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Bush Would Have Been Skewered for Obama Joke

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama made fun of the handicapped last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He was making a joke about his bad bowling skills, but here's the question: If George W. Bush had said the same thing, would people be lashing out more? If so, why?

Barack Obama: Click to watch
By the way, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor from Michigan, has bowled three perfect games of 300. Yes he can!

UPDATE -- The Special Olympics has released this statement.


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Mountains out of molehills    

NEVER would I tell my husband he rode the "short bus", or brag about having said that.

2041 days ago

Linda Mott    

I'm a conservative Republican and I think he meant to say he wasn't a great bowler, but we all use the wrong words at some time. People have to stop jumping all over each other with the slip of the tongue. My little sister is handicapped and she didn't take offense. He is not a person that looks down or jokes about handicap people. Enough said, if George W had said this, it would be on the news 24/7. Let's try to work with each other to make America great and start looking for the good in each other not the bad.
"If we look for the bad in each other, we will surely find it" Abraham Lincoln

2041 days ago


He was making fun of himself, not Special Olympians. But because this is such a sensitive topic, his enemies will try to give this the WORST possible interpretation. Leave the man alone!!

2041 days ago

Mike L    

People, can we please stop being so sensitive. Yes it's a shame that some people have special needs, but why is it everytime one person tries to make a joke about color, religion, physical conditions, etc everybody takes it so personally. No wonder there is so much hate and tension in the world because anytime one person opens there mouth and speaks, 10,000 people take offense to it and want that person to quit there job, resign, apologize or donate money to that organization. Relax people, he was making a joke about HIMSELF!

2041 days ago


I don't know that there would have been much of an uproar if Bush would have said it. Everyone knows he was an idiot and would expect it. Besides if he'd made the comment, everyone would feel he was offending himself anyway.

2041 days ago


Everyone saying lighten up, you mean lighten up like you all should have done about that monkey in the political cartoon?

Nope sorry. You idiot libs took that way out of context and asked for that dudes head at the New York Post. Well those of us that don't sip the Obama koolaid are calling for his head.

2041 days ago


I think he meant nothing by it and people need to leave him alone! Some people just want to hate him and I think that's just wrong and they are just ignorant!!

2041 days ago


If President Bush had said something like this, they would calling for his resignation, or trying to impeach him. Barack Obama is not a President, he is a celebrity. What next, sensitivity rehab?
What a mess we are in. I am so sad for my country.

2041 days ago

Dirty Martini    

This guy isn't touchable for any of his crap. Remember when he disrespected Nancy Reagan? ANd his predicttions over March Madness? Clearly he hasn't learned his lesson that glib has no place in the Presidency. He better get over his Frat Boy dreams. Time to leave California, board AirForce One, and get back to Washington DC and deal.

I'm increasingly unimpressed with his shallowness.

2041 days ago


My neice is in Special Olympics and I did not find it offensive at all. GOOD GOD, he is human and a caring man - he was making fun of himself!! All you Bush lovers needs to get a life!!!

2041 days ago

Just Me    

This guy is a complete horses ass. He is an embaressment to our country.

If this would have been Pres. Bush, they would have protesters following him everywhere for the next six months.

2041 days ago


People need to be real, special olympians CANNOT measure up to "normal" people when it comes to most physical activities and it is evident when you look at them. What he meant is that when he bowls, he looks like he cannot measure up because of how poorly he performs. It is not offensive but as president, he does need to think more before he speaks because everything is looked at through a microscope and things could be turned and used against him, not necessarly in this case but it did and will continue to happen.

2041 days ago

Steph honest, if President Bush had said it, you and all the liberal morons would be all over it! Hypocrit!

2041 days ago


I say, let him keep talking....without his teleprompter, he'll bury himself!

2041 days ago


Personally, I find it highly insensitive and offensive! What is he doing on Leno anyway??? He should be in Washington DC fixing this country's problems, not going on a media tour. I just saw his wife was just on Paula's Party (one of Paula Deen's cooking shows). Mark my words, Obama supporters - you will all soon regret voting for this man!

2041 days ago
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