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Don't Care About

Hilary Duff

2/25/2009 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just when Hilary Duff thought a police officer was coming to serve and protect her from a crazy paparazzi crush in Beverly Hills yesterday, the dude totally blew her off. And it was hilarious.

Hilary Duff: Click to watch


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#9 - you are a duma**! First of all FAYE DUNAWAY dissed her first and second, oh yeah since she dissed Faye Dunaway karma decided to get her back by having her get ignored by some dumb cop. Whoa, Karma is ruthless!!

2030 days ago


Good for the police officer - who does she think she is? But the pap(smears) are ridiculous - what a bunch of obnoxious beings! (And Duff's companion has a filthy, gross mouth!)

2030 days ago

ACLU member    

90210 cops rock! Hillary Duff is just a Z lister, no need to do anything to help her.

2030 days ago


The Police Was oblivious so it's not like
he said yeah, i'll help you!!!
It was more like "I Don't know u b*tch!"

2030 days ago


I'm ordinarily very supportive of the police, but this is not a proud moment for the LAPD.

2030 days ago


Why in the hell are there so many paps taking her picture? What exactly does she do??!! She has never done anything worthwhile in acting or singing! The way these paps treat nobodies like they are somebody is utterly ridiculous!!!

2030 days ago


LMAO, dumb bitch

2030 days ago


If you don't want the paps to follow you - DON'T CALL THEM AND LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU WILL BE!!!!


2030 days ago


Oh, and by the way... Your boyfriend SUCKS!

2030 days ago


You people who get off on making fun of or laughing at what these people go through with the NUTS with a camera are sick. Why don't you use your brain? WOULD you like being chased, shoved, screamed at or run down by a bunch of idiotrs just for a picture? Don't think so. Show some class TMZ. You call it "hilarious" when someone tries to get some help hiding from all you nut jobs? Maybe you are the ones who shoule be hiding from shame. Grow up

2030 days ago

Candie Cane    

She use to be cute!

2030 days ago


Maybe the BHPD knows that they are not "celebrity" bodyguards, unlike other police forces. Who cares about this useless little snot. Her juvenile comments about Faye Dunaway show her to be the nothing she is. Meanwhile, all these faux celebrities have absolutely ruined Los Angeles.

2030 days ago


in response to catie who called the cop a loser.
These celebrities wanted to be famous. They everything under the sun to get their names and faces recognized by the masses. Well guess what, they got their wish. Now they want to complain about no privacy and no this and no that. Every job has its drawbacks. Deal with it. They are being compensated quite nicely for their inconviences don't you think. This police office I'm sure more important things to do, and even if he doesn't, he doesn't have time for that foolishness. She should get some personal security.

2030 days ago


What a little B*tch. Duff turns the cop around grabs his back and trys to lead him like a sheild. He has sacks to grab off people and better ways to spend his time as a dirty cop than to lead little miss dumb sh*t disney star around town all day.

She needs to pay money like everyone else and hire a body guard instead of trying to leach off the local police force

2030 days ago
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