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Jessica Simpson -- She's Got Legs...

3/15/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently daisy dukes are the new black, because Jessica Simpson's legs looked hot and slimmed during a performance in San Diego yesterday.

Everything covered in black, on the the other hand...


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She looks more and more like Sally Struthers each day...

1991 days ago


Since someone here mentioned she seemed like she was drunk, she has NOT gained weight in the belly because she is supposedly pregnant. She is bloated from alcohol. It is a known fact that alcoholics gain a lot of weight in the belly and it also bloats up the face. I know because I used to drink a lot, and it made me gain. She needs to quit it and go sober before she ends up seriously overweight. Look at Nick Carter and what he looked like when he was drinkinga nd doing drugs! Just sayin!

1991 days ago


it looks like baby weight but she's really gaining

1991 days ago


1. I so would not be surprised if this photo is photoshopped. First she is shown in a hot pink skirt that is super tight around the waist and now we are expected to believe that she has gained 10 -15 lbs all in her stomach? After all her boobs have always been huge for her frame.

2. That is a horrible angle. I have no problem calling myself fat...because I am. I have serious issues with TMZ and other tabloids calling celebrities fat because they have a little pudge.

3. If she is pregnant, good for her! I wish her all the happiness and I hope she doesn't lock her keys in the car with her kid (it happens at least one time to every mother) becaause it is a terrifying experience. And why does she have to "announce" her pregnancy? I've never understood this part about fans. You are supposed to admire their work, not their personal lives. I know the line has become blurry in the past ten years or so but pregnancy might be a private thing that they don't wish to share just yet.

1991 days ago


ETProducerJenJust saw Jessica Simpson perform- sounded great & looked amazing! Was wearing her signature Daisy Dukes. Whit & I would kill for her legs!!

twittered last night people. Expect to see it Monday nite show. Quit all the damn hate!

1991 days ago


She looks the same as when you called her "fat"...come on guys need to get your eye's checked...or you hearts.

1991 days ago

YA YA    

she does have a problem with alcohol and is very BLOATY.

1991 days ago


Alcohol is not the only thing that can cause bloating.

Foods that are high in salt and carbs can make you bloat as well.

French fries, pasta, bread, baked potatoes....

1991 days ago


SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO PREGNATE! Watch You'll see! Mark My Words!!

1991 days ago


OMG!!!!! Thats fat alright PREGNANCY fat ill say......She's trying to wear a belt to make a waist lol, shes toooo rounded she looks about 5 months now

1991 days ago

W T F ?    

She looks awful!!! Jes, get a stylist! If you have one, get another!!!

1991 days ago


You people are so fuxan stupid...

Pregnancy fat has a solid shape to it. Everything that she's displaying around her middle has no shape, it's just blob & jelly like. And, if you are stupid enough to believe for one second that Jessica Simpson could or would keep quite that she was pregnant then you need to be in a mental institution...She would be screaming it, gushing about it, and have an ear to ear smile on her face 24/7 from the first second she found out.

1991 days ago


What's up with the face on here stomach in the picture on the right???? Looks like a guy with glasses.

1991 days ago


Jessica would only be considered fat in Hollywood but she does need to stop drinking so much. Her face and belly look bloated. In the pictures it looks like she has a belly flap.

1991 days ago


Should have said " HER" not "here", stomach. It's early, what can I say.

1991 days ago
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