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Natasha Richardson Flown to New Hospital

3/17/2009 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonUPDATE 2:00 PM ET -- The hospital tells TMZ Richardson is sedated and suffering from brain swelling -- but, contrary to some reports, is not brain dead. We can't confirm the accuracy of the hospital's statements, or the other reports circulating the web -- fact is, right now we just don't know.

UPDATE: 1:37 PM ET -- We're told Richardson's jet was scheduled to take off from Montreal-Trudeau Airport. A rep for the airport said the jet is either still there or has just taken off.

We're told Natasha Richardson has been transported from the hospital in Canada via ambulance. CTV says she boarded a private jet -- we do not know where the jet has gone, but we believe it's New York City.

Richardson was accompanied by a medic team for the flight.

Story developing ...


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A few thoughts in response to questions posted here from a Montrealer - She was skiing at Mont-Tremblant in Quebec which is definitely not high enough to cause altitude sickness. Montreal is a major city, with 2-3 million people, and good health care/doctors HOWEVER the physical structures (hospital/clinics/equipment) resemble a third world country (I was just in a hospital for non-urgent reasons today and I was shocked by the conditions). If there was any chance of survival, I would bet that her husband and family were not comfortable taking a chance on what looks like, from an outsider, used to NY conditions, such an out-dated health care system. (That's socialized medicine for you - but at least everyone has access to it!)

I feel for the family and hope the transfer to NY is a sign that there is a sign that there is at least a chance for survival!

2011 days ago


The 2nd hospital that she was taken to is the best in Quebec. I live in Montreal. My son was rushed their last January due to being stabbed at a party while he was saving a girl from being attacked. She is being taken care by the best in Trauma care for Quebec and Eastern Canada!

2011 days ago


FoxNews has just reported she IS brain dead. She is being flown to NYC. She will be taken off life support.

Very sad!!!!

2011 days ago

DJ Jazzy Geoff    

Hey, look at Sam Anders....he was brain dead....and he's bouncing back........just plug her in.

2011 days ago


Was she wearing a helmet? If she was and she was still this seriously injured, I would like to know the helmet brand she was wearing.

If she was wearing a helmet and taking a private lesson on a beginner hill, there is no way she was going fast enough to hit her head and get seriously injured.

If she was not wearing a helmet, she could have been going very slowly, hit her head and suffered a catastrophic injury.

2011 days ago


I have the highest respect for Mr. Neeson as a person and professionally as an actor. My prayers are with her and her family.

I think TMZ should slam Perez Hilton for once again reporting false information. Less than an hour ago he was reporting that Natasha Richardson had died. Now when you go to his website he has changed his headlines saying that "that other website got it wrong." I wonder if that "other website" is also the one who ecouraged him to report that Fidel Castro was dead. He broke that "exclusive" story and assured his readers that he was 100% accurate that Fidel was dead. hmmm..

2011 days ago


What could have possibly happened? What kind of a fall did she take to have caused so much damage. She was on a beginner slope. Could she have had a stroke? No visible signs of trauma were reported after she fell. Makes no sense.

2011 days ago

hollywood resident    

Bless her and lord look over this lovley woman

2011 days ago


CRICKEY! A real celeb story! On TMZ no less! Is it April 1st?

2011 days ago


Well at least Canada's Universal Health Care allows everyone to be cared for. I would think less people would die that way than the millions of Americans who go without healthcare and die painful deaths because nobody will treat their cancer.

And while we are on the subject of Perez Hiltion, has anyone ever noticed how he BLATANTLY rips off It's so totally obvious that I can't believe he hasn't been called out on it yet!

2011 days ago

The 1 & Only    

It is very sad how some news sites want to get such awful news first so bad that they go ahead and run a story that isn't true. Fox New's site is very tasteless - It says "Coming home to die?" Why would they put that on there. That's so disrespectful.

2011 days ago


Perhaps she suffered from a stroke or aneurysm?

2011 days ago

Toni K.    

People keep asking how she can have a traumatic brain injury when she was up and talking right after her fall. Everyone needs to know that this is NOT UNCOMMON. Some blows to the head cause slow bleeds or swelling that takes a while to manifest, but can be extremely deadly. This is why anybody who has taken a knock to the head needs to pay close attention for hours afterward and preferably should not be left alone, and why victims of concussion are not allowed to sleep for more than two hours in a row the night after their injury -- they have to be checked to make sure mental function, consciousness, etc. are all unimpaired.

2011 days ago


I read the family is releasing a statement tomorrow. That makes me think she has passed away. Also uncle Colin Redgrave released statement this morning that he was 'very saddened'. That doesn't sound good, now does it? My heart goes out to this amazing family and especially to Liam and his sons. How tragic.

2011 days ago

clare knight    

Fox News is reporting whatever the NY Post is reporting, they have the same owner, so there's nothing new. As to why they are so tasteless and tactless, first of all, it's Fox News, so what else would you expect?, and second, she is a liberal, so they probably cannot wait for her to die. Hope she proves them very wrong!

2011 days ago
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