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Jackie Mason -- How Dare You Say I'm Racist

3/16/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Jackie Mason was pissed Sunday as he left a gig in New Jersey, in the wake of criticism that he was wrong to have called President Barack Obama a "schwartza."

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TMZ posted a story yesterday about Mason's performance Thursday at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency in NYC. He referred to the Prez as a "schwartza" -- the literal translation in Yiddish is "Black" -- but some say it's a disparaging reference to African Americans, akin to the "N" word.

Mason repeated his frustration -- he believes "White people have no freedom of speech." He also says there's a complete double standard -- that Chris Rock can trash whites without apology or criticism.


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Yikes, and everyone else still playing with a 200 year old deck of cards, I work with SEVERAL black ladies and I adore every one of them. They're ALL intelligent, single mothers, receiving zero assistance, receiving zero child support and not a one of them complains, EVER. They're responsible for their position in life, responsible for their child(ren) and the paths those children are on to become productive, responsible members of society. Working 3rd shift my customers are 90% black, do I follow them around the premises? Hell no, I have no more reason to suspect them than I do the white people strolling around. Maybe you're in the wrong d@mn store and it's time to shop somewhere else.

2015 days ago


Kudos to those ladies you work with Luciana (shows that they want a brighter more optimistic future for themselves and their kids).

I'll admit that all the comments here have made me think that through out history there have been plenty of recorded atrocities done (and plenty not recorded), by all races towards other races and to people of their own race. It goes to show that humanity hasn't evolved much in my opinion. There will always be people playing whatever angle they can to get the results they want (regardless of what race they are).

I'd have a lot more respect for any other individual who can admit that their race is just as guilty as any other, than one who hides behinds century old facts. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it a white president who plunged the country into civil war to abolish slavery? Maybe my facts are wrong?!?

Regardless.... I think black women ARE HOT!!! Yummy punani!

2015 days ago


Political correctness.what a crock. It is like the Icing on a covers the mould underneath. Whatever nomenaclature that People of color want applied to them, this month , next month , subsequent months, ad finitum.......It will be a very insular world for you, because you allow no-one to speak.everything is offensive to you. You are so intent on your own rights, your own selves, that you are re-segretating yourselves. Perhaps we should just eradicate the word white: no white snow, no white clouds, no white sheep, no white beards, no white hair. .etc. etc. Let us just eradicate anythig, furniture, paper, linens, appliances, clothes, shoes .....let us not forget white-out............. I cannot address you, because it would appear that everything offends you..but , Sweet Jesus, isn't your constant nit-picking & whining just a little Pathological . Or do you just enjoy wallowing in martyrdom to which you are addicted ........

2015 days ago


Being a person of mixed-races I am unbiased and I can honestly say that I agree with Mr. Mason. He should not have to defend himself AND Caucasians ARE the minority ! Kids in grade school are trying to be ( or being persuaded to be ) something other than white ! Since when has it been NOT OK to be white ? I am truly embarrassed to live in this beautiful country that has fought for our freedom ( ALL COLORS ) and now we are being singled out and accused of being RACISTS ! SChools don't have White Student Unions any more but there are all others. Why?

2015 days ago


He is 100% correct. There is a double standard. White people making racial jokes? Well they must be a nazi or part of the KKK!
Black, hispanic, asian person making a racial joke? Oh they're just being funny.........

2015 days ago


Logan, you are the epitome of ignorant bias. Consequently, in your mind, you will always be right. It would be pointless to point out the Global history of slavery, because Slavery to you, equates with Africans., to the exclusion of anyone else. Your assessessment of the degree of suffering, of slaves, globally & comparitively,is flawed inaacurate & irrelevent, based upon your unilateralistic bias.............& lack of global perspective & historical fact.

2015 days ago


Why is everyone saying "this happened 400, 200 years ago?" Racism is still alive today! Slavery didnt end until the late 1800's! Segregation didnt end until the late 60's! My mother isn't even 50 yet and she remembers a time where she couldnt piss in the same public restroom as a white person. She couldnt go to school with white people. She remembers cross burnings happening recently as the 1980's on a large scale. Black youths are being killed by police for no reason on a regular basis today! How can anyone use the "it was 200 years ago" argument? It's silly at best. The african disapora BEGAN around 1600... thats about all that was 400 years ago. And it lasted for hundreds of years and the residual racism that was a result of it still permeates society around the world to this day. Go to places like Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Europe, etc.. and you'll see racism against blacks is the same if not worse than it is here in America.

And you want me to not use MY freedom of speech to speak out against this guy? I mean what are you guys really smoking?

2015 days ago


# @ 172. Logan, you are the epitome of ignorant bias. Consequently, in your mind, you will always be right. It would be pointless to point out the Global history of slavery, because Slavery to you, equates with Africans., to the exclusion of anyone else. Your assessessment of the degree of suffering, of slaves, globally & comparitively,is flawed inaacurate & irrelevent, based upon your unilateralistic bias.............& lack of global perspective & historical fact.

