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OctoMom's Million Dollar Crib!?

2/19/2009 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 4:54 ET PM. We just called back our contact at Century 21, the agency that has listed the house. They claim Nadya is indeed an interested buyer. But here's the rub. We're told a big TV show has the house for the day and is there doing a sit-down interview with Nadya....

We've confirmed OctoMom Nadya Suleman is looking to buy a home listed for $1.24 MILLION!

Launch pics

Octo is there right now ... the house is in Whittier, California. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a pool with no safety gates. Perfect for 14 kids.

A real estate source tells TMZ the owner canceled showings today specifically because Octo wanted to see it. She needs it because the house she's living in now may be on its way to the auction block -- as in foreclosure.

How is she getting the money? Put it this way -- this chick works the media better than Obama.


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That figures now doesn't it. She will probably get it, but my guess is she won't keep it. That is where this is bad. That family will get comfy in this home, and when this is no longer "interesting" and there isn't any money coming in...she won't be able to aford the home. What she does get she will spend on crapola for her..not her kids. She is a sad human being. Good news is, she will get what is coming to her at some point. The kids will grow up to hate her.

2074 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

She's the mother of all welfare mothers!

2074 days ago


if this woman gets this house, then we all know for sure that NBC paid her for that interview!!!! shame shame shame

2074 days ago


Are you kidding me Casey - you hope she gets the house? You have one thing right - she will "get" it, not buy it. This woman is pathetic! There have been so many pictures of her in public, but I have only seen one that includes her children. And that was only one of her kids. Who is watching her kids when she is prancing around town getting her nails done, shopping at the Brea Mall, and house hunting?????

2074 days ago


Ok I guess I see the quicketst way to get money is to go get me some invitro and have me a whole litter of them myself..then i can get out of my little 3000 sq ft home give up my job and have all that nadya has? Sounds easy enough where do I sign up at?

2074 days ago


Those children deserve a nice home. Hope she gets it

2074 days ago


I agree with you K in Canada!!!

2074 days ago


She and all her little piglets need to go live on a farm, now that I'd support

2074 days ago


She needs to pay for her own kids, they take enough taxes out of my paychecks already.

2074 days ago


I am sickened by this whole story. Now she is able to buy a million dollar property?? How's that? The public's help, of course. I implore anyone considering giving this woman any more money not to. Look at how she is spending it. On nails, makeup and a house that in 2 yrs she won't be able to afford. Maybe Gloria Allred should offer her some advice on other matters, such as being responsible and not continuously expecting everyone else to 'clean up her mess'. If the media would stop making her famous (in a good or bad way), maybe she will just go away. It's called enabling, people. Please stop!!

2074 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

If she buys this house, why can't the state of California seize it to pay her millions of dollars of medical bills currently being billed to Medi-Cal? How can she obviously be making all this money off the media and donations, and still qualify for Medi-Cal? I understand the kids would still qualify for disability, but that's not enough to a million dollar home. Also, the van she is driving should disqualify her for Medi-Cal, as in CA your're vehicle can't be worth more than a few thousand dollars to qualify. Investigate this worman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2074 days ago


TMZ is making fun of it, but in reality they are the ones enabling this woman. TMZ is following her all over the place, creating the attention that she desires.

So if she gets that house, thank TMZ for the publicity she got.

2074 days ago

AZ Beauty    

Well some "anonymous donor" lent her his house to stay in while she was fending off the death threats a couple weeks ago. I bet this same person (or some other idiot) will be helping her to buy this house.

This woman is a lazy, messed up, crazy, freeloading bitch! She needs to be in lock down in a mental ward and all those kids put into good, loving NORMAL homes!!!

2074 days ago

Jus D truth    

I'm gonna put up a website & ask for 'donations' 60k is a matter of days is great, I'm gonna do the exact same thing - without the little of mutants, of course

2074 days ago


I dont see why people give her so much crap. Yes, she is probably not mentally right but who is? As long as she takes care of her children we should all be happy, there are MANY moms....some of who are the very celebs these sites worship who are awful parents. And of course she works the media, she knows it will make her money....the VERY thing people are bitching about that she needs! I cant imagine anyone else saying no to media knowing it will help her and her family. Pots....calling the kettle black!

2074 days ago
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