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Chris Brown Hits The Water Again

3/1/2009 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the sun beating down on his uncovered face, Chris Brown spent another awesome day smacking waves around with a jet ski in Miami.

Still no sign of Rihanna, who's currently spending time with Chris only a few weeks after he allegedly beat her up.


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Chris Brown worry... lol what a joke. If he and Rhianna are back together then that hurts the pending case against him. If they aren't well seems like in LA if you have money you can get out of anything. He is the next OJ. He may just may get a fine but other than that I doubt anything more will come of the case. Publicity is priceless and whether its good or bad they are both getting plenty of it. I feel sorry for Rhianna but her fathers stance on them getting back together shows me why she would be getting back with him. Obviously the men in her life are damaged and need help whether we are talking about Chris Brown or her own father. Hopefully we never read the headline "Rhianna dead at the hands of Chris Brown."

2027 days ago


'hits' 'beating' 'smaking' ....using the power of subconcious media tmz?

2027 days ago


You know how after Michael Jackson got crazier and crazier and was accused of child molestation TWICE, then dangled his baby "Blanket" over the ledge of a high building people wanted to get away from him as fast as possible? After this incident, Chris Brown is equally persona non grata. No one will have anything to do with him. He can get counseling, make a public service announcement and apologize until Doomsday, it's over for him. Maybe he can go hang out with Kramer from Seinfeld. He's finished!

2027 days ago


she probably needs to go back to the hospital to get her head checked...i dont think she is thinking straight.

2027 days ago

YA YA    

hope you drown chris brown

2027 days ago


If someone posts the word MISTAKE one more time I am going to scream! Beating the heck out of someone is not a mistake, it is a deliberate, malicious, cowardly action that he CHOSE to do despite the consequences. Wait...what consequences?

2027 days ago


I thought Chris Brown was pretty stupid for beating the crap out of Rhianna, but it's pretty clear that Rhianna's just as dumb. Let's face it, this was bound to happen. She never left him before she while she was taking a beating and no one knew, and now the world knows and she still doesn't want to leave him? Good luck Umbrella Girl, you're going to need it.

May be you can have your own version of PUNK'd on MTV, you'll be the star over every episode. Crazy Ho.

Plus there are a ton of other single guys out there you're probably better suited with, like Fiddy Cent, Ruben Studard, Mike Tyson, Randy Moss, or even Rampage Jackson. Well, probably not Rampage, especially when he's driving.

2027 days ago

Greatful to be away, myself    

Any PERSON who allows a lover to beat them is inbred retarded. Chances are these two tards beat each other often and that is simply the cycle of their relationship. Hopefully they will just take each other out so I don't have to look at their retarded a$$es anymore.

2027 days ago


u'll need to read #50........

2027 days ago


Chris beats her & Rihanna takes him back? Maybe they do deserve each other because they are both idiots! They are both young & afraid to leave each other! Maybe we can talk them into putting their next fight on Pay-Per-View!!!

2027 days ago


What's with the wool hat you stupid d....h bag. It's water not snow. So not cool!

2027 days ago

Learn German    

He is an utter disgrace!

2027 days ago

YA YA    

I agree with #55

2027 days ago


Poor Ri, she can't jet ski because she prob is still sore from that beat-down. He on the other hand is having the time of his life! Typical abuser.

2027 days ago


maybe he'll fall off and the jet ski will run him over!!! hahahahahahahaha

2027 days ago
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