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The Lowdown on Lindsay

3/15/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay lohan, samantha ronsonLindsay Lohan is technically a wanted woman, but it's unlikely she'll be arrested before her showdown in court tomorrow.

As we reported, a Beverly Hills judge issued the warrant Friday after honchos from the alcohol ed program claimed Lindsay wasn't complying with the terms of her probation. We're told the alleged violation is not about her using drugs or alcohol -- it's about enrollment in the program... something her new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, calls a "misunderstanding."

Cops were called to Sam's home yesterday after Sam and Lindsay got in a nuclear argument. Police went to the door but Lindsay and Sam wouldn't open it. LAPD sources say they will not arrest Lindsay on the warrant, partly because of confusion over the manner in which it was issued.

Lindsay is in hiding now. She won't go near Bev Hills because cops there will arrest her if they find her.

We're told as of now she won't appear in court tomorrow morning. That will change if the judge demands her presence.

Stay tuned...


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She's not to bloody bright, is she? First, she tanked a seemingly-stellar career. Then she boozes and drugs until she becomes more noticeable than the average Hollywood boozer and drugger. Then she abducts people in their own car. Judge gives her an easy deal, and what does she do? She blows it! Does she stay clean and show up for testing? No! And now she's in hiding?!? How long does Miss Camera-lover think she can stay clear of Beverly Hills? Does she think the judge is just going to "forget" about this? Why not just grow up and face the consequences? It's not like she'll face anything significant, like you or I would. Frankly, she's a real chip off the old Michael Lohan block, which is NOT a good thing.

2047 days ago


The Train wreck has reached the end of the rails.. almost? She needs some basic jail time, and no more special handling from the police and judges. She is TOAST! She has to stop blaming anyone else for her stupid actions.

2047 days ago



2047 days ago


They both need to be sent to jail and then to counseling. Too much arguing and domestic abuse.

2047 days ago

too sad    

misunderstanding ??










2047 days ago

too sad    

everybody knows there is no " misunderstanding "
all these new problems get in the way her shopping and boozing .
she looks like a 40 year old, how old is she now ?
have the courts got video of her chasing / driving back to l.a from vegas drunk ?
get her off the roads and make them safe for regular people before she kills some innocent person or two .
so sickof these so called celebs with no talent using up all my tax money.
britney, paris, nicole, kardasian, li-lo, octo mum, michael jackson,
all has beens , nobody, wanna bes , .....waste of time.....
such a sad society to praise them and let them get away with murder .
at least karma caught up with o.j but really,
where is the justice ?

2047 days ago


I know Lindsay and she is on drugs again. She buys it from my brother. She thinks because she is a CELEB she will never get in trouble. We always tell her look at Paris and she says Paris is not a CELEB just a rich girl who made friends with CELEBS. Lindsay thinks she is untouchable with her pale skin, and her skinny ass. She has gotten so skinny it is disgusting. Her and Sam look like two Skeletons kissing. They are both druggies and need help. To bad no one cares enough about them to actually help them instead of reep of the benefits of knowing them.

2047 days ago


Leave her alone already....she's just a poor, confused idiot, that's all. Geez.

2047 days ago

My two cents    

I think it is very sad that this young lady has done nothing more than just trash her entire life. I think she has great talent but all this constant drama in her life is simply destroying any opportunities out there for her in the future. If you ask me, she just asks and begs for the trouble and drama and has brought all of this crap upon herself.

2047 days ago

Dating Misanthrope    

what I want to know is if the cops were called due to a domestic dispute, don't they HAVE to see Lindsay and Sam? How can they refuse to open the door? I thought there were laws about this......anycokeheadfukery.....I hope she goes the way of Tara Reed......a Z lister that can't even get into the clubs. What a way to waste a career.

2047 days ago


I don't know about California, but, here in Florida if you have a warrant for your arrest and the police are called to your home, they take you to jail! Everytime a police officer is called to your home for ANY reason (even if you call them for help), the police run a check for warrants on all adults in the house. I don't think that it's fair to us average Joes that the so-called "justice system" shows such favortism to the celebrities and rich. Had Paris Hilton and all of the other celebs that have been sentenced to jail time been here in Florida, they would've served their time, none of that sitting there for a couple of hours and being released due to over-crowding. Our jails are over-crowded and every day judges sentence people and those people do their time!

2047 days ago


Why does this little bitch get away with everything? She's not even an actress anymore just a big ole mess. She needs to be held accountable for her actions just like everyone else. I don't have any kind of police record but I bet if it was just plain old me they would have dragged me out of that house & put my ass in jail! Preffrential treatment for a coked out washed up actress?

2047 days ago


I am a Hollywood insider. Most people don't understand why Lindsey is so smitten with Samantha, but some of Sam's ex-lesbian-lovers have remarked about how well Sam satisfies a woman in bed, Sam is legendary within the lesbian community for her prowess using a huge strap-on dildo that she exhaustively uses on her girl-lovers. Most of Sam's lesbian lovers say Sam is better than any man they have ever had. In fact, most of Sam's female lovers had never had a gay experience before bedding Sam. I have personally had girls tell me that Sam's strap-on is huge and nearly impossible for them to accommodate. But once they eventually do, Sam can go for hours bringing them to one incredible climax after another

2047 days ago


she wont show up - shes all jacked up on drugzzz

2047 days ago


She is a has-been, her looks from her younger years have dramatically changed, not that she was ever cute or pretty, but she is so drugged out looking, she is mentally ill (just like her ugly Mother), obviously squandered her money away (mostly by the crap she puts up her nose), she has to live with the other coke head and has manic behavior almost daily. Hollywood this is classic Psychology 101. Any film-maker that would put her in a movie ever again, is desperate themselves and I know of no one that would watch it, she is a failure beyond words. People my age (23) don’t need role models, we are mature and have a life, we don’t want to pay money to watch this nasty individual ever in a trailer for a movie, please don’t do that to us. She needs to go to jail, follow the laws of this country, and grow up. If she wants to continue to kill herself with her behavior, let her do it on a deserted island, where she can’t hurt innocent people. Beverly Hill, Hollywood, and LAPD, stop being “star struck” and lock her up. But while she is in jail, someone should evaluate her and realize she is bi-polar and probably suffers from Schizoid personality disorder, which includes being narcissistic (for which I haven’t a clue as to why). She went from one guy after another to now a “girl”; well I think she is a girl, what is she searching for?? A stay in jail and a Psychiatric Unit would do her some good. People wake up before it’s too late, she is not worth our time, but I write out of anger, that most people my age, work hard, go to school, have self-respect, live our lives with dignity and look towards the future, no one I know, or would want to know behaves like Lindsay Lohan, and if anyone says these words come from jealousy not anger, trust me, I make my own money, have a luxury car, designer clothes, handbags, jewelry, etc., but most of all I have respect for myself and other people, material items come last, God comes first and caring for other people and to try and make this a safer and better world for everyone, not destroy it. Got it Lindsay and your Mother too!!

2047 days ago
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