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Morgan's "Friend" -- He Was Drinking Before Crash

2/25/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Morgan's FreemanThe woman who was injured in a car crash with Morgan Freeman last year claims the actor was boozing all over town before he got behind the wheel.

According to a lawsuit filed today in Mississippi federal court, Demaris Meyer claims on the night of the crash, she first met up with Freeman at dinner -- where she noticed "throughout the course of dinner and afterward drinks were consumed by Freeman."

Meyer then says she left dinner and met up with Freeman and others at a friend's home. She claims Freeman "had at least one more drink" while there. She claims Freeman then invited her to stay at his home for the night -- guaranteeing her not only her own bedroom, but her "own house." She says she agreed.

Meyer claims at around 11:30 PM, while Freeman drove her to his home, Morgan lost control of the car and "ran off of the right side of the highway." Meyer says she suffered a broken left wrist and right scapula, a torn labrum in her right shoulder and numerous bruises and lacerations.

At a press conference today, Meyer said she and Freeman were "just friends" -- despite widespread rumors that she was his mistress.

Meyer is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability (short term memory loss) and additional damages.


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Miss Meyers need to learn about the term "Designated Driver". If she knowingly witnessed him drinking so much she shouldn't have been so dumb as to put herself in the car with him! She should have offered to drive or called the cops to report him getting behind the wheel. She had a choice to make. She chose it. And now she wants to sue because she was injured through her own stupidity.

2031 days ago


I agree with #5

But remember people won't have to sue anymore because we are all going to be rich as soon as our first half white president waves his magic wand!

2031 days ago


(short term memory loss)

hmmm, seems like long term memory loss to me, we were so smart that we got into the car with the handsmone drunk!

you bad ho ho

2031 days ago


well if she noticed that he had alcohol in his system and was buzzd,why didn't she offer to drive him home? she could have got the directions from him or someone else before they left whoever house they went to.that is if she has a license but if not,she could have said no and askd somebody to drive him home if he was drinking that much.she could have saw him another day.

2031 days ago


Morgan should sue HER for letting him drive drunk!

2031 days ago


The dumbass knows he was drinking , yet she allowed him to drive her car? She gave him the keys and got in the car with him.

2031 days ago


TMZ is one slow website to load but it certainly is worth it to know something is being said. It's like a one way street but that is ok. If it wasn't for this what kind of release could there be to let people know what is being though about the topics of the day. I am glad its here.

2031 days ago


She did it for the money. She was having an affair with him. He promised her a house. She knew he was drunk, but she got in the car with him. She knew that she struck gold when she hooked up with him. If he would have remained faithful to his wife, he would not have experienced this problem. This is good for both of them since they used each other.

2031 days ago


ummm she ADMITS that she saw him drinking all night and then she VOLUNTARILY got in the car with him? she doesn't deserve a DIME. sleazy lawyers..that's the only reason this case exists.

2031 days ago


sounds like her choices that night were as bad as his. throw this lawsuit out.

2031 days ago


I rarely comment or come on this site because I dont like all the negativity attached with it even though I dont pay attention to some stupid comments but I really wanted to say something about this. I think its a real shame that there are soo many people that you cant trust especially when your a celebrity, you think someones your friend and then all the time most people just run to the tabloids trying to sell them a story or they sue you. Who can you trust anymore? Its very sad that people that you think are true friends turn their back on you just for their 15 minutes. I dont know him personally of course, but from what I've seen and heard even though you cant believe everything, but he truly seems like a very nice genuine person and its a real bad thing that anyone gets sued but especially someone that is so nice. That lady needs to stick it where the sun doesnt shine.

2031 days ago


Well, as soon as I heard she had hired Allred, I started laughing my butt off. This woman, whether or not she was just a friend, or giving him some overtime after the party, she couldn't drive because she was BUSY!!!! That's why the car rolled and Morgan, hell man, you are in your 70's. Man up, tell everyone she was giving you a BJ, and FedEx really does get their packages delivered quicker than the US Male.......I would not let this person get one red cent. I won't hate you for wanting a little at your age. But this money grubbing person needs to be put in her place, back under the desk of a FedEx boss. Love you Morgan, cya at Ground Zero.....I'll buy, and then drive you home. You sweet sweet thing YOU!!!!

2031 days ago


thats what he gets for sneaking around with his wifes friend, I don't feel a thing for him! those 2 probably set him up...

2031 days ago


If Ms. Meyer got into the passenger seat of her car knowing Mr. Freeman was drunk, then she was stupid. And stupid should never be rewarded. The fact he's famous was all the more reason not to believe his story about her being allowed to stay in her own home for the night. If he'd raped her, he could claim the sex was consensual and she was just a woman scorned because he dumped her the next morning. Sounds like he was looking for a booty call and Ms. Meyer was interested in playing the role until the accident. Had it not happened she'd probably either be his one night stand or current mistress and there would be no lawsuit. She deserves to have her medical bills paid but shouldn't reap millions because no one forced her into the car with someone she claims was drunk but who she let drive her car. What an idiot!

2031 days ago


This Woman is out of her mind. She Gave Him the Keys to Her Car Knowing he was to drunk to drive, she is an acomplice, What a Fool, The judge should throw her in jail for giving a drunk man keys to her car to drive...

2031 days ago
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