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Matt Damon -- Mad For Spandex

3/8/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are you crazy enough to be like Matt Damon? If so, you're probably already wearing biking shorts 18 sizes too small. But if you're a normal person, all you can really do is stare in horror as the actor's body parts struggle to escape from their spandex prison.

Damon squeezed into the tiny pants today during the Cape Argus cycle tour in Cape Town, South Africa.

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2053 days ago


I am F***ing Matt Damon...LOLOLOL.

2053 days ago

honest t    

That is how bike shorts are supposed to fit. Bike seats are small and hard and the pressure with normal shorts would make it too painful to ride any distance and you don't want much friction if you go down.
Ride a road bike for a couple of hours in regular shorts and you will understand why you need compression and padding.
You can wear other shorts over them but then you get drag.
Bikers don't think they look cool, can't wait to change after they ride but they are practical.

2053 days ago


What an ugly, hobbitish, little freak! All teeth! Jason Bourne? Hah, Hah, Hah!

2053 days ago


And he thinks Sarah Pahlin is like a Disney movie????? OY! He's an overexposed, undereducated idiot!

2053 days ago

Carito Piza    

To all the haters: That's the kind of outfit you wear when you ride bicycles, stop hating, who ever made stupid comments must be fat, short, and with a small .... you know what.

2053 days ago


"Grumpy" Smurf looks like those tight pants are cutting off the circulation to his brain. Wait! He must wear those ALL THE TIME! Give Smurfette our love, Grumpy!

2053 days ago


he's a freak and a jerk face......can't stand him..what a girly man!

2052 days ago


Matt is ROCKIN those bike shorts, which, BTW, TMZ, if any of you got off your fat asses to do any exercise, you might know are just the right size. That is the nature of spandex, to be tight and compress. Yum,yum, yum, I love bike shorts and cyclists' legs!

2052 days ago


#62 right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2050 days ago


You can't see it in this pic, but Matt Damon's ass is what dreams are made of. If he looks like a tool, it's only because he's rolling with alot of pipe. Don't change a thing Matt. ;)

2046 days ago


Hey a---holes, grow a pair and get an education while you're at it. If you did, you might learn a thing or two about "politics" and society that might alter your perspective. You're in the dark. Instead of blaming individual citizens for your losses, why don't your try digging a little deeper and shedding the light on the situation. Things are not as black and white as they seem.
And one more thing. Matt Damon is not responsible for Sarah Palin's idiocy. It's not his fault she's dumb all day. Any person with half a brain could see that fact plainly. Matt,looks great, and he does great things for others. What TMZ failed to mention was that he was participating in a charity race to raise funds for a children's charity. Let that sink in while you sit there slamming him for using his rights of free speech public ally (something half the pricks on this board don't have the balls to do), Unlike yourselves, apparently he has more than enough balls to aide him in that area.

Grow up.

2046 days ago
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