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The Face of a

Battered Woman

2/22/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Battered Woman
The LAPD has just released this statement.


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A Domestic Violence Victim too    

It goes to show that without makeup, Rihanna is like the rest of us and oh BTW... the picture is legit. She does have that tattoo on her shoulder and her mouth was bloody so what you see is the dried blood because this picture was taken at the police station right after the abuse. Keep in mind that she is not a Goddess... she is just an ordinary girl who was blessed with pretty eyes, nice shape, and talent... but she is still human like the rest of us and it's sad that our society idolizes stars. Women like her are a dime a dozen but she got lucky and get successful. It's too bad that she does not use that success to help the ordinary girls who are abused but will never make the news. Also, for those who say she deserved it... that is very disappointing especially when it's women who are saying that. What is wrong with you crazy people? No one deserves to be beat! But, I am angry with her for going back but I do understand too. I hope she does not end up like Nicole Brown Simpson.

2049 days ago

Gram 23    

If she stays. She will be another nicole simson . He is a sick kid to do this to a women. A real loser. and a coward some real man should kick his ass and teach him not to hit women. the new OJ Lock his ass up throw away the key.

2049 days ago

Gram 23    

She should never forget Nicole Brown Simpson.
If she does she will not have a chance . Chris Brown is a COWARD.

2049 days ago


I said it once ad I'll say it again--if it was a white man who had beaten Rhianna no jail would be good enough--Al Sharpton would be pounding the streets and hogging the airwaves--but if a black man hits her it is her fault and he is being picked on. Boo hoo poor millionaire girl friend beater. You know, I will probably fall over in shock the day I see Black America actually stand behind a sister when a high proifle black man abuses her. At least white folks know violence is evil...A

2049 days ago


I felt really sad about what happened to her but she is a fool if she continues her relationship with brown. He is so stupid and needs to pay for what he did to her.

2049 days ago


aww wat da hell eva how yal all of a sudden get this picture yea he hit her so what she need to keep her ands to herself and im a female sayin this so o well for her she liked it they back together

2049 days ago


Sometimes young girls think it's kinda romantic for a young man to hit them. They think "it's romantic." Mothers need to teach their daughters that no man should lay his hands on a woman in that manner, no matter what. And fathers need to teach their sons the same thing. As for Chris Brown, I have no use for you. You're not even that good looking and obviously, you're not cool. Poor deluded Rihanna, wanting to be back with you. Not only should you be totally ashamed of your actions including biting ike an animal, you need heavy duty therapy and you need to keep yourself away from your recent victim, Rihanna. As for all the young people who are chomping at the bit to hear their stupid duet, someday you will look back on this and say to yourself "What was I thinking?" Just another showbiz scam thrust upon the young by the big money makers who care nothing about what they teach our children with their trash. Rihanna and Chris' song should really be boycotted and women should get together and demonstrate against this vicious man.

2049 days ago



2049 days ago


OMG. I had to comment again when I read the posts of 7006 and 7008. How dumb can someone be? As I alluded to before, you go music industry. Take advantage of these dumb young people who don't even really know the English language and think they're so cool with their cool way of speaking. Wow. How impressive they are. I bet Rihanna, Chris and the executives are currently laughing all the way to the bank on the dime of these dummies. Maybe the two posters could get in a line and Chris could slap them silly. Oooops. Sorry. They already are silly and so is Rihanna and Chris, what can I say? What a sweet guy!!!!! Next time, beat her up so her face is totally rearranged. Who really cares. In ten years, hopefully, no one will even remember your names.

2049 days ago


i am upset that He hit her ,,, but mostly upset that she would allow him to do this to her and take him back beautifull but so dum. you cant have beuty and brains ... trully how dum is she ,,, i can understand she is in love and all but he beat her like she was a guy ,,, and she is going to turn around and take him back ... i unserstand people say leave her alone it is her life but she chose to be in the pub;ic eye there for she should do what is right for her and also for all the ladys that are looking up to her ... she is sending the message that it is ok for a man to put hands on you and turn around and asy sorry and forgive him .. what about the little girls that look up to her ,.,, i would trully hate it if my little niece looked up to her ,,,, she is famous and she gained fame with vocals and music but she is weak deep inside she has no love self respect and i not one bit wish to be in her shoes .....

2048 days ago


This is for all you chris brown haters out there, SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL. This is a kid that has made a mistake, what he need's now is a break not humiliation from y'all.
This has proven that this country has no sense of forgiveness but the attitude of an eye for an eye. Am not trying to condone his alleged behavior but asking that he be left ALONE period. He is no murderer nor a rapist and should not be treated in this manner.
The girl in question "RIHANA" HAS FORGIVEN HIM WHOLE HEARTEDLY and needs no advice from you LOSERS on how to deal with her problems.
He has been through alot since this incedent as you all can see. So let him be. All of you haters would like his career to come to an end becouse this issue he if facing now. BY GOD'S GRACE HE WILL WEATHER THIS STORM AND MOVE ON WITH HIS LIFE. I PRAY THAT THE ALMIGHTY LORD WILL GIVE HIM THE ABILITY TO STAND TALL REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU UNFORGIVEN IDIOT THINK'S ABOUT HIM. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
I seldom waste my time to write about issue that dosen't concern me, but decided to when i realize how bad YOU FOOLS WANT HIM TO FAIL.

2048 days ago


omg!!!! cant bealive she came back with him after it!!!!! she can see her face?

2048 days ago


Dear 7013--Yes. I DO want him to fail. You know why? Because so many people are struggling in this country and Chris Brown got something that most people can only dream about, a golden ticken to stardom, fame and money. He got on top and what did he do? He trashed it. You think he just made a mistake? He's hit her before. Her phone has been changed. Her family hasn't been able to call her since Feb 20th. Would you give up your Momma for a man? And why does she have to? And as for P. Diddy, I can't believe you had him over jet skiing by your luxe home. What's that all about? Do you approve of beating a woman until her face looks smooshy for the rest of her life? Yes, the war on women and little girls is healthy, strong and alive. And women who immediately forgive and forget with open arms, YOU are part of the problem. People who turn to heavy duty beating (either gender) need years of therapy before they should even consider being in a relationship. So, 7013, thanks for telling me to go to hell; but I believe you might be a beater yourself from the way your spoke. Hope you're not a biter too.

2048 days ago

Mary Secor    

Chris Brown should be put in prison for at least ten years. Men who beat women are REAL sissies. Let them take out their anger on a heavy weight champion or better yet, on a prison wall!!

2048 days ago


and to those who blame the Beatles songs for their private drug use, hey moron you made the choice to listen and interpret what you heard. And you made the choice to do drugs NOT THE BEATLES, you sorry excuse for a human, but its so easy to place blame. I take full responsibility for my actions and I am no angel, and yes I hit a girl when I was 24 ONCE, and swore to never do it again, and it was a devastating moment.. I am now much older and have been beaten with everything in sight and have yet to raise a hand in my defense as I vowed never to do it again...Alcohol plays a role in all of this, escalating things way beyond where they need to be...but until we all are accountable for our actions, drug use, physical abuse and self defeating ways then we will have a society that has turned on itself...Enough talk about what you are going to do, remember the Nike commercial...JUST DO IT. And knock off the whining it never got a kid what they wanted either. Bunch of wimps we have become, and girls hit guys all the time, but you never see that on TMZ!

2048 days ago
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