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Finally, Someone Dumber Than Paris

3/8/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alas, Paris Hilton has found someone more feeble upstairs than her.

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As Hiltie pretended to sing at Body English in Las Vegas last night, Doug Reinhardt blew her cover -- a refreshing turnabout for sure -- grabbing her mic for a crowd reaction. The crowd failed to react, but the singing never stopped.

Mensa, party of none.


No Avatar


i don't get her appeal at all. she's trash.

1999 days ago


Paris and Lady Ga-ga are such characters! I lov them.

1999 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You are the center of the universe.
The world revolves around you.
I care about every little thing you do.
You bring joy to my furry life.

Baby 800 Pound Gorilla

1999 days ago


All the Hilton men are incredibly good looking. Paris' brothers, her dad and especially the uncle whose pic was in the paper after his bach house got robbed too.
They are a good looking family and I especally notice the men.

1999 days ago


Paris is a rich hottie and that's why some bitches hate her so much LOl.
Meow Meow

1999 days ago


btw -
Where is the crazy hater that usually writes pages and pages of the most obscene stuff about Paris?
I've been waiting for her to log on and let lose with the usual barages this morning LOL.
You can sure tell when she isn't around.
Maybe she is still at church LOL?
Or maybe she was committed to an insane asylum overnight LOL?
We should all be so lucky LOL.

1999 days ago


Eh, her show IS NOT a success in Britain; I live in the area and its not even being aired before midnight.

So she's effing Doug now...Does this mean she's going to be on The Hill's? God I hope not.

1999 days ago


I live in Camden and her show is a success, with steadily increasing viewers.

Th Britis show has alreay been sold to Canada, and the American show is headed for its second season.
It's a rather interesting show, actually.

1999 days ago


Her 15 minutes of fame are WAY over.

1999 days ago


I think Paris handled it well. I mean, another "singer" would have been livid had she been busted for lip-syncing. BTW that dude looked hot.

1999 days ago


haha that is soooo freakin hilarious!!! lmao BUSTED!!!

1999 days ago


Paris is a mess! I guess the Hilton's family are embarrassing what she is doing out there in Las Vegas. Paris love to party, party, and party. The Hilton's family like to party, too!

1999 days ago


Paris should have NO PROBLEM finding anyone dumber than her. All she would need to do is call up the TMZ staff. Thats all. Thats all she needs to so. People who think they are superior to EVERYONE other than themselves or perhaps the far left extremist liberal stupids still around.

1998 days ago


Oh Please who would want anything to do with this circus act? No I am not concerned with how much this idiot has or drives as she does not represent me or my life in any manner. I think it is so funny how some people defend her as she is a social elitist and has been known to use racial slurs against people. Those that would choose to defend this herpic woman are those who have zero standards and are sheep led and fed into any garbage can, But please do not believe me just google her and you will see and hear it all for yourself. Paris is not a pop icon although she wants to be one and the media train that carries her dead ass around needs to focus on some other younger and talented women, as there are many in Hollywood. Please do not bother to write me to defend this ass clown as I do not read your posts nor care what you think of MY RIGHT TO MY THOUGHTS.

1998 days ago


Gloria it sounds like you're one of her "minions" like the others who are professing how great she is when you'd not find anyone to piss on her if she was on fire.

She's an embarassment to the human race.

1998 days ago
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