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OctoMom -- We've Seen the Birth Tape!!!

3/10/2009 8:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

octomomOctoMom Nadya Suleman hedged today when Dr. Phil asked her if the videotape of the births had ever been for sale -- "not certain," she said. Well, we're here to tell you it was for sale, because we saw it ... and we were asked to make an offer.

Harvey Levin saw the tape last Thursday. It's edited, but shows the births. Nadya told Dr. Phil the person who shot it was a close friend. When you see the video, it's clear the friend was annoying the doctors and nurses by getting in the way.

The agency that was brokering the deal told TMZ it was showing the video to various media outlets and would accept bids, but the agency put a temporary hold on the deal on Friday.

Let's put it this way. We've seen enough births now to last us 'tll 2011.


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80's Gal    

And ANOTHER thing.... I heard or read somewhere that a program like Jon & Kate Plus 8 would never fly in CA due to child labor laws or something like that. So if she DOES want to have a reality show, she will have to leave this state. Good riddance!

2054 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Didn't we already talk about this? There are other large families out there that sell there kids images and we don't complain about them what's the difference? Birth is a beautiful thing children brought out into this world is a wonderful sight and the video would be good for doctors to watch to help them be ready for multiple births.

2054 days ago


This woman is a COMPLETE waste of space. And why people are giving her this faux celebrity status is beyond me. How can a "mother" attempt to make money off the births of her children. And let's not forget the 6 she's already got at home that are more than likely neglected. This woman is getting hand outs left and right, but yet there are people in this world who have had children the natural way who can't get any kind of assistance. She is getting nursing care for those 8 babies that costs over 100K a MONTH. Most US citizens won't see 100K from working for 2 years. And to think---she has NO JOB. She is totally relying on getting whatever handouts she can get to support 14 kids. People like her should not even be allowed to have children.

2054 days ago


I wish she'd off herself, then those kids would have a decent life!

2054 days ago


Ok, I'm done. Someone let me know when the nutcase is carted off to the psych ward, and someone acts on the best interests of the children.

2054 days ago


The state should take those kids away from this unfit mother ,
she sould stop "Pimping her kids"
Stop The Insanity !!!!!!!!!

2054 days ago


who cares about this loser. when are we not gonna hear her name again.

2054 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Where is the love, people?????

2054 days ago


this woman is a lliar and is using her children and/or situation to make money and/or be in the limelight...she obviously craves attention and is loving each and every moment that the paps are there taking her pic and asking questions as if she was some sort of movie star....we all need to back off and not keep giving her what she wants so these children might have half a chance in life...seriously......myself included....the last thing this crazy person needs is someone or something validating her and her's sick

2054 days ago


59. Where is the love, people?????Posted at 11:05PM on Mar 10th 2009 by I am the walrus

in your pocket with pictures of old dead guys on them? that is the only kind of LOVE this p.o.s. wants from you. People are angry and venting safely; and they have every right to do just that.

2054 days ago


She has sold her vagina, labia & the bodies of her newborn infants, for money. She couldn't sell her value. This thing, is a 'mother' ????

2053 days ago

Jesus juice    

OK #53.....Hi Nadya...(sounds like Nadya from the mentally challenged comment)....? 1st of all Nadya...for your small brain that cannot comprehend reality...Yes, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold their babies pictures--NOT THE BIRTH though. And the proceeds were donated to charity. Hmmmm...a wee bit different than them looking to make a quick buck. And BTW...Angelina WORKS for a living...(something you are ALLERGIC to) As for doctors needing to learn how to deal with multiples...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? LMAO!!! They DON'T need YOUR edited "home movie". If the docs that did your surgery were that interested in "teaching" other docs to do a C-Section...they would have had you sign a release and would have filmed it themselves. really do think that you and your CLOWNCAR are a big deal. You are nothing more than an ugly PIG.

2053 days ago

Samson Bible    

OMG EW EW EW EW EW!!! ....God she is low can she go for money? The birth of ones child should be a "" moment apparently and the fact that she is willing to sell for the highest price is gross...*gag*...The only birthing video i would watch is either when im pregnant and HAVE to watch it for Lamaze class or its my own and i want to count how many times i swear im going to kill my babies daddy...thats it!

2053 days ago


She is selling her "c--t". You know what that makes her.

2053 days ago


Califonia, never has the ability to make a good call,decision on any matter of import !!!A state that is bankrupt, has NO right to do anything other then look, laugh, at the miserable celebrities they prentend to grow !!(! always have/ an will)expect the rest of the USA to back their lousy lies up! Tell me which of the so called director/producers in Hollyweird have ever even dared to tell some sort or real story about themselves, or anyone else ever! Wha6t a joke!!

2053 days ago
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