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Taylor Hicks Tickets -- Totally Worthless

3/17/2009 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's not a charity show, it's not a fundraiser ... Taylor Hicks concert tickets have now been reduced to a whopping $0.00 -- and it still hasn't sold out. Soul Patrol!

The season five "American Idol" winner was originally scheduled to perform at The Roxy on Sunset tomorrow night -- for $36.50 a ticket. But in the last few hours, a bunch of tickets wound up on -- a website which claims to offer ticket discounts because, "Not every show sells out, so instead of letting seats go empty, venues list them with us to sell to our members."

Now, instead of offering the usual half-price discount, Hicks tix are being given away for nothing ... nada .. zip ... zilch ... except an $8.75 service fee.

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2048 days ago


Hard to feel sorry for him. He shouldn't have been such a miserable, arrogant, unlikable jackass when he was on the show. The greatest talent will go NOWHERE if that unlikability factor is high enough. Wonder if this will humble him at all. Somehow I doubt it.

2048 days ago


Why don't these people get it and get another job besides singing? NOBODY wants to see them!

2048 days ago


Um IF he had ANY talent... people MIGHT want ot hear this ugly loser sing.. Personaly I dont! He SUX!!! Move on!

2048 days ago

Yeti Lee    

They really should pay us a service fee for going to see such garbage.

2048 days ago


Man, wish I could go. He's fun to watch. And his talent lies in entertaining people which has been lost on the screaming generation.

2048 days ago


American Idol is for 10-12 year olds who thought Kelly Clarkson was cool. She isn't, she sings the same notes, the same boring and angry lyrics and she has more ego than talent in anything! The only decent star to come out of it has been Carrie Underwood and only because she worked her butt of to make a new identity for herself. How many more of these excruciating wanna be's must we contend with before they call it already!

2048 days ago


I think Mr. Hicks is " ONE OF THE WORST AI WINNER " ! ! ! ! and because of that I don't watch Amercian Idol ":no more" ! in My books Mr. Daughtry should had won The Amercian Idol !

2048 days ago


That Worthless Piece of Cr@p Taylor Hicks, is a Nerd, Geek, Loser, as so is that Crummy American Idol show, that is ripping off the american public. When will Taylor Hicks & AI go away forever......

2048 days ago


Zazoo, I don't know what planet you're on, but he was an absolute nightmare on that show behind the scenes, and it quickly became public knowledge, as the other idol contestants started talking. One factor in his winning the 'popular vote' was that people would rather see him win than McPhee. His unlikability factor, despite what you say, is why his success has gone NOWHERE. Even Ruben Studdard enjoyed more success. Do your homework mate.

2048 days ago


"Worth seeing? Yes; but not worth going to see"
Samuel Johnson

2048 days ago


to all that feel sorry for him wake up he won a million dollors

2048 days ago


oh and by the way, you wanna talk arrogant? I know journalists that would NOT interview daughtry because of his arrogance. plus the man makes my ears bleed. thank GOD we haven't heard from him in awhile and thank god DAVID COOK shows daughtry what ROCK is supposed to sound like.

2048 days ago


If he was so "unlikable" then why did he win the POPULAR vote defying the judges/producers obvious dislike of him. I did not find him arrogant or unlikable at all, rather the opposite. He's just not everyone's cup of tea, after all he was the Anti-Idol. Then again, look at how many former Idols also have marginal commercial success.

Posted at 6:27PM on Mar 17th 2009 by zazooo

BECAUSE he was voted in as a joke by the people on the "VOTEFORTHEWORSEdotcom" .
Every year they tip the scales. That's why people like him and sanjaia and make it. Also why they are changing up the rules.

2048 days ago


HA! prove it.

2048 days ago
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