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Nicky Hilton -- Battery Victim

2/23/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicky HiltonWe've learned Nicky Hilton was an alleged battery victim yesterday and the suspect was arrested.

It happened at 5:00 AM outside the IHOP in West Hollywood. Law enforcement sources tell us a male transient pushed her to the ground. Nicky got up and promptly made a citizen's arrest. Someone called the cops and the suspect was arrested.

She was not injured.

UPDATE: We just found out Nicky herself held the assailant at bay while the cops came. So Nicky is an enforcer! And, when the cops came, the delusional dude claimed he was her BF.

NIcky Hilton: Launch Photos


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lmao okay I'm sorry, I would feel bad if the guy punched her or something..but all he did was push her. lol she'll be fine, I doubt the guy really needed to be arrested..sheesh

2033 days ago


OMG! Let's call the cops because somebody pushed us down. Hpw retarded is that? C'mon that's not even battery in my opnion. How retarded. Oh well along with being a rich bitch Nicky is also a cop calling S.OB.

2032 days ago


Aww, poor Nikki. She's probably fallen more times out of the tacky overpriced shoes she wears. Be nicer to the bums, Hilton skeezes, they'll be the only people that'll remember you in a few years... Unless of course Paris puts out another porno.

2032 days ago

al loanese    

yeah he short cheated this hiton whore on what she thought was crack...why else would whore paris lil sibling be out that buy some crack, it wasnt that goos and the bitch wanted her money back....just look at that crack eyes she has...dark circles...looks like the bitch aint been to bed in days. paris and nicky ...two ugly spoiled big feet and big nose tampons.

2032 days ago

Charlie N    

I don't know whether or not this story is true, but when I first came across it yesterday, I have to admit that I got a much needed laugh out of it. Let me establish first, that I did not laugh at the alleged misfortune of Nicky Hilton, nor that of the homeless man who allegedly pushed her to the ground after she was finished eating and was on her way out of the IHOP restaurant.

No offense to Nicky Hilton at all, but I laughed so hard because visualizing being woman-handled and physically dominated by Nicky Hilton, restrained, and detained... well, what is she, maybe 110 or 115 pounds? I just can't see Nicky Hilton physically dominating someone, especially a man, even if he is homeless.

On the other side of the coin, I have trained in and been exposed to many martial arts and fighting/combat systems due to certain aspects of my career. There are some combat systems out there, such as T.A.C.T., or even better for this scenario, CKM which bases many of their techniques on the variable of dealing with an opponent (or multiple opponents) much bigger and stronger than yourself.

I just don't believe Nicky Hilton would have the time to spend on such combat systems, and probably has no interest in such things. It could possibly be a PR stunt, or it could be a real life event but only those few there at the time could guess that. I myself was once in a convenience store when I suddenly found myself having to disable and subdue a man whacked out on drugs who pulled out a switch-blade hunting knife after a barrage of verbal abuse and threats of killing people. I don't know why I stuck around, perhaps morbid fascination, but I stuck around. It took me seconds to subdue and detain him, but over 2 hours to write out the police report. To my knowledge, it never made the news, but I am not a Hilton or celebrity, so it would not have been deemed news-worthy in the eyes of the media.

I also saw a naked black man jump out of the 7th floor of The Hotel Vancouver on the Hornby Street side a few years ago at just past 4:30 AM. I was looking for a hotel room when I saw this happen, but it too did not make the news.

2031 days ago
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