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Chris Brown Hits The Water Again

3/1/2009 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the sun beating down on his uncovered face, Chris Brown spent another awesome day smacking waves around with a jet ski in Miami.

Still no sign of Rihanna, who's currently spending time with Chris only a few weeks after he allegedly beat her up.


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Not sure about all of this    

Everyone whining and bitching about this needs to let it go. They are back together. YAY, I for one am happy for them and I hope that he can get it together and has learned from this experience. I love both of them as performers and will continue to buy both of their music. And for everyone saying they will never buy it again. Get real, for those of you that liked them in the first place, once all is said and done and this is all over, you will be back to it again, and if not it will be no loss to either of them, there are still billions of people who will buy their stuff. So please stop all the complaining and get over it. THEY DID!!!!!

2061 days ago


it is digusting to see him having fun like that. everytime i see him now all i could see is him punching rihanna's face over and over. i will never look at him the same again. i still don't understand how a seemingly genuinely good kid can do smthg like that. on another note, for some weird reason i still have the slightest hope that the reports of them reuniting are untrue just bcoz we havent seen her yet. i sure hope it's just his pr group trying to make him look good by spreading the rumours that shes with him.

2061 days ago


Island girls dont know any better treatment---fact is, being with Brown in the US probably a step up from what her own Mother went through in their homeland where slavery is still legal in the form of it being called Marriage.

They come to expect it from those who "love" them. She dont know better so hard to blame her for going back, its a cultural thing in the Islands.

Him? He know better, but cant help himself given he was beaten himself and has wittnessed beatings----the problem is, even after a couple courses it still can erupt at any time over the smallest of things----

God help them both. He OJ, she Whitney, only from the Islands which makes it worse because they dont know anything except being subservant to their men. Ask any one of them that was born and raised and still lives there with an Island Man. Just the way it is...Where men are men and the island women glad of it.

2061 days ago


and are you really serious Rihanna IS with him?
I know all her entourage is there... but what if she's not there and that's a big plot to fool us all ;)
or maybe there's a studio in the house and they had a deal to record a song together? :P
well... I hope it's anything that's possible exept from taking Chris back... he might be a nice guy (after all) but he already proved what he can do

2061 days ago

Happy Holidays    

Anybody defending this a-hole is either:

A) An immature teenager with no self esteem
B) A hoodrat defending the brotha because that's how we do it in duh hood..
C) A weak woman who has had their ass beat and gone back for more...

Which one are you?

2061 days ago


there's mosre to this whole Chris Brown and Rhianna story than meets the eye and the public has not heard the "real and true" story.
Everybody is quick to condemn Rhianna and call her names and all but we still do not know for a fact that they are back together. Patience is what everybody should have and STOP jumping to conclusion and stop the name bashing.
Do we really think that she is that dumb? do we really know what went down on the now famous "beat down" night? we saw a pic of her but have we seen the complete police report? Doesn't it sound fishy that barely 3 weeks after she was supposedly beaten to a pulp by CB, she is back with him knowing what that would do to her reputation> common people!!! use ur heads.

2061 days ago


Who is this clown saying domestic abuse is a black thing???

Then had the nerve to say ever heard of O.J Simpson, Michael Jackson's father blah, blah!!!

Have you ever heard of Tommy Lee, Sean Penn... my point is it NOT a racial issue at ALL!!!
Read up on things and make sure your stating FACTS not your bias opinion because then you look like very ignorant!!!

2061 days ago


#36 you sound like a girl with no self-esteem who probably would accept an abusive boyfriend into her life and accept him for "his faults." Please get help. I will not waste my prayers on Chris Brown, except to pray that he goes to prison for his crime. I hope you learn to love yourself enough to understand that domestic violence is a horrible cycle and people like you contribute to it by thinking beating your loved on up is just a mistake and a fault.

2061 days ago


I think number 41 is 100% correct!!!

2061 days ago


wow, i officially have lost all respect for chris brown and rihanna. i will NEVER look up to rihanna ever again, good girl gone bad my ass. she's just like every other stupid women that stays with a man that has hit them. she's a joke. and for chris brown, is he aware that is career is over, and that everyone hates him now? obviously not, he is having a grand time in miami water skiing. he's a bigger joke.

2061 days ago

really now    

# 9 By Joe Mama......... Great post . LOL !

2061 days ago


I don't know the rules of Fla-but where I'm at you need a boater's license to operate a jet ski-I highly doubt he went through the effort.

2061 days ago


Where are my comments???

2061 days ago


I sometime come on this site to read up on people...BUT I can tell you as a family friend and personal friend of Rihanna she is not back with Chris Brown..I actually spoke with her this morning..She's doing great..Please just respect her privacy in whatever decisions she makes..Thanks to all the support of her fans

2061 days ago


Wow...Shouldn't he be spending every moment with Rihanna and when not with her be in counseling?????? Not out on the water???? He's LOW!!!! I will never support him again (as a fan) or her for taking him back.

2061 days ago
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