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Probed by Child Services

3/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0302_octomom_ex_tmz_01-1Before she had the octuplets, Nadya Suleman was investigated by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) ... and that's just the beginning -- cops have been called to her homestead a slew of times.

We've learned on July 7, 2008, DCFS received a complaint from a neighbor who felt Nadya's six kids "were not clean or being fed properly." An investigation was opened, and DCFS took a Suspected Child Abuse Report. Investigators went to Nadya's home, interviewed some of the kids and filed a report. Officials concluded the allegation was "unfounded."

Fair enough -- but then there's this. Our search shows that cops were called to Nadya's last two homes a total of eight times.

(1) On January 9, 2008, someone called 911 after one of Nadya's kids accidentally locked himself/herself in a room. The cops came and a patrol officer picked the lock.

(2) On October 27, 2008, Nadya called 911 in a panic because one of her kids was missing. Five patrol units responded to the house -- turns out the five-year-old had followed grandma around the block.

(3) On January 23, 2009, three days before the OctoBabies were born and Nadya was in the hospital, one of the kids called 911 from the house. We don't know why.

(4 & 5) Cops were called by neighbors twice (May 12, 2008 and August 10, 2008) because the front door was left open and they feared a break in.

(6) Cops went along with DCFS after getting the complaint on July 7, 2008.

(7 & 8)
We all know about the two post-OctoBirth calls -- when cops were called to control reporters and when a neighbor brandished a shotgun.

But surely things will get calmer once the additional eight kids come home ...


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To the person who is comment #3... if TMZ is so bad then why are you on thier website ?????

2062 days ago


Eight appears to be the magic number: eight visits from cops, eight babies...

2061 days ago


Think having Octoplets is challenging? Wait 'til all eight of them begin to teeth!

2061 days ago


Octomom is the coolest bitch ever, who has all these damm kids and doesn't have to call a damm baby daddy. No baby daddy drama, she just collects money and publicity- And we all watch in aww!! She is very smart. Have a lot of kids on someone else's dime and get free support - she will always be under the poverty line because her family size is larger than 8. So even if she does work- she will still be under the poverty line. Octomom needs to find some live in nannies and let the state pay them. Give Otomom a show and some support before she says that some voice told her to line her kids up and drown them one by one like the other crazy bitches that have murdered there kids. Help the dumb bitch.

2061 days ago


I am waiting for ALL of the kids -- including the six she obviously can't care for now -- to be ADOPTED, not fostered, by loving, two-parent couples. Each revelation about this delusional, insane woman makes me sick. Hopefully DCFS really does have its radar up, and truly is doing something behind the scenes.

2061 days ago


I agree with the reader about the spin thing. After all she is a single mother. I am a professional single mother, and I remember when my kids called 911 for fun, to see. Well they saw all right, were not were I thought they should be, Oh yes, and their was the time that one of them got stuck in the bathroom and another one where I put my son down for a nap, and went to go out the room door and the door handle fell off in my hand locking both of us in the bedroom, I had to call out to a neighbor to get help for us.

This is life, this is motherhood, crazy wacky and unexpected, but wonderful. And as for the hurtful and non-respectful names you call her? There was once a great teacher, that was aked who should we respect above all others, he said the mother, and after her, the mother and after that, the father....

When asked why, he told his students this, your mother carried you in weakness, bore you in weakness, took care of you in weakness till the end of your days......Remember that next time you trash any mother...MOTHERING IS HARD WORK!

2061 days ago


As long as TMZ or Radar Online or OctoMom gets someone to swallow the truth then I can discharge her debts as she is not supposed-to be in bankruptcy but rather the US Corporation and hence the state-county-city [little] fictional psuedo-governments too. I AM Ann Coulter and Nadya Suleman's COIF. Have Amer Hammadin call ME to get them outta their mess and his home back, even if it will mean Nadya has to work for ME, she does not need to do porn or be a stripper while I AM, except if TMZ., Radar Online, Huffington Post, etc. do not reveal ME to her, Ewez certainly have not to Ann COulter, Lady Ga Ga and/or Katy Perry - might as well get the older sisters or spinster aunts at this point.

858 days ago
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