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Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

3/9/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown - NickelodeonEveryone's wondering why in the world accused woman beater Chris Brown is still up for two Kids' Choice Awards. We finally have an answer -- Nickelodeon is blaming the kids.

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

In other words -- kids rule! Who needs adults stepping in to teach young minds why Mr. Brown might not be the best role model?

Remember, kids also want cake for breakfast, unlimited allowance and the keys to Dad's new Porsche.


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first bitches!!!!

2053 days ago

sheny good up    

top 2..ha ha

2053 days ago

frig chris brown, frig him, loser    


2053 days ago



2053 days ago

You Can Do Better    

I already let Nickelodian Kids Choice Awards know my feelings on the subject. Kick his azz out!

2053 days ago


What a cop out.
I have no regard for that network anymore.
And why has he not been dropped by his record label?

2053 days ago


kids choice awards the first place goes to " a wife beater" for.. beating the be jesus out of a woman and running away from the scene..!!

2053 days ago


I won't even bother with the second site linked. Obviously that person is a complete moron and hopefully not married or a father as it seems he openly condones domestic assault. Im sure if not married that women will just be flocking to him at every turn now.

I did write to Nickelodeon though. I was surprised to learn that they would not have dropped him as an option instantly on hearing that he had apologized (and therefore admitted) to the assault.

Gee, did she slap him first and throw away his car keys? That sounds like a totally justifiable reason to smack, punch, bite, strangle then abandon her to the public. He was perfectly willing to leave her there beaten, heart broken. in need of medical and police help without any thought to the regards of her safety either before or after his disgusting assault. What a man! If only I could find such a winner. Unfortunately my husband supports our family, and doesn't even bother to give me a routine beating to show how much he cares. Doesn't love me as much as he should I guess.

I am disturbed in so many ways. He had a lifetime of witnessing his mother go through this type of abuse so in a way, even though that upbringing would make him more likely to offend in that manner than other men.....he also witnessed the aftermath and should have strived to make sure it never happened in his own relationships. The heartache of his mother, the emotional and physical scarring, the tears and the fear she faced every day and he managed to complete the cycle (and Im sure make her so proud) and inflict the exact same pain on another woman instead of becoming a man and learning from the mistakes he witnessed.

He deserves no support and no forgiveness. Show me a man who has beaten only one woman in his life and you are not showing me anyone who has redeemed himself. You are just showing me someone who has only been with one woman. THESE TYPES OF MEN DO NOT CHANGE.
They may learn to hit carefully to avoid bruising, they may learn to keep their women frightened and controlled therefor having less reasons to beat them. But they do not change and they do not stop.
19/20 years old is old enough to damn well know better. He is a pig and may just get lucky and never actually kill a woman but then again there will always be the losers with low self esteem that run to him thinking he'd never hit them so he will have ample victims to test that theory out on.

just a thought

2053 days ago


Rihanna admitted to beating him too. She is nominated by Nick too... So WTF is everyone so upset about??? They should both be kicked out or left in.

LADIES, STOP PLAYING THE VICITMS ALL THE TIME AND GROW UP! no one ever talks about men being harassed and beaten and yelled at... Sheesh, what's wrong with yall!???

Chris Brown is a 19 year old BOY! this case is anything but domestic violence... That was a couple of teenagers losing it. And she deserves a proper treatment in my opinion! Hitting him while he is driving? What about that? That might have caused a serious accident, imagine someone walking across the street while she throws a tantrum cause he got a text by some female. Her selfesteem is non-existent.

Take care of your f****ed up economy, your weird school system, teach your kids morals and live accordingly. And stop cheering Jerry Springer's guests on when they beat each other. Is that a case of domestic violence too? It's being broadcast on tv for everyone to see? In that case it's funny? Aha, funky weird of looking at people beating each other.., I've never heard of those cases being trialed...

you are all so fake!

i'm done

2053 days ago


ps. Michael Phelps is nominated too... Whooo isnt he one of them dangerous violent and what not pot heads???

just asking...

all those sceletons in closets....

2053 days ago


Oh, it shouldn't be up to the kids to decide. Oh no. Like Oprah says: once he hits you, he'll hit you again. And again. And a man who hits his girl has no place getting awards, ribbons, fame, celebration or anything like that. His ass belongs in jail. Jail. He gave Rihanna a black eye for god's sake:

2053 days ago


Does it really matter, Chris probably doesn't really care about winning awards right now, if he wins he wins because they like his music not for what he did to Rihanna, If Rihanna wins she winning because they like her or is it out of sympathy??

2053 days ago


This whole situation is really getting out of hand. Some of you people need to really give it a rest. Just doen't make any damn sense. What the hell does Chris or Rihanna for that matter, professions have to do with their personal lives? Nothing, those are two seperate thngs. As for Chris B., some might consider him a great artist and others may say he's a crappy boyfriend. So what, if you were in a simular situation, would you want people to clump together your personal business with your career? Hell no, I bet you would telling them to mind theirs and let you handle yours. Nickelodeon should keep Chris and let the kids decide. It's only a nomination, he might win he might not win. Who really cares? People please stop acting like this boy (Chris B.) is offering a class on "How To Properly Beat The Hell Out Your Girlfriend".

It's not that serious. His court dates to get here, soo he can plead whatever and get this sh*t over with. I'm tired of hearing about "Chris the womam beater". I wonder who's the nextt celebrity that's going to f*ckup majorly?

2053 days ago


How does a kid's choice award show have any legal ramification on a felony abuse case? I wish someone could explain that to me. So what if they choose not to kick him out? Can they use that in court? Don't send him to jail because children love him...? Doesn't make sense to me.

2053 days ago


I think the nick exec is right. Let the children decide whether they want him to win or not. Are they voting for role models or for the music they like? If chris has to go, then Rihanna should as well because they are both embroilled in this, he has not been convicted, the previous article indicates that she too has a violent streak, michael phelps smokes weed, jamie-lynn was pregnant at 16, miley cyrus is 15 and flaunting a 20yr old boyfriend.

Nick cannot take that stance and they know it.

2053 days ago
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