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Octomom 911

We Got the Calls!

3/4/2009 8:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained two 911 calls made from the home of Nadya Suleman -- and one is from her six-year-old!

octomom calls click to hear

The first is a wildly frantic 911 call made by Octomom back in October of last year, when she thought one of her kids was missing. At one point Suleman repeats over and over that she's going to kill herself -- in front of her other children. Five patrol units ended up rushing to her house -- but it turns out the five-year-old had simply followed his grandma around the block.

In the second, one of her kids called 911 and hung up. When the 911 operator called back, her six-year-old answered the phone and told the operator he was there with a babysitter -- and said "my mom and dad went to like, a party." Turns out this call was made on January 23 of this year -- when Octo was in the hospital about to have her litter.


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Well, I saw the Changeling. The phone call to the police is significantly different to Suleman's phone call tripe. Having said that..I believe that that suleman is perfectly capable of attempting to emulate the situation for attention. Frankly, it is my opinion that sueman knew that her son was out with the grandmother, & would be for awhile. I believe that she was capitalizing on an opportunity, a situation, for her own benefit. Whatever suleman does, it would always appear tob for her own benefit.

2056 days ago


Logic 101, "you say that welfare goes to a lot worse". You have a grading system.?...apart from financial status ? Ethically & morally : "good", "bad", "worse"..? Your logic aside, fraud is fraud.

2056 days ago


logic101,you have just made a judgemental and negative comment about posters. It would appear that it is alright for you to make negative comments, but not extend that right to others. This is a democracy. We each have the freedom to offer an opinion.You may not agree with each opinion. Your perogative.

2056 days ago



2056 days ago


notahater..clearly Octo is a decisionmaker...........very cagey. This scenario is not a case of poor decision making. It is a case of plotting & planning. Honest, she is not. Fraudulent.......Yes. You, & those like yourself, would present her as simple, misguided. A victim. On your break, are you .? Nothing better to do. ?... than spend your break on this ???? Now that is pathetic. Where tax money is spent is my business as a taxpayer. Welfare & disability fraud , therefore is my business. Just how long is your break..? What day do you pick up your check ?

2056 days ago


Not A Hater ///////////// You actually spent your break..........................on this...!!!! . Nothing better to do.? . Now that is..Pathetic. ! Your break from work..would that be days,weeks, months, or years. ?

2056 days ago


Not A Hater......................I forgot...................LOL....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2056 days ago


ok first off i think the reason everyone is getting on her back is because how this whole situation came about...why would you purposely get pregnant with a whole football team of kids and you do not have your own place no job no education if she had like a few kids ok no big deal but the fact that she went and purposely had 6 first no job living in a 3bdr house with her parents and then go and get pregnant again..come on that is crazy. she was using her student loans to support her and her other kids and she is only getting like 490 a month in foodstamps and she is asking for donations. thats crazy. she should of finished school first and got a good job and her own place now i have 3 kids and it takes me way for than 490 to feed them how the hell is she going to feed 14 kids with 490 dollars and her student loans ran out and she is not gettin welfare so she says and her mom says the home is goin up into where will her and her kids live how will she pay rent and get diapers and pay elecrticity and o yeh if she has to go anywhere how is she going to get there with all those kids..this is really pitiful and this woman is selfish she was thinking about herself this whole time..she wanted kids lots of them..and now these poor kids have to suffer

2055 days ago


kcinkc Octo knew that there was a possibility of six children. 6+6= 12.Twins were also a possibility, with in vitro. Of course she wants the "kids". They are her bank account. As for the "sh-t" going on in her life, that was her decision, no-one elses. She did not have to choose to have multiple children, considering her impecunious economic level . She deliberately planned this, already misusing taxpayer money. She hawked herself & her children. to the media for money, & still is. She retained a publicist, until the second one quit. The media is not making her look bad, she is making her self look bad, & doing a superb job of it. She is not working, she is raping the taxpayer. She is a sheister. And you would rather support her children rather than the children of "druggy parents". Why do you consider children of "druggy parents", in that manner. ? Are they less deserving? less important ? Why ? Frightened that your money might be used for drugs ?? Well, the public knows where octo's taxpayer money has & will be spent.....On Herself.-----------You shameful hypocrite.

2054 days ago


I don't know if anyone else has commented on this because I haven't read all of the comments, but has anyone checked the timing of when she made the call about her son missing? And compared that timing to the release of Angelina Jolie's movie "Changeling"? This may not be relevant at all because I don't know the timing, but I just saw Changeling this past weekend and then happened to hear Octomom's call today and it is UNCANNY how much she sounds like Angelina Jolie yelling over and over in the movie "where's my son? where's my son?" I think Octomom needs her head checked and Angelina Jolie should probably be upping her security. I wish TMZ would look into what date Octomom made this call and compare it to Angelina Jolie's lines in Changeling.

2054 days ago


This is F-ing crazy...... you have to be F-ing Joking how is this allowed what is wrong with you california... Your governor this what an outrageous place

2040 days ago


the woman is insane!!!! someone take her children, all of them!

2059 days ago


FIRST AGAIN SUCKERS!!! hahahahahahahaha

2059 days ago


So...she does care about her kids? People need to let it go already. Plenty of other people are on welfare as well, let's pounce on them too.

2059 days ago


Jeez woman, noow you've got 8 more to keep track of :l

2059 days ago
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