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Will Brown Be Charged with Beating Rihanna?

3/1/2009 5:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Rihanna has apparently decided to forgive Chris Brown for that unfortunate beat down, the burning question is whether Chris will beat the rap.

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Here's the lowdown. We're hearing the case will be turned over to the Los Angeles County D.A. next week, and a decision should be made soon thereafter on whether to file criminal charges against him. The two most likely charges: Making criminal threats and domestic violence.

As for a possible criminal threats charge, we think it's now less likely the D.A. will file because of Rihanna's change of heart. First of all, sources tell us the main reason he was arrested for this is because he allegedly told Rihanna something to the effect of, "I'm going to kill you." It's a terrible thing to say, but lots of people say it in the heat of battle, so it's thin to begin with. Add to that -- Rihanna may well testify she never believed he meant it and the case looks a bit lame.

Domestic violence is a whole other thing. When the jury sees the pictures of a clearly battered Rihanna, it's probably more powerful than any testimony she'd give. In fact, if she were to get on the stand and say she started the fight or somehow deserved it, it would not ring true ... especially because he was hardly the worse for wear when he was busted.

And there's this ... given the picture, it's going to be a tough call not to prosecute Brown.

Finally, we're told more than half of the D.A.'s domestic violence cases involve women who have either recanted their stories or have gotten back together with the alleged abuser.

We think a decision could come down sometime next week.


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1973 days ago


I think people should BOYCOTT both of them. Chris for being a woman-beater and Rihanna for going back for more. THEY DON'T DESERVE any fans, $$$ or fame.

RIHANNA should watch "Whats Love Got To DO With It?" about TINA TURNER and be a strong, smart woman and get the hell away from Chris Brown or she will end up a LOSER HAS-BEEN like junkie Whitney Houston.

1972 days ago

Lover girl Erin    

Chris!!! Wake up!!! After all you lost because of her. Wrigley deal, Got Milk ad, and some air time on the radio, and you go back to her? Chris I love you to death, but you need to wake up. There are plenty of girls that want you, and won't get you in trouble, but you go back to Rihanna! I know that one of these days, soon, that you will see, that she isn't the one for you. You two just don't belong with each other. It's like you said in one of you songs on the first album, "It's Time to say Goodbye!"

Beside all your mistakes, I will still be your fan. Even if you are making me sad and disappointed with your dumb decisions. But I'm sure you don't care. Seeing that your still with her. (Crying face,)

1972 days ago


13. What a shame - with all the violence in the hip-hop community and the general denigration of women, here was a chance for a successful black women to stand-up and set an example for untold millions of women and to demand better of this community. To teach women that don't have to and shouldn't put up with men like Chris. She had a much bigger and more important role here than just being with this man... too bad she's unwilling to step up and play that role. She has let down her sex, her race, and her profession as they all would be better off had she shown more backbone.

Posted at 12:57PM on Feb 28th 2009 by Mike

1972 days ago

Chris Curry    

Do these two not have families or is everyone in this case sniffing glue? She is an idiot. Young or not, when someone beats you up you can't blow that off. He is a sorry excuse for a young man. They deserve each other. He will do it again and she can spend her life as a victim. I'm done with them both.

1972 days ago


Why bother to prosecute the sob if she's stupid enough to go back for more. What's the point? She needs to step up to the plate and be a voice for other battered women instead of being a doormat. I'm very disappointed in Rhianna. Why anyone would support either one's careers at this point is a mystery to me. They evidently deserve one another. I say shame on both of them. this point continuing to report about this "story" does nothing to help anyone and only harms other domestic abuse victims and their families. Why not punish these fools by ignoring their future pursuits. Personally I'm getting pretty tired of watching these "trainwrecks". At first it seems intriguing, but after awhile all it boils down to is a bunch of whinny spoiled over-paid idiots deliberately manipulating us to get attention just to further their sorry excuse for a career. Enough already! Why not give face time to people that really deserve it.

1972 days ago


4 out of 5 women are battered, and I'm still eating mine plain

1972 days ago


So now we have the loving couple reunited (with Jigga's goon watching-over). But in order to recover, both Rihanna and Brown must have on-going treatment for what got them to the "beat-down" - the emotional problems and associated violent aggression, and codependency present in BOTH of them that resulted in a brutal beating and criminal threats. The media mavens - Oprah and The View - who publicly have trivialized Brown's behavior as needing "anger management" while casting Rihanna in the poor, helpless, victim role, perpetuate a huge oversimplification of a very dangerous and complex dynamic. Abusers and their prey frequently make-up and go on to escalated violence and crime. If Rihanna wants to be a positive role model she should own her own part in the dynamic and do the personal therapy, treatment, and work to overcome her attraction to immature, dangerous, and prideful thugs. Battery is not love and this young woman needs to work through that. This goes for Chris Brown times infinity - who lived through trauma and the emotional abuse of witnessing his mother's battery.

1972 days ago


I was in an abusive relationship for 9 years, this May will be 1 year I have been out. It's not as easy as you think, to just walk away after that first hit. You are shocked, hurt, surprised and angry that he hit you, but he pretends to be just as shocked, surprised, hurt and mad at himself for doing it, saying they are so sorry, and you want to believe they didn't mean it, so you give him a 2nd chance. Before you know it, you are giving 3rd, 4th, then you lose count, and the I'm sorry's? Those stopped about the 3rd or 4th time. It's not as easy as you think to just say f u and walk away. Could I now do that? I hope and pray to God I can, but I have been lucky to not find one that has hit me again. It takes time to wake up, walk out and then heal. But you have to want to leave and mean it. I left a house i owned and it went into foreclosure, I left with the clothes on my back and my kids things, but I have no regrets on those things I left. My peace of mind and my kids' are way more important. I lost almost a decade of my life to him, I pray Rihanna doesn't.

1972 days ago


btw, I did press charges, 3 times. He never got any jail time, just community hours, court costs, probation and anger management classes. They jails are too full for these type of "criminals". I honesty did press charges, until you give up.

1972 days ago


Her beating picture looks just like one Nicole Simpson received from OJ & Rhianna remember what happened to poor Nicole? may she RIP... And OJ rot in prison.

1972 days ago


My bet is he will not see the inside of the jail. In California jail is reserved for rich white girls. A double DUI will get someone 80 minutes of jail time unless she is also from a fameous family. Not so rich fameous girls who cheat on their probation get six months and are released after 18 days.

California rewards violent crimes at the expense of crimes with publicity attached. There is also a penchant for publicity stunts dressed up to look like a trial like was done to Britney.

1972 days ago


Obviously she's not pressing charges cause believe me, he would've been picked up by now.. Where are all these battered women groups at?

1972 days ago


guess she needs a little more abuse before she realizes, she is not the one for him. if a guy hits u once, he will do it again....they both should stop and move on before a more life threatening event occurs. they are both immature and can"t control their emotions or stop pushing the buttons that each know will set the other one off. it is a loosing battle of wills and no real love going on between them, only lust and serious immaturity issues.

1972 days ago


Maybe he is trying to get back in her good graces to avoid prosecution. She is making a terrible mistake. Once a beater - always a beater. I fear that she will regret this decision. And Heaven knows, there are so many more men out there for her to select from. Why one who has already injured her???

1972 days ago
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