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The Face of a

Battered Woman

2/22/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Battered Woman
The LAPD has just released this statement.


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wow rihanna could do better than him..i love chris browns music nd all that but now that he did that to rihanna i hate him.cause rihannas is lik my idol.she should press charges against him.nd shes stupid to go back out with him ..if thtts true.cause no man should ever put a hand on her ever!its just rong for her to go through all that..nd if she does go back out with him might happen again.nd then thats gonna be her fault=/... i hope you get better rihanna ..

2058 days ago


I don't think that Rihanna deserved all what happen to her, because no one should have to endure what she has just gone through but she had no business going through Chris's phone because she did not pay for it. I just think that Rihanna has anger and trust issues and Chris is just the first guy to not take it from her.

2058 days ago


It is not for others to judge a personal situation based on tabloid information and images. While we live in a world of wanting to see and know about celebrities, there is a line that truly should not be crossed. Displaying this photo crosses every line of morality. It is difficult enough when someone is in a situation of domestic abuse, however, it is more difficult to be in a situation where you are exploited while being abused for someone elses gain. Sad world.

2058 days ago

RI RI # 1 FAN    

i love u rihanna. i will always , no matter what you decide to so proud of you.congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!best of luck for the future ! love you , you rock !!!!!!!!(p.s you're the hottest girl alive !

2057 days ago


r those tattoos on her left shoulder???? if so y r they not on ANY other pictures of her??? and don't say...she had just gotten them!

2057 days ago


But she loves him. Just like Whitney loved Bobby and Tina loved Ike. This girl needs to learn to catch a hint

2057 days ago


Damn that is so sad he messed her face up!!!! and its even sadder dat she went back to him cuz ladies plz hear this: IF A MAN HITS U ONCE AND U GO BACK TO HIM HE WILL HIT U AGAIN NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE SAY HE SORRY and if u believe in God jus keep her in yo prayers and my God hav mercy on Chris Brown cuz he wil get wats comin to him

2057 days ago


This lady looked awful but I dont know ifs real Rihanna, or impersonator! or someone could put a computer to make her look real or someone put a make up on her to look real. I have no idea which one is real or not!

2057 days ago


Get rid of him!!!!!!!

2057 days ago


The sad thing is that these bruises are nothing compared to the bruising on her soul because of this abuse. LOVE DOESN'T HURT RIHANNA! The bruises on your face may go away but the scars on your soul will last a lifetime. Like Oprah said, "IF A MAN HITS YOU ONCE, HE WILL HIT YOU AGAIN!!!" NO WOMAN SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY! WOMEN EVERYWHERE MUST STAND UP AND SAY "NO THIS IS NOT OK!" Someone should beat that little S**T Chris Brown like he did to Rihanna so he can know what it feels like. YOU COWARD!!

2056 days ago


Some of the comments on here are appauling.... If you people acctually knew what it is like to be beaten you wouldnt be having comments like you have .... Unless you are an abuser ... You ARE NOT stupid for loving sumone.... You ARE NOT at fault..... He is an A$$..... NO man should be allowed to beat ANY woman.... BUT I guess because he is the gorgeous Chris Brown he will have untold public support and will get off of it..... She wont charge him ...... She is young and inlove ..... Maybe she even thinks she can help save him from his wicked ways .... Who knows ... IT WONT HAPPEN ..... He will continually beat her and she will end up a broken, hard, sad woman.... OR dead!!!!!! THIS SENSELESS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN NEEDS TO STOP NOW.....

2056 days ago


OMG! This is uncalled for, no matter who you are, celebrity or not. Chris Brown should pay for what he has done, including any jail time he may incur. Hang in there Rihanna, things will get better for you!! No human being deserves to be beat up by another human being. Totally wrong!

2056 days ago


I still can' belive even after that she is STILL with Chris Brown. Thats f***ing horrible!!!!!!!!!

2056 days ago


I could see the TMZ board room now, you know, the more u guys comment on this, the more popular the "TMZ Execs" are gonna think this is, and therefore, the more money they can make off this, furthur more, they aint taking this down... Im tired of reading "SHAME ON YOU" and "U GUYS ARE MONSTERS, THIS IS AN INVASION OF PRIVACY", no, this is America.

2056 days ago


OMG! I hope she looks at this pic and realizes she can do better.

2056 days ago
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