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Lil' Wayne Linked to Stupid People

2/27/2009 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you enjoy the musical stylings of Lil' Wayne, there's a high probability that you're a dumbass -- at least according to one brand new scientific study.

Lil' Wayne
One of the smartest computer people on the planet -- Virgil Griffith -- has just released the results of a brand new study which showed a correlation between SAT scores and the musical tastes of college students.

Shockingly, people who enjoy listening to Beethoven scored significantly higher than everyone else. The people who enjoy listening to Lil' Wayne, however, were at the bottom of the intelligence chart -- just behind people who like Beyoncé and T.I.

But the most bizarre finding: People who dig the mid '90s soft rock drivel of Counting Crows scored incredibly high, just below Ludwig van. Now that's just stupid.


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everette matthews    

dont hate on weezy you racists son of a gun weezy is the best for as a rapper and a rock star respect it or check it fool!!!!!!!

1994 days ago


well i couldve exspected this,when some1 actually tells me what type of knowledge u can get while listenning 2 lil wayne i'll consider 2 maybe hear some of his music, ppl actually listen 2 him and say he's the next 2Pac??? wtf now those are the ppl who they calling stuppid 4 real

2043 days ago


lil wayne is a stu[pid people

2067 days ago


Lil Wayne makes millions based on just talking and he can't even open his mouth or pronounce anything to earn those millions. So yeah... stupid people like Lil Wayne.

2067 days ago


Lil Wayne is retarded... so yeah

2067 days ago


Geez// I like TI, Lil Wayne and Beyonce... Oh well!!!

2067 days ago


These FINDINGS can't possible be correct. People who LISTEN to Lil' Wayne should have significantly HIGHER SAT scores, well into the 95 percentile range. Everyone knows the LYRIC stylings of ALL hip-hop stars cannot compete with the verses of Wordsworth, Frost or Emerson. TMZ please take down this fraudulent and offensive article.

2067 days ago


In the immortal words of Beavis and Butthead...."huhhuhhuhhuh"

2067 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

That study sounds like pure hogwash.

2067 days ago


I think that the people who made this "discovery" are mad cus they will never make the money like lil wayne , or any of the muscicians listed.. Instead of attempting to listen and feel the flow ,all they do is sit behind a desk and judge people. Did they do a study on people who listen to all types of music, or do they have a ludwig stuck up their ass?
This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. Though it does make you wonder what the brunette chick on TMZ who always screws stuff up (sledding vs snowboarding) and the uppity blonde with the short hair who is a huge hater on everyone (including Max and his long luxurious locks) listens to :) Harvey...??

2067 days ago


Does this surprise anyone? Who funds these "studies" anyway??

2067 days ago


The study shows that only stupid people purchase Lil' Wayne's cd's and download his music. - If they have enough extra money to buy Lil' Wayne's music, they can't be that dumb.

Sounds like it's time for an "Animal House" Food fight in which Lil’ Wayne does a rap about Beethoven that demonstrates how stupid the intellectuals are for being addicted to education.

2067 days ago


With the exception of Chuck D, rappers can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

2067 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Lil Wayne does suck, everyone knows that! I have yet to meet a smart person who listens to his stupid raps. His raps are stupid even for hip hop!

2067 days ago


Sounds about right.

2067 days ago
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