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Chris Brown Hits The Water Again

3/1/2009 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the sun beating down on his uncovered face, Chris Brown spent another awesome day smacking waves around with a jet ski in Miami.

Still no sign of Rihanna, who's currently spending time with Chris only a few weeks after he allegedly beat her up.


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Child protective Svs    

Sorry #101 I disagree agree with you. You do not represent me!
Sorry #101 I mean #100.

2063 days ago

YA YA    


2063 days ago

Money Talks    

What if they have children in the future. He will beat the children and spineless Rihanna will do nothing to protect those poor babies. I am a feminist but in this case I feel more anger towards Rihanna than Brown. Love in NOT blind, unless you are dumb. Have respect for your own body, let no one hurt it. Or your children eventually. I'm angry as hell !

2063 days ago


You can't see Rihanna in the photo but Chris is actually dragging her around in the water behind him.

2063 days ago


When an abused woman tries to leave her abusive partner, that is the time they are MOST VULNERABLE to receiving severe beatings and being killed. This is a FACT. Even if a woman wants to leave the abuser, it is an extremely terrifying experience. When a woman leaves her abuser, he typically stalks her, calls her repeatedly, begs for forgiveness and wears the woman down. Make no mistake, abusers like Chris Brown are very manipulative, charming and violent people. I feel sorry for Rihanna. I always thought Chris Brown had an ugly rotteweiler face, that he was a no talent assclown and that he was a closet case using Rihanna as his beard. The fact that he abuses women makes that much more repulsive.

2063 days ago


It's so great that CB can be jetskiing after beating the crap out of Rihanna, putting her in the hospital and miss the most important day in the music industry The Grammy Awards. I will never support his music and if it's true that Rihanna went back to him, I'm not supporting her either.

2063 days ago


Chantal Bisso, I agree with you. It's disturbing to think that she went back to CB. I've seen couples who are married stay in an abusive relationship "for the sake of the kids" and it's still wrong to do that. The kids end up suffering as well. They're not married, she's just asking for more trouble.

2063 days ago

Bob Booie    

In translation of this headline the words "the water" must mean Rihanna

2063 days ago


I felt bad for Rihanna when I saw the pictures, but if she is back with him, then she is an idiot. Battered woman typically stay because they have children with the abuser, are financially dependent, have low self esteem, or are threatened that they'll be killed if they leave. What's her excuse? Is it just stupidity? Did she actually hit him first? No matter what, what he did was totally wrong. She may very well be just as abusive as him, just not strong enough to hurt him the same way. She's definitely sending the wrong message to all the teenage girls who listen her music and idolize her.

2063 days ago


Every Californian needs to write the Los Angeles County District Attorney regarding the abuse of this woman. If she isn't going to press charges, the District Attorney needs to do so and not be bought off or intimidated by his attorney, Mark Geragos. What has occurred is inappropriate role modeling for the youth of today and him getting off "Scot Free" is sending a horrible message on behalf of the future psychological and physical wellbeing of women.

The youth of today have already been negatively influenced by the Rap and Hip-Hop lyrics that disrespect and dishonor the femal gender of our society. Why the young girls tolerate it is beyond my personal comprehension. I was puzzled for many years that Oprah had not come out regarding these genres until President Obama was running for office.

2063 days ago


If Rhianna is not going to take the violence against her seriously then how can anyone else? I really think (and I'm sure I'm by far not the only one) that she is making a BIG mistake by getting back together with this LOSER! Violence against women should NEVER be tolerated and by getting back together with this jerk, she is showing the young girls that look up to her that it's ok to be abused and just "forgive" your boyfriend! Please Rhianna, lose this jerk and move on! There are men out there that will respect you like you deserve!

2063 days ago


you guys are bashing him and he has not been found guilty. As a matter of fact we really dont know what happened. The winter hat is for that camera man and the other paparozzi he just didnt fool anybody. So yes I think most of you are prejudice, for being black and for being a male, plus I know I spelled that word wrong so can it.

2063 days ago


Rihanna must not have much matter between her ears.

I don't feel sorry for ANY woman who allows a man to abuse her physically or mentally.

She KNOWS the score, folks. It is in the media all the time. How to recognize abuse and deal with it.

If she is back with him, she has endured just the first of many smacks from this low-life Brown. Surely she can do better than him.

Once an abuser, always an abuser. Abusers are the hardest people to rehabilitate. He will continue to abuse her and will probably kill her down the road.

He did a thorough job battering her this time. How bad will it be next time?

2063 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I hope Idiotic Chris enjoys his time in the water. Hopefully, he will spend time in jail soon. He must be paying Rihanna a ton of money to keep her quiet and not testify. Even without her testimony, I hope the Courts put his nasty ass in jail for a long, long time. I had never heard of him until this story came along. Maybe he's a better singer (?) than his appearance because he's ugly as hell. Rihanna, surely you could do better.

2063 days ago


So sick of you self righteous,hypocritcal cycnics that have doomed this 19 year old kid to a life of 'woman beating'. It's just ridiculous - did you do the same thing to Mickey Rourke,Phil Spector,Robert Blake, Tommy Lee Jones - I don't hear or see them on TMZ being demonized like Chris Brown. And they are all actually adult men that have seriously beat or killed their mates. Chris has shown the whole world for the last 4 years what a decent young man he is. What he and she did was wrong, very wrong. But it makes sense that real friends of his, would encourage him and her to work out the problems that caused this incident so that they move forward with their lives in a positive way. And as they continue to rise to be the stars they were destined to be, without another incident, each and everyone of you on here that condemned them, should post an apology. You are no fortune tellers, you have no right to compare Chris Brown to abusive men that were raised without the spirituality and constant love that he's had his entire life. So just sit back and watch them and then learn something about life.

2063 days ago
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