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Where the White People At?

2/19/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ludacris gave a special shout out to all his white fans at club LAX in Vegas last night, because, "If it wasn't for the white people, I wouldn't be selling 2 to 3 million records and sh*t ... I love y'all."

Nothing brings people together like straight cash money.


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Crazy Chica    

Well, since we have a black president now I think I'm going to start pulling the 'white race card'. I can do that, right? Racism is a vicious cycle to which 'blackies' add more to than whites. Get the hell over it! Slavery has nothing to do with the white people you know today. Your mother and father weren't slaves, and more than likely your grandparents weren't slaves either. Quit pulling the race card BS and grow up! Blacks are the MAIN cause of racism in this country. Blacks could vote before women, but you don't hear women in this country whining and complaining like you do. We owe you NOTHING. The NAACP or BET? What if whites had White Entertainment Television or a "cult" like the NAACP? I'm just so f*ckin' sick of hearing you people b*tch and moan!!!!

Oh, and Ludacris sucks....

2073 days ago


Your comment just proved what an ass you are.

2072 days ago


oh people shut up! it's true about the white people! WHITE SUBURBAN YOUTH are the number one buyers of rap music. Learn something....idiots.

2071 days ago


What an interesting thread. Don't have much to offer, except that when Raekwon said on "Wu-Tang Forever" (maybe wrong album) "We notice you white boys at our shows, we recognize that" I wasn't offended. I think Ludacris' mistake was referring to the economic thing. As an artist he should have been more tactful. But I doubt anyone at the show left thinking "I will never again help Ludacris get paid." (Unless the performance was weak)

2002 days ago


Some of you are REALLY taking this to a level where it DOESN'T need to be.

Ludacris thanked his WHITE FANS because he completely understands that he will be NOWHERE without their support.

He was not trying to put you down by any stretch of the imagination!!!

Goodness people...CALM DOWN... IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS!!! NEVER WAS!!!

2062 days ago


Genius.. What is there to get over.. the word racism does not equate to slavery.. slavery was an act of racism but is not definitive of racism itself.. Black people suffer racism on a daily basis.. socially and institutionally.. if you are too thick to observe the statistics.. don't take that out on anyone..

We blacks look at the world for what it is.. F***ed up.. when 50% of the worlds wealth sits with 3% of the worlds population (middle-upper class whites).. when they are from a land (europe) that is not even resource rich.. something is wrong.. Europe and America survive off of the exploits of Black and Brown people and don't you forget that.. damn devil

1591 days ago


I would thank any race that made me rich aand so would you if a certain race made you rich to!!!!! Not racist at all he was thanking them. At least he has mannors enough to thank the white people!!! What's wrong for thanking them for making him rich??? Other then nothing is wrong with it at all!!!! Your stupid if you think he was being racist. I LMBO!!! #And I am a white girl thank you!!!! I love Ludacris he is very talented and he can rap his arse off!!! To bad for the hater's there always has to be hater's. SMMFH!!!

1125 days ago
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