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Make it Rain -- Korean Singer Sued for $30 Mil!

3/9/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RainRain -- the so-called "Korean" Justin Timberlake -- is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing.

Rain, and a host of people in his camp, are being sued for bailing on a 2007 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrew Kim had the rights to the proposed concert -- but he took a huge financial hit when Rain bailed.

Rain was also sued in 2007 for missing a gig in Hawaii, allegedly over trademark and technical issues.

Kim is seeking an astronomical $30,000,000 -- plus punitive damages.


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I Luv BiRain

2052 days ago

say what    

A lot of angry bigots in here as usual. You focking morons have no clue....

I actually bought a ticket to see Rain at the staple center but had to drive back home after it was canceled only an hour before show time. I heard it got canceled b/c his equipments didn't pass fire inspection or something. Not sure. I've seen his music videos and seen him on television and he is the sweetest, most charming and talented entertainer in Asia.

2052 days ago



2052 days ago


Racism much?! so america is now much more accepting to black people, but not with asians.? tsk tsk.

i love Bi Rain but the producers got to do what they have to do.

2052 days ago


KPOP Rocks! Sorry to hear Rain's concert was canceled. I am sure the lawsuit will be settled according to the terms of their contract. Too many small minded individuals leaving racist and disrespectful comments.

2052 days ago


we coreans call him bubble of popularity.
silly presses made him a World star

2052 days ago


Whats up with the racist and stupid comments ?! If you don't have anything NICE or SENSIBLE to say then just shut up.
I feel so sorry for Rain, he has to pay for something he didn't even decided to do. How can you all be so mean?
He was sincerely sorry for all the inconvenience the cancelling may have created.
I hope everything goes on smoothly and there will be no more bad issues about him.
I love Rain and he's 100% not gay.

2052 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#12 - Rain lives in California now and is trying to get an english career off the ground, I imagine he'll be doing more gigs State side now.

I wonder if he bailed - the promoter might have messed up and trying to profit off of it anyway. Sometimes promoters start advertising and selling tickets before the artist has fully agreed to the terms. And then when they can't reach agreeement on terms the promoter tries to blame it on the artist for bailing when in fact the artist had never fully commited to the gig in the first place.

2052 days ago


no mater.......wat ever is his problem........... i just love him........... i realy do have a crush on him...............
rain..u rock n u r da best................... love u rain

2052 days ago

leona estep    

omG, what an idiot trying to sue rain over that, rain is so amazing, the guy should just get over it,.....the ass wipe

2052 days ago

TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

Whos is this guy and why do we care???

Did he do a duet with William Hung??

2052 days ago


Rain is really freaking talented, but a lot of asian artists have issues with making it big over here, so that might be why he's backing out of so much.

But at the same time, that's a poor reflection on him to keep backing out. Plenty of Korean artists show up for the Hollywood Bowl (I think that's it) in California every year, including 1TYM and Se7en.

But maybe if we showed these guys a LOT more respect for the talents they have, they wouldn't be backing out of everything.

2052 days ago


Damn there are some racist ass Mofo's on this site i'd like to meet and give them a swift kick to the nuts. IF you don't know the guy and don't care don't comment.

2051 days ago


Reason for the racist comments is because those guys were either beat up by an asian guy, or girl left for an asian so they feel bitter.

2051 days ago


#40, your funny there is no way a woman would leave a guy for an Asian. All women know asians dont measure up

2051 days ago
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