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Bush Would Have Been Skewered for Obama Joke

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama made fun of the handicapped last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He was making a joke about his bad bowling skills, but here's the question: If George W. Bush had said the same thing, would people be lashing out more? If so, why?

Barack Obama: Click to watch
By the way, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor from Michigan, has bowled three perfect games of 300. Yes he can!

UPDATE -- The Special Olympics has released this statement.


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Why is the sitting president on Jay Leno in the first place?? He is such an idiot...he loves being a celebrity...that's all he cares about!

2044 days ago


"42. This guy is a complete horses ass. He is an embaressment to our country.

If this would have been Pres. Bush, they would have protesters following him everywhere for the next six months."

More like 8 years. Everyone knows hippie protesters have no job and live off their parents money or the gubment.

2044 days ago


You people need to re-elect Bush or get the f*&k over it!

2044 days ago

remember REALITY    

OH Great! Now silly Sarah is going to try to hog the spotlight again

2044 days ago


Whoa People ............Calm down he was just poking fun of himself and he meant no harm to anyone. Any intelligent person would have figured that out. Why does everyone have to be so negative. There are bigger fish to fry in this world, why don't you use that negative energy on them! There is a article in the constitution that gives us freedom of speech, if this country dosn't start waking up

2044 days ago

madeleine mauve    

it was an insensitive cruel remark ,,, i canced a 8 hudred dollar trip to visit family in sd becase my brother phoned my house and said to my son that has a black father he said to him whats up n word but he said the n word so people now adays are very insensitive to peoples feelings and they dont think before they talk and the tickets were non refundable so now we are going to vegas got a plane ride and a night at the luxor for 300 from columbia sc people need to think before they speakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

2044 days ago


You know, Bush said stupid crap nonstop, so to cover every mindblowingly idiotic thing he said was impossible, but it was also unavoidable to comment on things bush said because every time he came out to speak he said something stupid.

2044 days ago


President Bush may have mispronounced words, but he NEVER would have said something like this! It wasn't in his heart to be so crude...see, he had something called integrity!

2044 days ago


Great headline TMZ. It's the double standard that angers me. Yes, if any republican would have said this, the media would be all outraged. No wonder people think the mainstream media is nothing but a joke. They have no credibility. Instances like this only confirm it. The media will do anything to hide their messiah's blunders. Look at his whole administration, most are tax cheats. Biden has to stay hidden because whenever he's let out his mouth gets the best of him. Obumble is only as great as his teleprompter.

2044 days ago

Ted D    

As we struggle to keep our jobs, Obama continues to spend MILLIONS flying around the country in an effort to sell his Marxist agenda. According to Martin Luther King, we are to judge someone by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. Unfortunately, Obama, was elected because he is black....we know little about his character. The United States of America is doomed and is quickly becoming a 3rd world country. Obama wants to remove the National Guard from the borders and he has already stopped workplace immigration raids. For those of you who elected this Messiah, I hope you are happy because you too are getting screwed over and one day it will become evident.

2044 days ago


Quetou...see, it doesn't feel so good when the guy you support has to watch every word and statement....or else, does it? Get use to liberals dished it out pretty well so suck it up!

2044 days ago


TMZ, I dont come to your sight to read about knocking our President, since we finally have one that should have our respect. I know its hard to find bad things to say about him- we are still not though with the jokes about W. !!

Im sorry that there are people here that are still backing W., I feel that if W. had said that someone would have to write an " Im sorry Im stupid " speech for him- I doubt if it would have occred to him that is could be misconstrued.


OK,Im done

2044 days ago


Oh now it's "can't we ALL get along". We know your man is in and you don't like people picking him apart, Sad it has come to this, but the left set the standard on how to treat a President that you didn't vote for. I also don't believe for a second that people with children with disabilities are not offended. Look how Sarah Palin was treated over her son by the left, if she had been a Democrat she would have been praised. Instead she was treated in the worst way. If you don't like your President "dissed" than don't do the same when our guy or woman gets in office.

2044 days ago


The President should never make a JOKE at another's expense! :(

2044 days ago


whats really interesting is going to You tube and doing a search on a video called the OBAMA DECEPTION
its worth a watch folks and makes one think!

2044 days ago
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