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Not a Dry Eye in the House -- redirect

2/23/2009 12:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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He so deserved that. He was The Joker. It wasn't because he died, it was because he was a wonderful actor who earned it. That's like saying the only reason Hattie McDaniel won was because she was black.

It was a beautiful, beautiful moment and I was OK until they showed the audience. Brad Pitt crying shook me up.

2066 days ago


He was the last on the memorium last year. It was like a split second, blink and you miss him type thing.

2066 days ago

flaming homo    

Look at all those phony bastards in the audience trying to pretend like they care about somebody other than themselves. Give me a break. The Evil Olsen Twin wouldn't even call the EMS for the poor unfortunate schmuck after she poisoned him.

2066 days ago


Heath was already included in last year's memoriam which was very fitting since he died just a month before last year's oscars took place.I think he was even the last person featured

2066 days ago

flaming homo    

"MadeinTheUSA" for president (the last one couldn't spell either).

2066 days ago


So sad but Heath did deserve this Oscar. If he didn't die he would have got it anyway. God rest your Soul Heath and ignore the Tossers they are jealous.

2066 days ago

chitown hottie    

THANK YOU #1 Say it clearly and loudly. Im so glad the someone finally said that. He only won because he died. Sure he was good, but he did not DESERVE that award. Its simply a popularity contest.

And can we please not have Angelinas stone faced stank ass and Brads "Button" (I thought they were supposed to take off the makeup) old ass on every pic of the oscars????? Thanks. :]

2066 days ago


Heath would be proud of his family. They did a really nice job accepting his award.

2066 days ago


Not a dry eye in the house?
I didnt see anyone crying- and quite frankly- they looked bored as hell.

Now, about another Burrito and a Slurpee?

2066 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Great he won but MICKEY Rourke was ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2066 days ago


Heath died in 2008. He was in last year's montage.

2066 days ago

same same same    

he deserved the award hands down he did an amazing job as the joker

2066 days ago

Jeff Schrembs    

Heath Ledger was a wonderful, talented, actor. As a man he had, like we all do, our "demons".
As a Father he did the BEST thing, besides being here and guiding his child, that the could as (a) his profession was something that he loved and (b) he left his child monetary support so that they have an "enhanced" ability to succeed.
Life, (sadly) expires. It is not WHEN it expires but what we live on afterward.
Take care and God bless.
Jeff Schrembs

2066 days ago


You know, I've never understood why some people get so upset if someone doesn't think Heath Ledger is a wonderful actor. Or, for that matter, why anyone ever gets upset if their particular favorite actor or actress does or doesn't win an Academy Award. Acting is a very individual taste, and if anyone doesn't like who the popular favorites are, that doesn't mean they don't appreciate talent, it just means that a particular actor or actress doesn't touch them the way another might. There is no actor or actress in the world that will ever exist that everyone will love or like, and that doesn't make anyone wrong or right, so there's no need to call anyone a name just because you don't agree on whether or not a certain actor or actress is 'great'. That's just ridiculous.

And another, even better reason not to get so upset when an actor/actress/picture doesn't or does win an Oscar, is that you have to remember what the entire industry already has known and acknowledged for decades.... that these awards are simply industry politics, and are rarely reflective of what the movie-going public thinks. So why get upset? It has nothing to do with us, and not a lot to do with the merits of the 'major' category nominees. We're only watching the movie industry do company business in prime time. They let us watch as they reward whoever had the best inside politics. So I never let their choices upset me, or validate my own preferences. The only thing that matters to me when picking movies I want to watch, or appreciating someone's talent or lack of after watching it, is my own personal opinion on what the movie and cast did for me. The Academy Award winners or losers? Pffft... means nothing to me.

2066 days ago


Well first we have a non American jap win, then a dead drug non American user on a film he did 2 years ago and then it wil end with a a movie about queers with a a-hole USA hater Sean and a movie about Non American camelhumpers from India a country that has stold ( outsourcved) all your jobs.

Not surprising since all of jollywood is queer dopers who make a fortune off the USA that they love to hate.
Will any American win anything in this so called American movie awards ?

Are you proud to show everyone that you are a waste of space on this planet? "stold ( outsourcved). " Your own words, idiot. Eat some more Fritos and perhaps reflect upon your twisted world view.

2066 days ago
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