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Chris' Beatings

Kept Getting Worse

3/5/2009 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even if Rihanna refuses to cooperate with prosecutors, the L.A. County District Attorney may have evidence even more powerful than the gruesome photos. Multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the night of the attack Rihanna told cops she was the victim of escalating violence -- and the perp was Brown.

Chris Brown, Rihanna

LAPD cops interviewed Rihanna after the attack and she told them Brown had been violent toward her in the past and that the attacks were getting "more violent" as time went on. The interview is potent evidence if the L.A. County D.A. charges Brown with felony domestic battery, and that could happen as early as today.

And there's something else. The photo that TMZ obtained showing Rihanna battered, bloody and bruised is mild compared to other photos. We've learned additional pics were taken on February 9, the day after the attack, and they are far more gruesome -- the bruises and swelling far more pronounced. We're told these photos show injuries that could be devastating in a case against Brown.

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No Avatar


If she is dumb enough to take him back, I will have NO sympathy for her next time he beats her, because he will do it again.. She will end up like Nicole Simpson if she doesn't run as fast as she can from him. He's a loser & she must have something wrong with her brain to take him back.. I'm done buying anything that has to do with either of them. Good luck Rhianna, your sure going to need it!

2056 days ago


any truth in this story that they have got married in secret? could this help his case if they have got married, not that up on american law (from UK) but isn't there a law that states a wife doesn't have to testify against her husband or something like that.

2056 days ago


I agree, once a beater always a beater. I'm sure she loves him, and I'm sure he's said he'll change, but I'm sorry to say, that's not going to happen. The best thing to do is to get away from each other before one of them ends up dead. She shouldn't waste her youth on someone who obviously has no respect for her to treat her that way.

2056 days ago


chris brown and r. kelly should be cellmates

2056 days ago

Wanda W.    

I hope this THUG,because that is what he is,gets whats coming to him BIG TIME ! If he hires a sleazy lawyer type like Johnny Cochran was and some how escapes justice,like Johnnys "other"well known client, that murderer who got away with it,I hope KARMA hits him HARD right between his arrogant eyes ! What the heck,even if hes punished for battering her I hope KARMA still hits him !!!!!! A thud never,ever changes.

2056 days ago


Then why on earth is she getting back together with him? Does she think he's "changed?" Is he "sorry"? Or maybe the best one I've heard: "He only hits me because he loves me." Look forward to many more bruises and blood, Rhianna. A man who hits you once will hit you again and again and again.

2056 days ago


She is no better than him if she goes back. She has the support of the entire world and she is choosing to be a bad role model. He is going to end up killing her and maybe THEN girls will get a better picture of domestic abuse.

2056 days ago


Huh excuse me there was violence before and it was getting worst and she is back with him .HUH excuse me my brain cant take all this head My head hurts now and i must rest.HUh she took him back!

2056 days ago


Thank goodness, put his butt away.
I knew he had been violent before, no one wakes up and just beats a woman out of the blue. If Rihanna will not stand up for herself I hope justice takes over. I was really shocked that Chris had the balls to take a leisure vacation after he beats his girlfriends face in. If the attack would not have taken place before the grammy's, I guarantee we would not have known a thing. It would have been in STAR magazine, and we would have shrugged it off.

2056 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

I hope she wises up and doesn't become a Nichole Simpson story, she, i gussed would be smarter. I think they both need help, for different issues.

2056 days ago


Rihanna, to take Chirs back is what trailer trash do.

2056 days ago

Lord Xenu    

I heard that Chris Brown was always fond of sayin "The beatings will continue, bitch, until morale improves !! Got that, you ho bag?"

2056 days ago


She's a stupid girl - why does TMZ keep covering this story - she's sealed her fate and he will probably kill her one day - drop the story please.......

2056 days ago


WTH? So why is she hanging around with him again? Guess she thinks she can make him happy and he won't beat her any more. Good luck with that program, Rihanna. You and your pretty face are in serious danger.

2056 days ago


Perhaps the first time he hit her, she should of asked him to seek help or leave him. The fact that she remained in the relationship knowing his violence is pure stupidity.... Yep, give me the she loved him bit, but in this day and age where counseling, shelters and police are available, she is glutton for punishment if she goes back.. Celebrities are no different from you and I, except the money and fame...

2056 days ago
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