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Barack Obama -- No I Won't!

2/25/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaWe've been calling the White House for the last day, trying to get a reaction from the Prez on our story about the lavish parties Northern Trust threw in L.A. last week. We finally got a statement back -- "No comment."

Remember, this is a bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money and blew a wad of cash paying Sheryl Crow, Chicago, and Earth, Wind & Fire. And then there were the dinners, the Tiffany gift bags, the fabulous cocktail parties -- all from the bank that laid off 450 workers in December.

Obama was under fire for a mortgage he got from Northern Trust back in 2005. Obama got a 5.625% rate, which was lower than the going rate of about 6%. The Federal Election Commission recently ruled no laws were violated and the rate was in line with other mortgages.

But "no comment." Really?


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President Obama is one of the smartest men, I've ever seen. Prefect? Probably not...but, I voted for him, I will stand by him...and ten years from now, I will still love him. He will be the greatest President, of all time. Please show your support for this young, well-meaning, intelligent man. Faith is what you need, sometimes...just a little belief.

2061 days ago


Obama is the AntiChrist? Are you serious? Do you think the devil prays to God? It never ceases to amaze me how so called good religious persons...can slander a man. Of all weapons, the mouth and the vile it spills, is the most destructive of all. Back
off, he is my President and I want you to lay off and give the guy a chance. Do you know right from wrong? Are you mean? Are you mad right now? Tough sh--! Get over might just go this second and have to explain why you are so bent out of shape. I care about who I know as Christ, only worries...especially about who the Antichrist is... I already know. It's Satan. Grow up, people, Barack Obama is a good man, doing a really tough job, for people, for you...give some thanks, and start helping. Quit yer bitchin, and do some work or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2061 days ago


Maybe the Obamas were secretly there!!!

2051 days ago


The Anti christ will come from the east! Read Revelation and be prepared.

2051 days ago


Obama is a crook! I wish him nothing but failure during his brief tenure!

2050 days ago


This is open goverment? this is change? I am shocked that Barry think we are so stupid. Note to Barry yes the average iq of the American citizen maybe 98, but thats becauseso many democrats make up our nation, and to be a grown up and be a democrat one must be retarded or a Democratic royal family member. but the rest of us are not the idiot's you have been surrounding your self with lately. You were elected because you promised positive change, reform...not restructuring of our entire Nation behind closed doors, new yorks budget process in secret is a national disgrace, your habits are a global .invitation to underestimate the resolove of this, The GREATEST nation on earth. You are a greedy man Barry. And you have biten off much more then you can chew. Carl4NY

2041 days ago


I LOVE that TMZ is using their resources to call-out questionable corporate behavior. Keep up the great work!

2074 days ago



2074 days ago


This is a joke. This bank did not ask for govt $$. The govt made them take is so when the socialist admin takes over and nationalize the bank system they can tell them what to do. If I were the bank I would have done the same thing.

2074 days ago


Why would he comment? You actually thought you'd reach the prez by phone???


nice try.... he has people to speak for him. He's probably too busy right now having Northern Trust investigated!!!

I hope these mofo's go down....they lay off 450 people and then blow their money on this??????!!!! it's a crime, and there should be laws against this kind of behavior by corporations, already!!!

what the hell??

2074 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

I really don't expect the president of the United States to be giving statements to tabloids.

2074 days ago


Is the honeymoon between TMZ and Obama over? How dare they question dear leader!

2074 days ago


Maybe you should call the old president BUSH since he's the one that pushed the bank bail out thru.

2074 days ago


dont forget, people, these pigs got that money from BUSH's "no strings attached" bailout (aka, robbery of u.s. citizens).

there were things i didnt like about obama's speech last night, but dont even try to pin this old TOTALLY REPUBLICAN crap on obama's administration. ALL of the money he is handing out has LOTS of strings attached and there is accountability at every step. they will even be monitoring our governors, mayors, etc to see that nothing gets stolen. bush's "bailout" will go down as the biggest robbery of u.s. citizens EVER!!!!

if you are actually interested in learnig something for YOURSELF, go to to see exactly how the stimulus will work for you and your community!!

2074 days ago


Is TMZ trying to get a Republican elected now? You really think they're going support gay rights there, Harvey? You should be careful how far you take this in an attempt to make TMZ relevant.

2074 days ago
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