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Mickey Rourke -- "She Fell Asleep in My Lap"

2/19/2009 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just as Mickey Rourke described his final moments with his beloved 18-year-old Chihuahua, the grieving actor looked up at the sky to gather his thoughts -- you know, since all dogs go to Heaven.

Mickey Rourke: Click to watch
RIP Loki.


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Sorry for your loss. Some times you feel they are the only ones who real love you.

2036 days ago


Mickey Jesus died for your sins. Accept His death and give Him your heart.
That is how to be with your precious baby again.

He is the only way.

I am praying for you!

2036 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved little Loki Mickey. Some of our pets are like family.

2036 days ago


Mickey used to be so handsome in 91/2 weeks! What the hell happened?

RIP Loki

2036 days ago


Please read the Rainbow Bridge Poem. You can find it on the internet. So sorry for your loss, truly

2036 days ago


I feel sorry for him that dog meant so much to him I know how he feels Im so close the my doggies :( but hes sooooooo lucky she lived so long most people arent that lucky to have their pet live that long I hope my babies live that long :) RIP Loki

2036 days ago


I watched the TMZ segment on Mickey and his dog's passing last night. As a dog owner for life and having to deal with their passing, I feel for Mickey and his loss. I was completely disgusted by the coverage that TMZ did. I watch TMZ because it can be entertaining at times, but there is nothing entertaining about denegrading someone for being a pet lover and having a heart. TMZ should issue a real apology to Mickey. I say real because in the past their apology is worse than the initial offense.

2036 days ago

stewie griffin    

I don't watch your show, just visit your website TMZ. Someone posted that you guys were laughing at Mickey or making fun of him? You guys are sick to do that. I know it's all fun and games to make fun of celebs...most of them deserve it. But Mickey's dog was his family. Show a little f*cking respect. This is a sad time for him and you should either give him your condolences or leave him the f*ck alone right now. Disgusting.

2036 days ago


I would love to see Mickey get the Oscar Sunday night. Unfortunately, Heath Ledger overdosed on pills and that makes him more worthy. Oh, well.

2036 days ago


How sad. I feel for Mickey Rourke...I could not imagine losing my pets. My oldest dog Joey is 12. Still hope I get alot more years with him!!! RIP,Loki!! "When a dog offers you his heart,accept it with a smile...for his love will last a lifetime,which is such a little while".

2036 days ago


"she waited for me" , mickey made me f***ing bawl

2036 days ago


I also hope and pray that Mickey wins the Oscar............................but, in hollyweird, it is ok to fill youself up with rx pills and overdose!

Now, there are some REAL morals!

2036 days ago


People should be as loyal and loving as dogs.

2036 days ago


Oh yeah...heres the rest of that poem. This is for anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet:
"When a dog offers you his heart,accept it with a smlie.
For his love will last a lifetime,which is sucha little while.
When a dog offers you his heart,take it gladly and with pride.
For he will be a faithful friend,ever by your side.
A dog loves you because you're you,not for how you speak or what job you do.
You can be short,tall,thin or fat,or ugly as sin...he doesn't care about that.
A dog knows if you're good or bad,he can see inside your soul.
When he decides you are ok,to earn your love is his main goal.
When you're sad,he'll comfort you,and kiss away each tear.
You may even wake up in the morning with a cold nose in your ear.
When eventually the time comes,and the lights in his eyes dim,
A new star will shine in Heaven in rememberance of him.
You will gaze up at the night sky,and you will hear him say:
"I'm so glad you were my human,we will meet again someday."
So if this poem has caused a tear to fall,thats because you love the dog who is giving you his all.
Go travel on together,happi;y...paw in glove,he's the only one who'll give you unconditional love.
When a dog offers you his heart,accept it with a smile,for his love will last a lifetime.which is such a little while."

2036 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Dogs and sheep go to heaven?.His next movie of the weak...a preacher with a DOG...I see a setup tie in here.

2036 days ago
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