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Martha Stewart "Not Coping" with Doggy Death

3/18/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly two weeks after a freak propane tank explosion killed her beloved Chow puppy, Ghenghis Khan, Martha Stewart told us she still isn't coping with the tragedy.

Martha Stewart: Click to watch
But if you examine the video extremely closely, you can see a hint of actual emotion in Martha's face.



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2043 days ago


Martha Stewart is an exceedingly talented and intelligent woman. That said, she's a rather cold, emotionally detached individual whose prizes possessions and accomplishments above involvement with other people. She's intensely competitive and sets herself apart and above others. Her reaction to the loss of her dog shows that she's not totally devoid of feelings.

2043 days ago

Linda Mott    

I lost my rottweiler in 1999 and I still cry about his death when I look at his pictures. So sorry Martha.

2043 days ago


People that love their pets have a special connection with them. Unlike people, dogs have an unconditional connection, yes even love for their humans. They do not judge us, they take us for who we are, so in this time of sorrow why should we scrutinize Martha's personality, instead, we should be scrutinizing pet resources. All you pet lovers make sure to carefully check all pet related items, especially kennels... have someone check on your animal when in boarding. Don't board them if you can, there are enough hotels around the world now that allow pets. If you are a celebrity you can certainly afford arrangements to bring your pets... take a look at some real life rescue dogs at: These dogs have stayed in executive suites and travel all over, their 'people' never allow a compromise, they stay where the people stay period.
Anyway, Martha my condolences. If it is any consolation, I am a veterinarian and, although I do not know the particulars of the accident, in fires and explosions, the animals are generally knocked out immediately by impact or gases and thus do not suffer. I have had experience with barn fires as the insurance vet and can say that none of those animals had suffered. I know this is little consolation, but at least it is a little solace to know that the animals did not suffer. Perhaps you could spend some time on animal products or dedicate some kind of work to trying to make the world a safer place for our beloved pets, this could help you through the grief. Check on as an example of what they are doing to make pet products safe.

2043 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Litzie, I'm really impressed with your psycho/emotional analysis of Mr. Stewart. If I may I'd like to give you a try.
Hm,hm...... Now, vat vee see here vis Litzie is a classic case of pseudo/intellectual egomaniacal transferrance. Litzie must enter into a false sense of reality, which usually involves uzzer, more prominent people's lives, in order that she may feel connected to sumpzing... sumpzing exciting or more interesting zen her time spent in zee Toll booth on Interstate 69.
Litzie's reaction to Marsa Stoowart's reaction is a clear indicator of zee condition know as....

Sank U.

2043 days ago

Michael Madsen    

My God... you really make me want to scratch your belly, Stardog. What kennel you in?

2043 days ago


i dont love martha but i dont hate her either. she is smart and very creative and organized and has good taste and i admire her for that

2043 days ago


Stardog, thank you for your words of wisdom and comfort. I hope every dog owner follows your advice.

As an animal rescuer, may I suggest to Martha that she immortalize her beloved puppy's memory by creating a foundation in his name for abandoned and abused dogs. She could even make it just for chow rescue. That way one death would result in potentially thousands of lives saved.

I love you, Martha. Please take a page from Oprah's book and stop buying from breeders. Until there are none, rescue one.

2043 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Are you sure Stardog isn't preying on animal sympathy to "back-door" us over to a web site selling products he/she profits from?
Be wary of Stardogs in Vet's clothing.

Naivete can be expensive.
Ask B. Madoff investors.

2043 days ago


To: Oneeyeonthedoor

2043 days ago


Many people have become so desensitized to things that really matter in life.
It appears that so many people are drowning in a sea of emotional void; some so much that they would have to reach up to touch the bottom. Martha Stewart loves her pets. Why should that bother anyone?
There is no reason to suggest to these people to 'get a life' -- they have no life to get...

2043 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Then lose the website, Stardog. I've reccued countless animals over the past fifteen years, using my own resources, so don't get all self-riteous on us.
Who was your story directed at exactly? Anyone who loves animals already knows your spiel.
A keen eye can spot that your heartfelt monolgue was simply a set-up to introduce a WEBSITETHATSELLSPRODUCTSFORANIMALS.
On behalf of animals evreywhere... I apologize in advance for you.

2043 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...who doesn't know a dog-lover (myself included) ???
the fact M.S. luved her dog... shows she has some compassion..
also...its comforting to all us dog-lovers !!!...

2043 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Hey, Jimmy (real name Nipple Face), take your pathetic website, wrap it around your sac and tighten.
Oh... what's that? Yah... I ... okay.... This just in....

Moron'sRUS called - they're re-calling U.

2043 days ago
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