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Brown Wants Misdemeanor Plea, No Jail Time

3/9/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown ExclusiveSources tell TMZ Chris Brown would cop a plea, but only to a misdemeanor and with no jail time. After we broke the story yesterday AM it has triggered a passionate public reaction.

We're told Brown's people have consulted with outside legal eagles -- including law school professors -- who have said Rihanna's own aggressiveness takes it out of the felony category. Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike -- slapping and striking Brown "numerous times" while he was drivΩing, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown as he punched and hurt her. We're told much of this is reflected in the official police report based on what Rihanna told cops. As a result, they say, this is not a case that demands a felony plea.

On the other side, there are plenty of cases in which the woman engages the man in a fight but the jury convicts the male because it was an unfair fight and the man could have walked away. The photographs of Rihanna -- the most graphic of which have not been seen by the public -- demonstrate Brown's superior strength. Add to that the fact that Brown had no significant injuries and it presents problems for him.

Perhaps worse for Brown, sources tell TMZ Rihanna told cops he had beaten her before and the violence had been escalating.

And there's this. According to the detective's note filed with the search warrant papers, Brown sent a text message to Rihanna's assistant in which he apologized for what he had done to Rihanna and said he was getting help. That would be admissible in court and extremely damaging -- as a legal admission.


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They r both very dysfunctional people in a dysfunctional relationship that got exposed. They r not good for each other and need to part ways to focus on rebuilding their lives and careers.

1999 days ago


Is it right? NO! Will the lesser charges happen? YES! And if he's good for 6 months the system will then wipe it from his record. Happens everyday. Any you wonder why women go back??? Because their upbringing and the system tells them that thats all they're worth. But keep blaming the women and the community will continue to have battered, dead women; but a lot of really tough men.

1999 days ago

The fact    

She is a disappointment to all women that chick started I an a bajan and i not defending her.She ask for that beating sorry to say

1999 days ago


What about the threats?

1999 days ago


How many YEARS was Tyson disqualified from boxing for biting Holyfield? It is what animals do, it's not acceptable EVER for humans, and Geragos is dreaming that the latest 100 PERCENT GUILTY person he is defending will get anything less than a felony.

1999 days ago

Carrys F.    

Is anyone besides me aware that Chris Brown is up for TWO of Nickeldeon's Kids' Choice Awards? That is so wrong on so many levels. We have to stop the madness people. He can have his day in court. In the meantime, he is NOT a role model for my children. It's a CHILDREN"S AWARD SHOW!!

1999 days ago


The saddest part of all of this, other than the fact that Rihanna didnt have good counseling that would teach her not to go back to an abuser, is that this is exactly what's going to happen. He'll plea out, he'll do no time, the end.

And then he'll hurt her worse.

1999 days ago


C'mon now - Paris HIlton gets 45 days jail time for a DUI, some moving violations and failing to sign up for an alcohol education class, but this douchebag wouldn't get any jail time for nearly killing someone??? You've got to be kidding. If thats the case and this monster walks with no time served our justice system is way more messed up then I thought!

1999 days ago


I think that chris did wrong but she also did wrong i think that they should have a restraining order on each other for 6 months or so and then leave it. They both hit each other so why is chris the one being punished?? Just because he is the man. We dont know if chris had bruises, we wen't shown pictures. we were only shown pictures of rihanna

1999 days ago

Mike Adams    

They r both very dysfunctional people in a dysfunctional relationship that got exposed. They r not good for each other and need to part ways to focus on rebuilding their lives and careers. atxelectronics

1999 days ago

YA YA    


1999 days ago


He def needs jail time. I am just can you put someone in a headlock when you are driving and press on their arteries? And how can she text her assistant while receiving a beat-down?

1999 days ago


I don't care what kind of crap they are trying to say justifies the beating handed out by Chris Brown. Sometimes you kids kick you in the shin when they don't get their way, but the answer isn't a concussion causing beating.
Rhianna, you will find someone who loves you more.

1999 days ago


If she struck first she should be charged as well as the primary physical aggressor under the law. I fully believe that if a woman puts herself in that position and strikes first, she needs to be ready to get it back. It makes no difference if he is bigger than her or has more strength, women should not get a free pass to hit a man...period.

1999 days ago


He beat and bloodied a woman because she supposedly slapped him. Doesn't this guy has some type of martial arts training? In any event EVEN if a woman hits you first, it's an unfair fight in most cases. You get your ass out of the situation, you don't escalate it. Gee i guess he must have invisible blood and bruises because there sure as hell weren't any on him. Even if she hit him first, I think the judge would take in to consideration the damage he did to her. He's a loser in any case.

1999 days ago
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