Posted at 2:26PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Mark

Global slavery that didnt happen in America has nothing to do with what is actually going on in America. Jews want to believe that they were slaves in Africa, well those slaves were actually the real hebrew (black) jews, not the white europeans masquerading as jews today

2015 days ago


I am black and I am uncomfortable when blacks make generalizations against whites, whites make generalizations against blacks, etc. If you want to look at it from a historical point of view - black people put up with it for centuries coming from whites - slavery, Jim Crow laws, the civil rights movement, and even today - the ignorant occurrences within the workforce and just being able to travel from town to town without being harassed. That being said, two wrongs don't make a right. I can definitely see where Jackie Mason is coming from. Why can Chris Rock get away with it and he "can't?" White people have freedom of speech, they just don't have the same history in this country as blacks. I wish we all could just get along and let all this go - don't forget our history, but don't punish those who are not ignorant for other peoples' ignorance!

2015 days ago


Everybody black and white and in between knows it's no secret that the majority of blacks are not just wanting equal rights because they not only have had it for years but now have more rights than whites. People are afraid not to hire them because they scream racism. They have every program known to man at their disposal, that they can get in just by saying they or their kid has ADD or something lame like that. They can have any kind of education they want that isn't so easily accessible for whites. They leave us holding their doors at the mall without a "thank you" pushing their way through crowds without an "excuse me" walking accross streets as slow as they can, all awhile looking dead at you, like "what are you gonna do about it?" I say the majority because I did property Mngmnt in Detroit and surrounding suburbs, so I know. My two most dearest friends in the world are black, so you can not call me a racist. I am just speaking facts. One of them is an attorney and and the other is a therapist from Africa and both are Christians who didn't vote for Obama. And why do they want to be called African Americans when they know very well that black Africans are not even in the same category as American blacks. Black Africans are respectable and not obnoxious loud mouth racists with entitelment attitudes. You always know when ones around in the shopping mall like they always have to be the center of attention or something. And always the first ones to publicly lay into people because they aren't getting their way again. Before you know it, whites will have to sit at the back of busses and drink out of their own fountains...if blacks have their way. I know blacks who call themselves Christians and still voted for a man who is trying to pass anti-biblicle laws and is the most Liberal President we ever had. And the whites who voted for him did it out of guilt, to prove to the blacks that we aren't racist anymore...As if we have anything to prove? It's just their manipulative way of turning things around and getting more then any person white or black should have. Whites need to stop being so stupid and letting them push us around and bully us with that flippen race card all the time. One of my all time favorite people is a black man who is also a Conservative, right wing Republican. I love him because he tells it like it is...he's one of the few blacks honest and ballsy enough to tell the truth. Oh if a black comedian said something about whites (which they always do) no one would care. This racist card is a tool they are using to get more and more and more and get eveyone to bow down to them, which they've already pretty much managed to do. They already act like they rule the flippen place!

2015 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Wow. I hadn't read most of the comments before I posted my first response. A lot of you guys need to pick up a history book and stop relying on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to explain race relations in America to you.

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. If Jackie Mason is gonna say "schwartza" then he better be ready for Al Sharpton and whoever else is going to be offended. How come freedom of speech doesn't extend to those listening?????? Makes no sense.

As far as people misunderstanding yiddish - as a native New Yorker - I KNOW that the S-word (if you will) deponds largely on context. I mean, Negro means Black in Spanish - but I DO NOT wish to be called that and I don't identify as a Negro. That is MY choice and that is MY right.

You people need to learn that you don't get to name us anymore, ok? I mean look at all the names YOU call people that have turned out to be offensive - it isn't just black people. Let's reivewi, shall we? You told us to call latin people hispanics - which is a made up word that means nothing. You told us asian people were orientals as if the actual country of origin couldn't be identified. And last but certainly not least - the group of people you raped, pilaged and stole this country from -the NATIVE Americans -were "Indians" cause some jackass got lost.

Now, I know all this was some time ago, but I stand firm against revisionist history. Accept the bad history and MOVE ON. People cannot "let it go" because america won't acknowledge and accept that there are some VERY shameful periods in our history.

2015 days ago

legal beagle    

You are probably right about the double standard but when a Jewish person uses that word it is like
using the N word. it is a negative description for a black person, I don`t believe any comedian
white or black should be calling the president the N word.

2015 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ 175. Having Black friends doesn't prevent you from being a racist.

You are a racist because you believe that race is the primary determinant for human traits and/or you prejudge based on race. After reading your post, you seem like a racist.

Please don't get it twisted. People of color can be racist or prejudiced against their OWN people. I could go into self-hate and the sciene behind how and why - but I know an articulate explanation will be lost on the majority of you klansmen that are posting on TMZ. So I will sum up. Just because your black friends co-sign your BS racists views -doesn't make you right, ok?

2015 days ago


Had seen the Video of TMZ trying to annoy Mason. Why wasn't the picture of the swartza lawyer who was trying to interview him shown.

2015 days ago


here's what i have to say to the "angry black man" SO WHAT, NOW WHAT?????? get on with your life. The successful black people i see are one's who arent angry and racist. They are the "condoleeza rices" of this world. The respectable non angry pointing fingers, non ghetto, not disrepectful. Those are the one's i have deep respect for. The one's who cry about racism all the time are the ones i find it VERY hard to have respect for. I try. but i cant respect that type of character. It's weak and shallow and has no integrity. and for the record, "conservative" i know exactly what your talking about. If i'm driving my car and a black person is crossing the street, they usually slow down and look at me as if they want me to hit them. It kills me. It's so ghetto and they dont even realize what fools they look like. it's almost funny .

2015 days ago
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