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Richardson's Ambulance Ride Confirms Condition

3/18/2009 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonTMZ has obtained information about Natasha Richardson's ambulance ride in New York to Lenox Hill Hospital -- she was "unconscious," her pupils "non-reactive," her skin was "pale" and she was suffering from "major head trauma."

We're told her husband Liam Neeson held her hand the entire time and caressed her face as he sat in silence.

We're also told when the plane landed in New Jersey, medics on board told members of the ambulance team that Richardson was "brain dead."

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I'm glad you decided to change that picture of Natasha, TMZ. That was very low. Showing a picture as if to portray her being brain dead-that was one classless move. And even if that's not how you meant to come across, that sure is the message I got from it. And by reading through the comments, I see others felt the same way. Shame on you.

And shame on the people who are posting just plain rude comments. Take your pathetic little selves elsewhere, because this is not the place to be stupid.

My prayers are with Natasha and her family. I hope all these things we've been hearing are only rumors. I really do. She's just such a lovely lady, and wonderful actress.

2053 days ago


My thoughts and prayers are with Natie. Her acting has brought many smiles to me and my family. She is a lovely woman.

For those of you who don't understand, she fell and tumbled during a beginners run at a Canadian ski resort (Liam is filming a movie in Toronto, I believe). According to news reports from there, she was conscious and talking but refused medical assistance until about an hour later. Her instructor was with her the whole time. Clearly he thought she had injured herself or at least was concerned. Based on what is being described about the incident, she injured her spine at the base of her neck.These types of injuries happen frequently due to a variety of reasons but in general what happens is a tramatic injury to the spinal cord at the base of the neck, often referred to as a whiplash injury. The spinal cord is injured or torn and spinal fluid begins leaking. It takes anywhere from a few moments to a couple hours for any impact ot be felt. The person can be conscious and talking one minute and comatose the next. There is generally no outward sign of injury at first. I myself had spine surgery three years ago and suffered a similar injury (leaking spinal fluid) and I can tell you, the symptoms do not come on right away but when they do, they are harsh. Yes, just speculation and not really important but I thought I could add some insight.

Please everyone just pray for her. If you aren't spiritual in that way, at least think good thoughts her way.

2053 days ago

Lord Xenu    

I smell a huge mult million dollar lawsuit coming!

At least she didnt die playing SKI FOOTBALL like Michael Kennedy back on New Years Eve 1997. That would have been just plain embarrassing.

2053 days ago


I only hope they have strong spirituality during this time and can lean on that to help make sense of it all. Life happens and life continues. But the saddest part is that, if it's her time, it will be the breakup of a famously happy couple. To this day they appeared so enamored of each other. Like I say, spirituality eases a great deal from being overwhelmed by confusion and great despair! God Bless Liam and her sons and this entire family during this most unexpected turn in their lives.

2053 days ago


Natasha is one of my favorite actresses. Shes such a talent. Very tragic news. My heartfelt and deep condoloenses to her sons, her husband, her parents, siblings, loved ones and friends. Let's keep them in our prayers during this difficult time. God bless the ski instructor who stayed with her and made sure she got care.

2053 days ago


Not in good taste to be reporting blow by blow details of such a tragic story. Gossip is one thing, but this is not right. You did the same thing with Tim Russert. NBC waited on the story in order to tell his family while TMZ went right ahead and posted it. That's a pretty slimy way to conduct your business.

2053 days ago

legal beagle    

She may be brain dead but if she has brain stem activity she could actua;;y live in a vegatative state for many years.
We really don`t know the full extent of the injuries, this is still speculation. It is possible she is still breathing on her own
and if that`s the case she may not be cliically dead.
If she is truely brain dead why haven`t they taken her off life support and also she would be a good candidate for
organ donation but i`m not sure if that`s possible if they have to do an authopsy.

2053 days ago


So very sad for her family, my condolences. I have always considered her one of the more intelligent compelling actresses out there, runs in the family actually.

2053 days ago


My heart goes out to her family. Her husband has to be in a just awful place right now. I'm praying for her and her family.

2053 days ago


pray for her fmaily ppl!!!!!!!!!!!
they will need all the strength they need ... xo
Lindsay Kate

2053 days ago

Melissa Lopez    

Positive thoughts and warm prayers.

2053 days ago


Miracles do happen...such heartbreak on behalf of husband, children, and Vanessa Redgrave.

2053 days ago

RN Girl    

Such a tragedy. If it is true what I read that she did not hit her head..... then it was probably an aneurysm.

2053 days ago


To #95: You are cruel, cold and stupid - and that is just for starters. You ask, who gives a s__t? Well, obviously you care enough to write mean-hearted smut. Natasha Richardson has two beautiful children who do not need your "two cents" worth. For the obvious sake, keep your cold-hearted opinions to yourself because of her children. They do not deserve to have such words floating around while their mother is possibly dying. Let's start with a question to you - Why did you write those things about her? This is not about her mother. Dumb A_ _! Give a basis; coward. Until then, keep you hate-mongering to yourself.

2053 days ago


Ive read a few posts on this board and it really is disheartening how there are so many unevolved people who are posting on this board. Alot of the anger seems directed at her mother who this tragic event isnt even abt. deos this event touch Vannessa R life of course but she isnt the only person it touches. There are innocent people involved that far exceeds any ill will that has been shown towards Vannessa.. Natasha as far as I have seen has never had a reputation deserving the callous posters whose sole purpose is to instigate discord. WHether or not the "fall" on the bunny slope actually caused this event or if she had some preexisting problem is not even important. Right now Natasha is a wife mother of two young sons, a daughter and a sister who may very well be dying. This is one occasion where if u dont got anything decent to say you shouldnt say anything at all. This is a very sad situation shes much too young to have her life end this way

Natasha was a very under used actress. loved her in The Handmaidens Tale. The whole family is very talented especially Joely (forget nip/tuck) starred in a great TV movie "Lies my mother told me"

2053 days ago
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