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Bob Dylan's Crap -- Blowin' in the Wind!

3/18/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Bob Dylan thinks his s**t don't stink, then take a whiff of this: His neighbor has five industrial fans blowing his porta-potty tainted air right back at him!

Cindy Emminger: Click to watch
Cindy Emminger -- who lives directly across the street from Dylan and the portable toilet his security staff reportedly uses -- showed off the mechanical scent repellent she's using to fight the stink, and warned the odor is even worse at night.


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TMZ, this is ridiculous. That lady is a loon and wants to cause a big stink herself. Why is it that she is the only one in that neighborhood complaining????? Somebody should knock her off. Dylan Rocks!

2024 days ago


Hey, I'd leave it up if that woman was my neighbor too. She looks like a flakey bitch! He has a lot of land and horses. Would she rather they just go out in the yard?
Hey Bobby's so cool!!!!

2024 days ago


She like to conserve electric and water? lol Maybe it's her own feces she's smelling due to lacking to flush her own toilet? Maybe it's both. Did the TMZ camera guy get a whiff of anything?

2024 days ago


Typical Lib, to Cheap to build the basic indoor toilet needs for the average joe Guard.

2024 days ago


The neighbors have a lot of money. come on, they can just plunk down money for port-a-potty removal. I would so I can be the hero and then I will bill Bob Dylan.

2024 days ago


Hippie liberal douche. He has one of the WORST voices EVER. Like nails on a chalkboard.

2024 days ago


Once again TMZ......Facts are wrong! I have those same industrial fans in my house.........Target, only $29.99! Concentrate on what you know best.......Octomom!

2024 days ago


Is she fuming yet? Funny that the odor of a rancid toilet can make you want to
puke, and to do a fast puke, you have to stick your head in the toilet. Now THAT
seems like a CATCH-22 right there, doesn't it, when it's the toilet that makes
you want to puke in the first place! Sounds like a great way to get dehydrated
and require some regular vegetable stir-fry to get your electrolyte level back
up so you can clean out your intestines and make your outhouse stink less. It's
getting more complicated all the time. Geez, they have it tough in Malibu!

2024 days ago


This stupid cow should be more concerned with her own portable mess: the very ghetto basketball hoop at the curb. Now that's trash.

2024 days ago


Wow, Bob Dylan should get her and her trashy industrial fans kicked out of his neighborhood. Dylan is a legend and she should bow down and show respect. FYI, Bob Dylan has never stated his political party and yes, he was liberal back in the 60s but he did a lot of good things. That nut living across the street looks like a home-school mom liberal skank!

2024 days ago


Who cares what he has on his land???? He's freakin BOB DYLAN!!! The man is a genius and a living legend. I'd be honored to live near him no matter what! Besides, she never complains of the smell of wastes. She is complaining about chemical fumes.?.?. Sounds like shes a little full of SH*T!

2024 days ago


No sound card at work so can't hear the woman. But her body language says dweeb. And where did she get those clothes? No fashionista in Malibu! And where is the infamous portapotty? Can't see it. Like those fans are going to help. The ones on the balcony won't even blow over the railing. The only thing I liked about this video was her green tiled roof!

2024 days ago

Pope Of Eruke    

Reminds me of those old lyrics from Desolation Row:

Dr Filth he keeps his turds
Inside of a portable loo
But all his sexless neighbours
Are losing sleep and turning blue

2024 days ago

I live in the neighborhood    

This story is such a crock of sh*$. I live in the neighborhood and walk my dog by there just about every day. There is no smell from the outhouse, it's a long way from the street, the neighbors complaining are across the street, and the winds don't blow from the outhouse in the direction of the house with the problem. None of the other neighbors who are closer or downwind notice any smell. The news crews reporting this story don't notice any smell. These people have been running fans for months to draw attention to themselves, even though they admit the fans don't do any good. There's about as much truth in this story as our former president claiming there were WMD in Iraq and using that as an excuse for starting a war. Now the media is reporting the story as told to them by what appear to be professional victims looking at shaking down someone they think has deep pockets

2024 days ago


While Bob Dylan's Sh*t probably DOES in fact stink, it's highly unlikely any of it is in that Port-a-potty. Dylan hasn't left the road for more than a few weeks in 20 years (hence the fan-named "Never-Ending Tour"). He probably sees that place one or two weeks a year.

Otherwise, AJ Weberman would be living in it.

2022 days ago
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