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Finally, Someone Dumber Than Paris

3/8/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alas, Paris Hilton has found someone more feeble upstairs than her.

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As Hiltie pretended to sing at Body English in Las Vegas last night, Doug Reinhardt blew her cover -- a refreshing turnabout for sure -- grabbing her mic for a crowd reaction. The crowd failed to react, but the singing never stopped.

Mensa, party of none.


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Bob Barnett    

Paris and Octomom-team them up-and show the woodchipper!

2033 days ago


Good grief, not only did she get busted lip syncing but she carried on singing into the microphone like nobody noticed??? Her singing is atrocious, her shows are disgusting self serving brainless fluffy trash. They have absolutely no meaning for society. She has no idea what the real world is like, I doubt she will ever have a long lasting relationship because she gets bored too fast. And yah we all have dated different people before we found THE one but this girl has been through more guys than there are people in the state of California. She sleeps around, tapes and sells it (come on she wasn't really famous until AFTER the sex tape, it was all planned) and quite frankly if she disappeared tomorrow noone would miss her. People can defend her and say she's cool but she is a woman who is almost in her 30's who is still acting like a 20 year old. Give me a break. When I was 28 I had alot more brains and respect for myself than that!!

2033 days ago

too sad    

i saw him once or twice on
the hills,
he is sure on dumb fool,
why would anyone want to go out with him, no personality at all,
really suited being on the hills with all those dumb chicks.

2033 days ago


People are BLIND and Living In Her World
People just stop thinking about this person and recording her daily actions of stupidity then finally she and her entire family will vanish from the face of the earth

2033 days ago


I would rather sit home and watch upn then go out at same club with Paris.


You stupid bitch!!!

2033 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Porn Star

2033 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


Paris is a PESTILENCE on American pop culture. And just like a pestilence that's why she won't go away too soon...

2033 days ago


Paris is no Zsa Zsa Gabor!!!!!! Paris have no talent!

2033 days ago

Paris has herpes    

The last Paris post on TMZ had all negative comments except the gorilla guy. Guess we can assume the first two pages are PR lackies or Herpes Queen herself trying to make herself look marketable. You're almost 30, Paris, and too old for the clubs like you said Zeta Graff was when she was 30. Don't club with the young people anymore and grow up. You're dating a publicity hound loser that Amanda Bynes tossed away because nobody else will have you.

2033 days ago


Sad and pathetic is an understatement. The doctor bills must be sky high treating the STD's.

2033 days ago


Jenn, you're a dumb ass. The bitch can't sing. Her only claim to 'fame' is that mommy and daddy have money. Go listen to some real music and then get back to me when you realize what TALENT is.

2033 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris is not dumb.
Paris is smart and classy and beautiful and talented.
Everyone is dumber than Paris.
Paris is the paragon of intelligence.

Baby Gorilla

2033 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Yeah, they're both braindead idiots & deserve each other. I wonder if paris understood why the singing continued when her moron boyfriend grabbed the mic & shoved it at the crowd (who obviously didn't want to hear her catterwalling).

Sorry, paris, that's what's called a pre-recorded track. And, it's pre-recorded because the club didn't want to have to pay out HUGE hearing loss settlements if anyone in the crowd heard your banshee screeching without the aid of 50 computer voice enhancement programs...

2033 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

44. Paris is not dumb.
Paris is smart and classy and beautiful and talented.
Everyone is dumber than Paris.
Paris is the paragon of intelligence.

Baby Gorilla

Posted at 8:42PM on Mar 8th 2009 by 800 Pound Gorilla
I see the braindead idiot known as 800 pound gayyy-rilla is posting again. I hope they catch this mental ward escapee real soon...

2033 days ago


No one is dumber than Paris Hilton. Not even Miley, Britney or Jessica Blimpson.

2033 days ago
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