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Brown Wants Misdemeanor Plea, No Jail Time

3/9/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown ExclusiveSources tell TMZ Chris Brown would cop a plea, but only to a misdemeanor and with no jail time. After we broke the story yesterday AM it has triggered a passionate public reaction.

We're told Brown's people have consulted with outside legal eagles -- including law school professors -- who have said Rihanna's own aggressiveness takes it out of the felony category. Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike -- slapping and striking Brown "numerous times" while he was drivΩing, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown as he punched and hurt her. We're told much of this is reflected in the official police report based on what Rihanna told cops. As a result, they say, this is not a case that demands a felony plea.

On the other side, there are plenty of cases in which the woman engages the man in a fight but the jury convicts the male because it was an unfair fight and the man could have walked away. The photographs of Rihanna -- the most graphic of which have not been seen by the public -- demonstrate Brown's superior strength. Add to that the fact that Brown had no significant injuries and it presents problems for him.

Perhaps worse for Brown, sources tell TMZ Rihanna told cops he had beaten her before and the violence had been escalating.

And there's this. According to the detective's note filed with the search warrant papers, Brown sent a text message to Rihanna's assistant in which he apologized for what he had done to Rihanna and said he was getting help. That would be admissible in court and extremely damaging -- as a legal admission.


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fortune cookie    

money makes the world go-around....


2052 days ago

fortune cookie    

toofastforu's mommy is probably changing his diaper....

2052 days ago

fortune cookie    

and wiping his a$$...

2052 days ago


Anyone knows the name of this group or the song?
3/1/2009 10:11 PM EST

2052 days ago

Real Man    

Chris " LITTLE BOY " Brown would NEVER hit a man for he is a WHIM in boys clothing and I bet he likes to SU..K BIG ONES on the side for men like him ALWAYS have little peckers!!!

2052 days ago


We've seen the photo of Rihanna showing obvious injuries to the face. I assume Brown also had visible injuries that would justify the ass kicking he gave Rihanna?

If there's not a mark on him as I suspect, he's guilty as sin. Most likely a tough guy that would beat a woman. Jail.

2052 days ago


I knew something was up. She never thought, they could have gotten in an accident or he could have reacted as he did? He is not her brothers like she has known to fight with them. There is always two sides to the story. I bet you there is more, the reason for her not being sic mad. Someone should relay this message to Perez Hilton.

2052 days ago

Royal Watcher    

of course he doesn't want to do time those guys will turn him into a whimpering little pu**sy in seconds flat. Chris will come out of prison wearing a mini-skirt and fish nets stockings and he will be happy to do so once they turn him out. Punk azz.

2052 days ago

Barney Bush    

Rihanna and Chris were married at Diddy's crib in Miami. She would do anything to make sure her hubby and baby daddy sees no time.

2052 days ago

Jesus Saves With Geico    

Women shouldn't get a free pass to be violent. Domestic violence is wrong, regardless of who starts it.

2052 days ago


the fact that she hit him says to me that he is not accustomed being aggressive with her or thtathey usually rumble with each other. no woman would hit a man who she knows would hit her back. she would be scared. i suspected as much when she decide to reconcile. she felt guilty about her part inthe incident and knew she was not th einnocent lttle victim that everyone was makng her out to be. he probably tried to stop her attacks by pullin over and telling her to get out the car.

Having said that, he should have pulled over and got out and left her there to cool off. she would have eventually.

2052 days ago

I knew it!    

So the truth comes out, Chris loses jobs and get's bad mouthed from everyone (no i do not believe in hitting a women but hitting a man is equaly wrong) BUT Rihanna should be getting in trouble too SINCE she hit Brown first (which isn't right either)! Why is everyone being sexist and only blaming the chris when rihanna obviously was violent aswell Just cause she wasn't able to make any visible damage (which no one really knows since we dont' see any photographs of chris after the altercation)doesn't mean she had the right to hit him either!

2052 days ago


Let this woman beater pick up the soap each and every single day in jail.
This is where he belongs. What does he think? That he's too fine for prison? Why would he get an extra treatment?
Because he thinks he's famous? Rubbish, utter rubbish.

2052 days ago


Chris Brown needs to go to prison and be taught a lesson. The guys in the pen would tear his bi*tch ass up. Its amazing what $$$ can do in the justice system. Remember Karma is a bitch! Chris Brown if youre reading this I hope you get whats coming to you. You deserve all of it.

2052 days ago


Seriously it has gotten to the point of who cares? She started it; he finished it. She ran back to him and now even doesn't want to him to go to jail. This entire episode was a waste of taxpayer money and police time. Maybe she figure it out the next time he kicks her ass. Until then, give him what he wants, just add 200 hours of community service or whatever the max is.

2052 days ago
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