprofessional even if he was offended by the thrown water bottle. The verbal abuse was disgusting and his belittling her was too. Have an objection to the thrown water bottle? Have security eject her in a professional manner. How rude and insensative.

2042 days ago


AAAAHHHH..... is it me? or should he be happy he has any fans? Talk about has -been.

To those that say they would do him, stop, you are showing your age, because the ladies, or men, who say they would still do him are thinking of him circa 1983. He has fake hair, wrinkles and a bad attitude, strange tan and less brain cells it seems.

Not about to give him some.

2042 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I saw Motley Crue on their first tour, opening for Aerosmith up in the Bay Area. They were booed off the stage before they could finish their second song. We recognized them for the overly-coiffed, talentless pu$$ies that they are. The bottles we were throwing to get them OFF THE STAGE weren't plastic though, So, perhaps he was suffering from bad flashbacks. Regardless, she was just having EXACTLY the same kind of fun you were having, ya jerk. Mocking a girl you just made cry (and who paid good money to see your sorry ass)? Yeah, that's sexy.

2042 days ago


I smell a lawsuit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can afford it.

2042 days ago


Who the rip is nik sixx? Sounds like a gay porno name.

2042 days ago

Vancouver Girl    

Sixx is a no talent HAS BEEN who should have done the world a big favour and overdosed years ago. He's a hack trying to hang on to his old "glory days" which were over a long long time ago. Pathetic.

2042 days ago


lmao thats some funny sh-t good for her. ahh shes crying lol

2042 days ago


For all you girls who say "I would still do him", how the hell can you say that to a guy who just called a girl a "wh*re" and said "s*ck my d*ck", you would still 'do him?... wow ladies you are a classy bunch, just stupid wh*res yourself, now pathetic, this star obsessed culture we live is so sad.

2042 days ago


What an a**hole. What kind of a man berates a public no less. He's a poor excuse of an entertainer! I'd never pay one cent again to see him!!!!

2042 days ago


I was at the SD show and at the time I did not hear anyone speak up for that poor lady in my general area - everyone was yelling for her blood! What was failed to mention is that there was asecond bottle KICKED into the audience at the end of the show by Tommy Lee - this one actually hit some poor lady in the chest. Very wreckless and hypocritrical if you ask me. The first toss by Sixx was harmless - the second toss by the girl was equally lacking in malice. Nothing a big bad rocker should have took that much exception to - where's your PUNK ATTITUDE, DUDE??? Could have done without this and the porn videos (there were kids present - not mine!) - but I would have to say that the CRUE put on a rocking show.

2042 days ago


What a tool! Go back to your skanky ho g-friend and shoot some more drugs. LOSER.

2042 days ago


He's actually the bass player and not the guitarist. Do any of the college dropouts that work for TMZ ever do any homework before reporting?? And yeah he's a douchebag and should have got hit with that bottle

2042 days ago

Shame on you    

Sixx owes that fan a BIG TIME apology. He is entirely too full of himself and over-estimates his fame.

2042 days ago
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