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We're Prayin' for Ya, Man

2/19/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Swayze got onto a private jet at Van Nuys airport over the weekend, reportedly headed for his ranch in New Mexico along with his wife and mother.

Patrick Swayze


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Patrick has been making movies for many years and has entertained us movie goers. He's made us laugh, he's made us cry. He's a real fighter and deserves respect. Some of the comments made here I must say are very appalling. And especially to you #362, I'd love to see a picture of you, the way you cut Patrick down sounds like you have real deep issues that need to be addressed. No one in their right mind would ever write comments like the ones you've written. Patrick Swayze is a wonderful man, intelligent, mature and is a man of many great talents. Patrick Swayze is a real fighter, I have no doubt that he will fight this to the best of his ability. God be with you Patrick in these hard times. The world is with you!

2022 days ago


15. Hey #3, he's got pancreatic cancer for christ's sake! The most deadly form there is. Have some compassion you fool!

Poor guy works hard and gets this crappy disease while that Octomom bitch sucks the CA tax payers dry and is out looking at million dollar homes while we speak. Bitch!! Talk about life being UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 5:52PM on Feb 19th 2009 by Amy

Amy, your comments are a total contradiction. Your first paragraph talked about compassion, and then your second paragraph was full of misguided hate.

You do realize that "Octomom" is doing exactly what the rich do, right? They don't pay their taxes, yet reap the rewards of living in the United States. So why shouldn't she be able to take advantage of what this country offers too? If people weren't able to live off the government, then there'd be no point to it all.

Besides, she's providing life to come into this world. Swayze has chosen to end his life by continuing to smoke and drink. I feel bad for him that he has cancer, but I've known others who chose to try to fight back and at I feel more respect for them as a result.

2020 days ago

Thetan Mapother    

Who will Patrick be praying to as he heaves his last breath......L Ron Hubbard, or Jesus?

Hell or Heaven?

1957 days ago


I hope has one more trick up his sleeve. Patrick has already amazed people that he is still alive and continues to do so. I have always liked him and I know his mother from Simi Valley and have worked with her. She is a a great lady and it shows in him. I love you man I only have the best in my hopes for you.


2015 days ago


Its unfortunate that there are people leaving comments like "Ew, Hes old" or he needs to workout. He has Cancer; muscle atrophy and weight loss is a common clinical manisfestation of the disease. These comments just prove that there really are insensitive, immature, people out there. Considering that a large portion of our population is dying from this, god forbid you have to experience this with yourself or someone you know.

1951 days ago

John Thomas Allcock    

RIP Pat. You were a good man.

1950 days ago


is he dead yet?

2007 days ago

johan M (sweden)    

I just came across "The Beast" and I got hooked, the life seen in Patrick is amazing, and understanding that he does this at such a dark hour in his life is just amazing. gets me thinking that he might know what to come in his afterlife.

he has played the hero in many movies, and been a gentleman of soft nature.
and with movies like ghost, three wishes, city of joy and many more. I cant help to think he might know something of what to come. lots of love to him, and thou i dont believe in any God, i do respect those who do, and i will send my thoughts of goodwill to patrick in hopes of a miraculous recovery.

his movies had impact on my when i was young and growing up (im 28), and the movies had much more meening in the 80s and 90s then now... so many thanks for all your work and feeling you put in your movies and series, they are inspirational and have given hope to children and adults growing up. xoxo Johan Magnusson

2003 days ago


This message is for " 2. Ewww... hes old. -___-

Posted at 5:43PM on Feb 19th 2009 by RandomHumanWhoLikesTMZ"

Are you retarded or just plain stupid.. The poor guy is loosing a battle to cancer.. This is why he is falling off with weight , bald and looking older.. He is going through alot physically and mentally.. and all you can say is "eww he is old"!!!!
Gosh show some compassion if you are competent enough..

Lord bless him and his family...

1990 days ago


Seeing this picture, I can't believe it. My heart goes out to him, his family, and friends.

I don't agree with people who say he should quit smoking. It's not like it's going to help any. If it takes the edge off of what he is going through just a tad, I say he should go for it. Yes, smoking is a bad habit, but this cancer will eventually kill him. If smoking makes him feel better, then why down him for it?

And the idiot (Randomhuman) who says he's old and doesn't even know who he is... How old are YOU? 8? Patrick Swayze has always been a very good looking man, he's talented and one of my favorite actors. He looks this way, because he's suffering from cancer. If you don't know who he is, look him up, it's not that hard. And do some research on cancer while you're at it!

I can't even imagine what he's going through. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

1989 days ago

M in Maryland    

Be strong, we're pulling for you!

2040 days ago


Man....We'll diffenately pray for ya bro! Man...he looks so different so fast.......

2040 days ago


My goodness, he doesn't look good, I don't think he is long for this world, bless his heart.

2040 days ago

Illinois person    

Patrick is looking thiner and thiner. He really doesn't look good a all. Hopeful he's as comfortable as possible.

2040 days ago


I am so sad, I always loved him. He looks so thin. I was hoping he would beat this.

2040 days ago
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