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Jackie Mason -- How Dare You Say I'm Racist

3/16/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Jackie Mason was pissed Sunday as he left a gig in New Jersey, in the wake of criticism that he was wrong to have called President Barack Obama a "schwartza."

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TMZ posted a story yesterday about Mason's performance Thursday at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency in NYC. He referred to the Prez as a "schwartza" -- the literal translation in Yiddish is "Black" -- but some say it's a disparaging reference to African Americans, akin to the "N" word.

Mason repeated his frustration -- he believes "White people have no freedom of speech." He also says there's a complete double standard -- that Chris Rock can trash whites without apology or criticism.


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Why is it ok for black comedians to make fun of white people but when a white person does it ,we are racsist

2026 days ago


@ #115. Logan....quit getting your statistics off Bet news!! You're way off if you want to talk real percentages! And your comments clearly show that you have no concept of personal responsiblity....look it up! I bet you're a card carrying member of the ACLU too, huh?

Posted at 12:23PM on Mar 16th 2009 by Steph

If you want to dispute what I say come with facts that you can actually back up. I've debated this issue for the past 15 years and I'm pretty good at it. If you want to swing swords bring the sword of fact not the sword of fiction

2026 days ago


FINALLY!!! A celebrity with GUTS. Jackie is saying what we ALL know. Enough with this Double standard.I'm hispanic and feel
that groups like "LA RAZA" and the AL SHARPTON & JESSE JACKSONS' got the Country in a Fearful Panic. ruining good people by calling them a disgusting word like Raclst. Nice try... but Jackie's not biting. You are my new HERO JACKIE MASON!

2026 days ago


It's not all about slavery - it's about going into a store present day and still being followed around b/c I'm black. It's about working with people that dislike me b/c of my color not b/c of my ability to do the job. It's about people in the south where racism is much more prevalent with white people hanging nooses from trees and declaring areas at school for whites only. The next time you want to whine about all the freedoms you don't have b/c of political correctness try seeing the bigger picture. You may think racism doesn't exist but that's b/c you are the majority. You have no idea what it's like to be reminded that you're black all day every day - just reading what a lot have posted on this site is case in point. Why as white people do you feel a sense of entitlement? Get over yourselves and move on!

2026 days ago


Attention jewish & white bigots. The reason a "race card" if you will is played, seriously, is because that 1 card is up against a stacked deck. So in essence, your whiny asses are complaing that a minority uses a defense, 1 little ass card, and it upsets you despite the fact that you hold the deck!

Now how insecure and little and pitiful can you be if you hold the deck, the deck is stacked, and we remind you of how much you remind us of the devil?

Please continue to exalt how insecure you are against a people you treated like subhumans and who you continue to try to dog!

2026 days ago

something smells    

my parents always said that word when I was growing up and they were racist. they said it in a bad way.

2026 days ago


Isnt amazing how whites have become experts on when the feelings of blacks should be hurt and what should be insulting to blacks? I just think your mastery of our feelings as a race is akin to reading our minds. How mighty white of you. I guess you people have excused and gotten over Jesse jackson's use of the term "hymie town?" Jackie Mason's free speech should include my right to say he should die in an oven? I mean, is it possible that whites and jews can dictate what is insulting to us, then we should dictate what is insulting to you?

Fair is fair right?

2026 days ago


Logan...Would you like to discuss how long whites and hispanics
typically rely on welfare as opposed to blacks? How about those
I didn't realize you'd made welfare statistics your life's work, but if it makes you feel better!

2026 days ago


He's right.

2026 days ago


Can somebody let Jackie Mason know ,HE'S NOT WHITE!!!!

2026 days ago


I would also like to remind people that Jews were slaves in Africa, in Egypt and Ethiopia. That's right, victims of the slave trade do not hold the monopoly on injustice as slaves.

2026 days ago


White guilt is dead. The man in the white house is black. Get over it!!!!

2026 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Before people toss the term "raciest" around they better learn how to speak Yiddish. . . next thing you know Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton will be demanding justice for the term Shiksa! Didn't Mel Brooks use the term "schwartza" in the movie Blazing Saddles? Is he a raciest too?

2026 days ago


OMG! If your black it's ok to scream we have a black president all over national TV, but if your white... it's racist! WTH! this is ridiculous! ALL YOU PEOPLE FIRED UP ABOUT US HAVING A "BLACK" PRESIDENT, DON'T FORGET HE'S 1/2 WHITE TOOO! IDIOTS!

2026 days ago

Spanky. Put down the pipe, get some dentures, shoes, clean clothes, learn to read, try to get beyond the 6th grade so you can then move out of the trailer that is leaning against the tree. When these things have been accomplished, Remove the fridge and other rusting appliances and vehicles from the front yard.

2026 days ago
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